When to expand your blogging empire

At some point as a blogger (novice or intermediate) you might be won over on the idea of launching a new blog. You feel fairly confident on your existing franchise and start looking at what else you can get started on.

As a side note I decided to write something on this because I had drummed up a friendship with a fellow blogger and unfortunately I’ve noticed a distinct decline in his writing since he created his second website. I’m pretty sure that my net friend jumped the gun a bit and didn’t take the full time to get into blogging proper. This is a warning to all, not to bite off more than you can chew!


The question is when to expand your blogging empire?

When to expand your blogging empire

A word of warning


The act of maintaining a blog, whilst streamlined, requires some labour of love to keep it going. Your time will be capitalised even more and you are going to have to juggle your priorities. If you are already time poor this may be ill advised.

You don’t want to stretch yourself too thin because you’ll compromise both avenues to your audience.

I have seen proof that by over extending yourself in a short space of time, you will fall off the blogging wagon. In the early months of blogging unless you are a blogging genius, you will experience low return on investment of your time. It’s better to learn for a good period of time before moving on.


On the other hand

Don’t be afraid to make the next blog. If you are not seeing what you want and feel like you need the change in topic to balance out your world, give it a try. The worst that can happen is that you have to abandon your new project at a point down the road.

Also the perfect domain name is under threat. If you want to secure it because you really have faith behind that stamp, you need to claim it as soon as possible. You don’t have to start using it straight away but domain names don’t wait around forever. Just have a look at how many good names are already taken.


Back to the all-important question, when is it a good time to expand?

You may hit a natural plateau with your audience or just have a brilliant idea that you can’t sit on any longer.

You may just have a gut feel that it is the right time.


All instances require action…

When you hit a natural plateau with your audience make sure that you have enough additional time to start producing content for your other blog.

Before you start your new blog, think about making some ready-made content for it so that you can start with a bang.

Also, there is nothing to stop you drumming up a bit of interest with your existing audience. You can start writing posts about what new venture you are up to and gain some insight into whether any of your existing audience may jump over to take a look.

If you have a brilliant idea, it might be better to keep the details a bit sketchier in the beginning. If you are in a community of bloggers they may steal a march on your ideas. An example here is how sometimes an idea for a movie is leaked from one studio in Hollywood and two very similar movies come out from rival production companies. Deep Impact and Armageddon are two examples. Loose lips sink ships. In blogging terms it is often unlikely that you’ll be the first to an idea but if you do it better, and present it better it won’t take long to do well. Do enact some protectionism and look after your interests.


What time of the year?

You have the danger of entering in peaks and troughs. Certain trends of blogging can have seasonal affects. Some obvious research can lead you to the best times to launch.

Some examples:

  • Technology, October – January, Why? People are buying tech at this time of year. Your guide or review could be helpful to them.
  • Holidays (Vacation) and Travel – January, Why? People are booking holidays at this time of year, many travel agencies issue sales. Because travel is an expensive proposition, travelers are likely to seek information before proceeding.
  • Sport – March to September, why? Many sports run between this time, your blog could coincide with one of many sporting events during this season.


Tip: if you take tracking and analytics seriously, starting your new blog at the end of the month or the first day of a new month is a good way to get a month on month sample. I started mid-month which didn’t help.


Just ask yourself why!

It is important to double check that you want to run with another blog on top of your existing one.

Things to consider:

For Profit:

  • Hire a blog manager to run your existing property in the startup phase of your new property. This manager may need a head start to get up to speed before your transition.
  • Hire additional authors to keep your properties topped up because you may have doubled your maintenance workload. There is added potential that you’ll be drawn away from the core activities that provide income to your wallet.
  • Be time critical, make sure that you’ve fully economised and nailed the time it takes to write consistently.
  • Make sure that your target audience gets value out of what you write.
  • Make more lists and set more goals.
  • Learn to juggle priorities.
  • Be realistic about how much time you have.


Image above by By Chad Person (GestureWorks) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons


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    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Ryan,

      Always a pleasure to see your comments! Sorry to hear you got your fingers burnt trying to run two kitchens at once. All things come in good time, you have to build up your capability and get more efficient before you can think about expanding. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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