Those things we neglect

Starting out this article I’m sure that everyone struggles with a lack of time at some point in their life. There is a point where you just can’t juggle any more chainsaws without ending up in a bloody heap of bone and sinew. Neglect is the word for those things we can’t dedicate more love to.


Often neglect is not through choice but necessity

That which we neglect

That which we neglect

In my view, humanity will economise to get the job done. You will prioritise that which is most important (in your eyes) and let everything else fall by the way side at some point in your life.

You perform a “workman like job”, finishing everything that you need to satisfy the basics but not excelling in any area. That’s the best way to economise. It’s the best way to get something out on time. It is also the best way of doing something half-cut. Eventually you start running into deficiencies in what you produce and your audience can see that neglect.

I liken it to cleaning a kitchen. A good kitchen has clean worktops, and is tidy. When you look in the fridge all of the food is still in date and there is no horrific pong emanating from within. All the plates and cutlery are clean, you could make a meal in the knowledge that you are unlikely to succumb to food poisoning.

In a neglected kitchen it may take you 3 hours to get it clean enough to begin the task at hand. Any visitor would see that kitchen and not wish to have a meal from it.


What has Blog Prefect neglected and why?

I admit to a number of neglected zones:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+ Blog Prefect Page
  • Information Product

Looking in further depth at these zones:



Facebook is the most neglected of all of my zones. There are a number of reasons.

The first major reason is that I don’t have a great relationship with Facebook. I don’t actually rate it as highly as I would rate Google+.

The second reason is that I don’t use my personal account to go on the hunt of followers or contribute to healthy groups. I prefer people who are my friends, family and others not to know everything that I’m up to.

I have recently learnt that Facebook is also rather stingy on what it wants to share to your “friends”. There have been many reports that Facebook takes steps to reduce the overall promulgation (that is to say the amount of filtering down) to the audience. In other words, not every member of your audience will see what you posted, and that is a problem. Even with paid ads, there is still an amount of filtering that Facebook impose.

Facebook for me is more of an exclusive area. The majority of my friends are family, and on from that, the rest are colleagues and former colleagues I’ve worked with. I don’t want to publicise to my friends and family even though it might seem an obvious place to get views.



I initially started out enthusiastically for Twitter. It is openly simple, tweeting is quick and easy and there isn’t any real way you can go wrong.

Unfortunately I didn’t see the results I expected straight away and I also found it hard to get any value from other tweeters.

My Twitter account went quiet for a long time.

Unlike Facebook I came back to Twitter later after losing 4 of my 11 followers. (yes, you saw that right). For a small time I kept up the positive energy but once again Twitter slipped into neglect. I automated all of my tweets through the WordPress Dashboard so that each time I posted something new it would be tweeted.

I’ve seen many ways to grow followers on Twitter but all of them look dodgy. Even some of the more legitimate ways can get you suspended. That implies that Twitter is boom market for hackers but also a bit flawed in terms of making new friends and influencing people.

The other thing that bugs me about Twitter is how you can get hit with tons of crap. At least with Facebook they go to some end to reduce the overall hit. With Twitter you are subject to all the worst fart jokes over and over again. After a few initial weeks of Twitter, I was rather underwhelmed, and was duly washed out to sea as a result.


Google+ Blog Prefect Page

Google+ has been one of my favourite places to hangout for a long time since I started blogging. It has been such a rewarding social media outlet that I persevered. I got picked up by a keen observer and my circles began expanding healthily in a very short space of time. I’m happy to announce follower numbers well over 1,500. Whilst I could have grown even larger in a year, at least I know that a small core of those 1,500 is engaged with what I’m talking about.

My page on Google+ met with trouble. I didn’t generate any following because I made the mistake of just pumping out the material that I’d been creating instead of engaging the community.

I don’t believe that pages generate the views that people need. I’ve actually stopped following pages now because I get no real payback from doing so. Communities are where it’s at on Google+.

Google+ is newer than Facebook and Twitter but in the same vein it has some serious growing up to do in terms of how it implements certain functions within the Google+ system. Commenting in a what’s hot share is the quickest way to get a flood from Mr Jingle (the notification bell) as an example. It is a small mercy that they decided to limit the comments to a total of 500.

The Page was not updated further. It suffered the same problem that Facebook has witnessed. I couldn’t keep up the manual updates because I wasn’t getting the feedback. I wasn’t getting the feedback because A, my stuff isn’t social proven, B, I didn’t involve my audience enough and C, I didn’t keep the pressure up and remain consistent. I’ve observed that other peeps don’t just general funnel what they write about but interject their writings to add some flavour and some conversation. That is what I’m lacking.


Information Product

As yet I still have no IP or Information Product. These can be used as bait. What better way to show off your prowess of a given subject than to write an informative downloadable .pdf that someone can take away. That sounds like an advert doesn’t it. Did you feel like I was selling you the dream.

I digress…

It is an observation that many bloggers who are serious in turning their site into a profit stream like to use Information Products as bait. Rather than sell them they make them a free enticement for a mailing list signup. Looking at my paltry numbers for my “list” I really need to do something further.

The problem with IPs are that they take time to create. They can take more time than a large post and need careful structuring.

I started a guide for Google Analytics but it fell by the wayside. The problem with Google Analytics is that it changes quite frequently. Many of the screenshots of interface I took have changed. Such a guide has to be produced quickly and I’m in competition with guides far superior than my own. These sites might employ professionals to put their product together at considerable cost. Something that Neil Patel from Quicksprout might approve of and applaud.

Forget Neil for a moment…

I need to refocus on something smaller and more achievable within my short time frame.


All things are not born equal

Of the four items I’ve listed, two I can remedy in good time.

The Good

The Google+ Page can be brought up to speed or just deleted because I receive more traction out of my personal zone of Google+. As I get very little in the way of views for my Google+ Page I may seek to delete it. Easy.

The information product can be scaled back from the original 10,000 words I was thinking of to 10 pages. If I specify 10 pages then it doesn’t matter what word count I achieve as long as I have a good 10 page guide at the end of my effort. 10 pages helps with my planning and narrows my focus. Thumbs up.

The Bad

Twitter is a dead bluebird. Whilst my site pumps automated tweets to it when I have a new post it is no longer fit for purpose. I need to perform a brand refresh to make it match my site. I then need to take a serious thought on how to improve the Twitter output. How to tweet smarter. How to engage with twits. This requires me to go back to school on Twitter and tweet more. Twonderful!

The Ugly

Facebook is deader than Twitter. If you can see the maggots on my Twitter profile, you can see a skeleton on the Facebook Blog Prefect Page. The page was unproductive since the day I launched. It has amassed three total clicks since 14th June 2013. I have a major strategy to remedy this but it will take a considerable length of time to embed and is going to be time consuming.

Plans are for me to create a brand new Facebook profile and use this instead of a page, to engage. I can then publicise more than Just BlogPrefect. I don’t then have the issue of my friends and family crossing into my business associations and I will be much happier for it.



As you can see by my examples there is plenty that can become neglected over a period of time. My advice from my own personal experience of blogging thus far is:

  • Keep it simple stupid – KISS.
  • Do small amounts of spring cleaning frequently over major recoveries infrequently.
  • Be regimented in certain boring but essential tasks. Set a reminder. Do it. Don’t put it off.
  • Be selective in your social media choices and stick to a nexus you can control. If you are a business, outsource the management of those areas that you can’t run effectively yourself.
  • Don’t try to run too many competing projects at once. Startups on any new area require more attention than those already established and familiar so make sure you have time to get it right. Certain social media has no quick path to victory. You will have to put on the tin hat and wade in the trenches.

What have you neglected?

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