Weight of numbers, social signs and more

I have often referred to weight of numbers as being something that acts as they key tipping point in social signs. It’s obvious that when many people agree or show their interest, a creation will rise to the top. I say creation because there are a number of different things that are influenced by social signs.

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Pictures
  • Comments
  • Posts

Weight of numbers is important. It is the difference between being unseen and going viral in the two polar extremes.

Weight of numbers, social signs and more

Weight of numbers social signs and more

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The strategy of numbers

Sun Tzu was a famous author of war strategy, his book entitled the Art of War has been used by many but it isn’t only useful for war, it is useful for commerce too.

“In executing an Artful Strategy: When ten times greater, surround them; When five times greater, attack them; When two times greater, scatter them. If the opponent is ready to challenge: When fewer in number, be ready to evade them; When unequal to the match, be ready to avoid them. Even when the smaller opponents have a strong position, the larger opponent will capture them.” – Sun Tzu

Essentially you always lose out to numbers in the end.

If we want to talk about SERPS results for example (that is getting to page one on Google) it is the meaningful numbers that carry us to that goal with the help of social signals.

Organically many people need to view the content, many people need to comment on it and many people need to share it via social media. That will help the hamster turn the wheel to get the material higher up on that page.


Social signs and signals

You may see this term bounded around if you are trying to get your content made. This is all dependent on your marketing mix or what we can refer to as your social platforms.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

These are the two biggest platforms, the ones that most people display as sharing links on their content.

  • Google+

Google+ is slowly catching the rest of the pack. It is reported that Google+ helps your visibility and search results, I am not entirely convinced in reasons that I would prefer to chart on a different article but rest assured, Google wants a piece of the action.

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Flickr

These are places you go to share images. Instagram and Flickr share similar traits unlike Pinterest in their operation. With Pinterest you pin favourites to your board, with Instagram and Flickr, you simply share pictures.

I have mentioned this about a billion times (If I’ve told you a million times, don’t exaggerate!) but the image processing cortex of the brain processes images quicker than text. Images have a large currency right now. Good images can go viral quicker than articles.

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo

These places share your video. Video just like images has a high currency right now. Videos in the past were less accessible in good quality because bandwidth restrictions were a problem. Now that internet speeds have started to travel upwards for the average Joe and Josephine more people are watching video. Video has many benefits over text and standalone images. Video can take you through tutorials in real time. Debate can be made with the correct integration of passion and real human emotion. Video produces a real sense of talking to someone directly.

Video can be a brilliant way to liven up your content.

  • StumbleUpon

A whole number of things can be shared on StumbleUpon, it is normally the best things or the interesting things that you never thought to search for that get thrown up when you “stumble”. As with all things, Weight of Number plays into this so you are far more likely to see something that has been liked 350,000 times as opposed to something that was liked once.


Social media cross migration

Sharing and social signs can be amped up through the use of social media cross migration. It is quite possible to share something through Twitter which is then shared via a link through Facebook and so on. As I have also mentioned in a video before, you get different audiences in different platforms so through cross platform migration you expose your content to a more varied audience.

It is quite possible that if you get enough weight of numbers behind sharing that your content can be shared backwards and forwards between different sharing agencies multiple times, ramping up your social signs in the process.

Rich snippets and other technologies have been designed to make sharing a more accessible proposition. Google bought Youtube to enact a hold over video sharing. Yahoo bought Tumblr to get a foothold on blogging. They have all done this because they want a piece of the sharing pie. Sharing, liking and commenting all have an intrinsic value to every blogger. You may not be able to generate the required social signals but you covet them all the same.

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2 Comments Weight of numbers, social signs and more

  1. Ryan Biddulph

    We all tend to follow social signals Jackson, if we admit it or not 😉 Good share dude, and an important post for learning how to build trust. Thanks!

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Ryan,

      It’s not so much an ego pump but just more of a direction from the audience that we are on the right or wrong track. I’ve noticed that people are far more likely to keep their peace than provide negative feedback but sometimes that kick is just what you need. I don’t think that anyone should take silence badly. There are some articles that just lead to no conversation and there’s nothing wrong with that. We don’t actively seek to bait people towards comment but it is a nice token of appreciation to be received when a passer by takes the time to get involved. That’s kinda what makes blogging great.

      Thanks Ryan!


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