Things go wrong because they normally go right

The rather interesting title I have for you today originates from a gentleman named Sidney Dekker. It’s a watch word in complacency. The key premise is that if you take your eye off the ball and get comfortable with things working just so you are likely to be bitten and bitten hard. Putting all your eggs in one basket is a risky strategy if you are dealing with change.


Things go wrong because they normally go right

Things go wrong because they normally go right

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A question to pose before I move on

Q: Why do you think that successful bloggers run multiple projects and have multiple sources of income?

You could have an answer like this:

  • Because they are greedy
  • Because they like the notion of omnipotence
  • Because they like to try new things
  • Because they have many great ideas

You wouldn’t be wrong with any of these answers but the actually reason is more striking:

  • Because it provides protection when something goes wrong

Why would something go wrong?

Despite all of the analytics, all of the positive signs and all of the right ingredients good times can change.

Change Factors:

  • New technology (which moves a lot quicker in the software world)
  • Competition (especially fierce on the internet)
  • Substitution (being replaced with an alternative)
  • Obsolescence (being outdated)
  • Unexplainable situational or environmental factors

New Technology

Technology improvements are unavoidable because whilst something can stay essentially the same, it could be completely replaced by something new. If you don’t keep up to the operating level, you will soon be lost. Those who are able to harness new technology nearer the curve often succeed far more handsomely than those who are 20 steps behind.


Competition is Human nature (even if we shy away from it). Whilst we can co-operate in a competitive marketplace ultimately we compete for our space. We compete for the right to be read.

Read my article here on the Hypercompetition sea.


There is something far worse than just the march of technology in the form of pure substitution. When we find something that works better for us, we may discard that original source that helped us for years. Loyalty on the internet is not a given, we should expect to gain and lose in the ebb and flow of the internet. We must make sure we reward those who stick with us.


Being obsolete may occur where what we are talking about has no further use for anyone. If all value is lost, that is something we cannot recover from. Obsolescence can be a by-product of technology’s march and the fickle shuffle from substitution. Unless we deviate from our core once in a while, we’ll become obsolete. New uncharted territories are not to be feared.

Unexplainable Situational or Environmental Factors

That which analytics cannot tell us is, “Who is going to show up and when, are they going to be the right person?”

The saying goes you can wait hours and then 3 busses turn up at once.

In my last traffic report I always allude to the fact that one half of my statistics is unpredictable and certainly uncontrollable.

Dashboard Jul14 vs Jun14

See my latest traffic report here.

Factors that could cause a dip or loss

There are a number of factors specific to marketing and traffic growth that can cause issue and these include the following:

  • Errors
  • Underhand tactics
  • High and more effective competition
  • Saturation of the market
  • Being too static


Such errors could include affiliate links that don’t work because they don’t credit the referral. I have read about this possibility by someone who had lost out on 6 referrals equalling $600. More obvious perhaps is 404 errors which is basically broken code on the website, being careless with deleting or another form of error can trigger this.

Underhand tactics

Paying for questionable uplifts and “nobbling” other people’s hard work could constitute underhand tactics. Negative reviews, bombing Adsense on competitor’s sites and other such underhand tactics can all be viewed in this arena.

High and more effective competition

Being the small fish amongst big fish is always going to be a problem. It’s not that you can’t secure your place but expect to be partially covered by the shadow. It will be a tight swim in that pond proverbially speaking. What is your unique angle?

Saturation of the market

Only so many people can have hosting, once you’ve got hosting, you don’t need more hosting on top. Often you may be selling stuff that very few people need and might have snagged somewhere else with a better incentive than you provide. If the core of your market already have what you are selling, you are more than likely wasting your effort.

Being too static

You have to roll with the punches, you have to enter new territory and you have to move the story forwards. You can’t be a Simpson and never age. You need to have a few facelifts, try some new stuff and keep up with the Jones’.


What are your thoughts?

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2 Comments Things go wrong because they normally go right

  1. Okto

    Hi Jackson,

    Interesting way of thinking. I personally applied it in my blogging business. I diversify the source of income because I do realize that depend on one source is completely risky. We need to spread the risk by diversifying our source of income online.

    Thanks. wish you have a great week
    Okto recently crafted…Make $50 Daily on Autopilot – Part 2My Profile

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Okto,

      Thanks a lot for your comment. My apologies in the length of time approving this. My anti spam plugin was particularly aggressive with you. 🙂

      At any rate, what you say is quite right. Diversification minimizes risk and you want to do that as a business person even though you’ll have bigger gains putting all things in one basket.

      Best wishes and thanks once again for your comment!



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