The 60 minute challenge


The observant among you may have noticed that a number of my articles have included a small image indicating that they’ve been part of the 60 minute challenge.

The 60 minute challenge

the 60 minute challenge

Image Source: Pixabay by Jarmoluk

Serious bonus points go to Steven Wilson who was the first to comment about this so by means of award, please see below.


Well done Mr Wilson Sir! Click on the image below to have a look at Steven’s sage words.

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Moving swiftly on, what is the point of this challenge?

The point of the 60 minute challenge is to provide more content for my blog in a shorter space of time. I need more content just to keep numbers up, the reason being is that I get ranked better for posting often. Also, I find that although ultimately my bigger blog articles do better in time, they don’t always perform as well per word as some of my little guys.

I made a keen observation that even if you write more, if you are restricted in your potential audience by not having the networks, you are not going to perform better by posting less frequently like how some of the blogging professionals might indicate. They receive hundreds of thousands of views and can afford to step off the gas, you can’t afford to get lost in the wash if you are new on the scene.


Why 60 minutes?

It is a good number. 60 minutes of writing time gives you enough time to think about a topic to some degree, gives you a target for research time, and allows you to get your post out on time. The latter element is the important bit.


Is my 60 minutes a true 60 minutes for a whole blog post, published and out of the door?

Sadly no, 60 minutes is the writing time involved in the article. It does not include the following:

  • Sourcing an image and adding it
  • Adding hyperlinks
  • Adding/Amending the style
  • Adding H1, H2 and H3 titles
  • Spelling and Grammar Check
  • Read through check & layout preview
  • Hitting the publish button
  • Publicizing the article with its attributed shortlink


What takes the longest time other than those precious 60 minutes?

Sourcing the image can take a while. Often it can be hard to locate the perfect image. Sometimes I might be able to use one of my own taken from my camera or I can “Swede” an image by distorting it enough so that it doesn’t resemble the original.


Would I recommend you try the 60 minute challenge?

Hell yes. If you look at’s current stats on Alexa, you’ll see that I am inside the top million. This happened over the space of 6 weeks this year, where I was previously trading at the 5 million mark. If you can find a way to restrict your time but also to produce quality, I thoroughly recommend that you follow this route.

Alexa Rank 02-07-2014

Blog Prefect’s Alexa Rank as of 2nd July 2014


Other reasons why following this path is beneficial?

I’ve had a lot of opportunity to try out some topics that I didn’t think would fly. Generating a good blogging skill is trying to determine what people find interesting and what they don’t. Sometimes you have to come at some topics from a lateral perspective because they have been done to death in a number of traditional ways.


What sort of word count do you get on average in 60 minutes?

I personally can generate between 850 – 1,200 words depending on the complexity of the topic. Some articles suit being shorter and sweeter and Google’s guidelines are that you should set to exceed 300 words. Many experts suggest writing more than 500. It really depends on what you are talking about and the depth of the commentary that you can supply.

These numbers will vary depending on your writing speed and how quickly you think.


What other benefits has the 60 minute challenge brought?

On some occasions where my workload has slackened in other areas, I’ve been able to write ahead. This has a major benefit in that you can schedule more of your work and figure out better times to push it out. You’ll also be able to bring more of your work to the table and this helps encourage more people to your site.

Other than being able to write ahead you also get a good idea of other communities that might work or be receptive, you might then be able to determine a new direction to start covering or an entirely new venture you could inhabit in future. You can assess how comfortable you feel writing about certain topics and use the audience to determine what has legs and what doesn’t without committing yourself to something big.

The 60 minute challenge has been my most successful experiment to date and I highly recommend it as an addition to your blogging repertoire. If there is one thing you can do per day, it is spare 60-90 minutes on making a blog post. You don’t then have guilt that you aren’t trying hard enough and you’ll guarantee that at least a few people come and see you on a weekly basis.


Articles written to date under the 60 minute challenge:



An important word from the Head Boy!

Don’t limit yourself on ideas that posting less but better is the best way if you’ve tried this schedule and it didn’t work. You can always return to a less frequent schedule if you get more successful but making yourself more visible in the meantime is better for the early period of blogging because you want to expand your network and your visibility to search engines and social media (albeit in an organic fashion). You also want to practice more blogging.


And finally…

The irony is that I wrote this article in 60 minutes. Booyah!

If you are seeing this badge, this post was created specially in 60 minutes

2 Comments The 60 minute challenge

  1. Steven J Wilson

    Thanks for the reward Jackson LOL!

    Hats off to people who can crank out quality post at the rate of an hour or two. I am not a natural writer so I have to focus and do a couple edits until I’m happy.

    I will do a couple test runs with your advice and see what happens.

    If you can crank out quality post in 2 days down to 60 minutes, as long as your post adds value.

    One of the things Google likes, as I’m sure you know, is fresh content. Being able to write a post in 60 minutes makes posting more often much easier! Or at least have plenty of drafts ready to go on those vacation or sick days etc.

    Nice post and thanks again for the award 🙂

    Take care Jackson!
    Steven J Wilson recently crafted…This Along With Content Marketing Can Amplify Your SuccessMy Profile

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hey Steven,

      I think certain super writers get complacent. There is nothing wrong with a bit of focus and a few edits. It is all about how confident you feel with your finished product at the end of the day and I think with your particular work, the quality shines through.

      I do still write long articles, some take upwards of 3 hours, my longest has taken 28 hours over a span of several months. There is something to getting a post out there though and I think that the 60 minute challenge has gone to prove that short posts can do just as well as long ones.

      Google gobbles fresh content, I know this for sure. This is partly why Alexa ranks have started to like me at the moment because I have a better churn rate and the robots like to keep on coming back for more (they are hungry fellows).

      Having plenty of drafts ready is the key thing. I don’t post my 60 minute posts straight off the bat. I craft them at work during my lunch break so it is important to just spend about another 30 minutes after work and push them out. Using the 60 minute idea, you can accumulate a huge mass of articles which is especially useful if you have a busy week with other challenges. I study a degree as well as full time work so for me it is important to free up my evening time where possible to allow for study and the day to day chores.

      You reward was well deserved as it put a smile on my face. Take it easy 🙂


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