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A bold new beginning!

It’s a shame Blogs don’t do fireworks and a band playing for this first part. Putting ink to screen has been a long but rewarding task for me. I’m the Head Boy, partly here to teach, partly here to learn. My name is Jackson and my aim is to share useful techniques, learn great things and become better.

  • Improvement is a simple process and one that you can contribute to by your comments and suggestions.

On my first writing of this introductory post I had many grand ideas of what it would be about, my mind soon changed. The first lesson about starting is you don’t know quite where you are headed until you get started. I agonized over starting this blog for two months, I wrote furiously in my offline journal and had a number of ways I could have gone. I decided to pick a topic that could lend me to a more general channel than a niche.

[warning]Niches are hard at first as you need a strategy and you need a network. Search Engine Optimisation also plays a bigger part in niches because the intent is to supply high value but low competition.[/warning] I have no network and at current time my Facebook page for this site has scant information on it.

I took a lot of my setup tips from Court Tuttle over at TheBlogBuilders and some sage thoughts from Tom Ewer at LeavingWorkBehind. This for me was a bit of a gamble because in launching this venture I am not sure how it will turn out. I’ve read of people who have had unmitigated disasters on start up and this has included some of the best entrepreneurs out in the blog-sphere. I would not be happy to join this statistic.

So in my final words for this post, my question to pose is, where would you start if you were starting fresh?

I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below!

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