End of Month Traffic Report January 2016 – June 2016

FordMustangUnsplashWelcome to 6 months of statistical roundup for BlogPrefect.com. Normally I would opt to publish this kind of post monthly. Due to a low post count over the past couple of months I felt it better to roll up the period into one big analysis.

As you will see later in this article, April and May were difficult months for the site, owed entirely to inactivity. June recovery month has been firing on all cylinders trying to recover lost ground and has definitely shown an improvement overall.

June was a particularly happy month owing to BlogPrefect’s 3rd birthday. I made sure that I celebrated this time.

USA stats over the past 3 years

The date of publish is July 4th, Independence day in America. Whilst BlogPrefect does cater to a worldwide audience, statistically North Americans make up the core of my monthly views, hands down. Everyone is welcome here but I’d just like to stop a moment and look at my biggest supporters in 3 years.



Data from 14th June 2013 to 20th June 2016 *Note that 2014 figures are exaggerated owing to a advertising campaign run predominantly for the USA audience during February of 2014.

A big thank you to all Americans, whatever state you are from! I hope you have a happy Independence Day. 🙂

The shackles are now off!

I handed in my final project on the 25th May. This means that I can dedicate more of my time to taking care of business on my blogs and I’ve identified a lot of areas to focus on.

If you have been a long time viewer of blogprefect.com, or more specifically the stats presented in this long-term feature, you’ll know that I’m not a big player yet. I haven’t been able to commit as much time as I’ve truly wanted to, due to being shackled by my University study. Study and real life has eaten into my progress considerably as I work a full time job and often have a lot to juggle. Now it has become a great deal easier.

Knowing where to focus has not been an easy task. There are so many areas that need to be tweaked that I need to look at the whole strategically. For the month of June I targeted the theme of “Restart” as I felt it was a topic worth exploring.

Shout Outs

I have two shout outs to make this period for people who have been inspiring to me over the past 6 months.

Firstly I’d like to thank Ahmad Imran for his continued support. Ahmad often provides a great sense of balance of thought to my articles and I know that he’ll always provide me with a view tempered with insight and pointers. I enjoy our continued conversations and look forward to continuing a relationship with Ahmad long into the foreseeable future.

You can find Ahmad at www.reasontouse.com and via Twitter at @reasontouse

Second is Eli Seekins. Eli is another inspirational writer who has some great ideas on his blog and is a very inclusive, energetic character. I look forward to connecting more with Eli. I am particularly envious of the resource page he has set up so I recommend you go and check that out.

I was recently asked to provide some sage thoughts among some other practiced hands over on launchyourdream.com. There are indeed 143 Fatal Mistakes New Bloggers Need to Avoid.

You can find Eli at launchyourdream.com and via Twitter @eliseekins

For the month of June

I’d like to thank two newcomers to the comments:-

Tony from UsefulPCGuide.com

Marty Rogers from Trooxy.com

How You can Contribute and Appear in this Shout Out in Future

Through supporting me at BlogPrefect, you can provide valuable feedback or just have a great conversation with me. I’m always in search of ideas to cover so a suggestion for an article is welcome. I have no issues with giving credit where credit is due and community is an important element for this blog.

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End of Month Traffic Report January 2016 – June 2016

It has been a long while since I last posted a monthly statistics report. The last was for December 2015. In their heyday I was publishing a traffic report every month but over time, as I got thinner on actual content, the reports were concatenated in order to not appear as the only piece of content each month.

I had a key issue in that one blog post was fueling the whole site’s traffic but it was not on topic. After removing that content, there was a catastrophic dip in overall traffic. 2016 is therefore measured as a big slide compared to how I’ve performed in the past but at least the content now is more relevant than it was before.


Dashboards are my bread and butter for the traffic report. I opted to create these to make a quickly visible way of determining what has gone well and what has gone bad. The GAF definition below is important in that I run a segmentation. This segmentation will always make raw statistics from Google Analytics look bad but it is something I recommend that everybody generates when looking at their own data. Because I use computers with different IPs, I don’t tend to use a filter to remove my own pollution of views. I exclude the general vicinity of Crawley where I both live and work.

The Measures

The dashboard has 3 zones totaling 7 measures.

The “Meaningful” side provides me good pure data. I know that on this side I have some form of control. I can control how long my articles are which has an impact on ATOS or Actual Time on Site. I can reduce the total amount of old content people have to search and conversely increase the number of new content in my new measure of Old Vs New. Post Performers can be impacted by the level of social hustle I perform. The more and the better that hustle is, the better the overall score (however, there is a problem with this stat in that anything published towards the end of the month has little chance of becoming a post performer whereas the first post of the month has a much higher chance).

The “Uncontrollable” side is in the hands of the visitor. All three statistic sets on this side of the fence are entirely with the audience. The only possible way I could have effect on this is to broaden and engage that audience more.

The “Instinctive” centre line is much like a voice from the heart. “Gut feel” has no tangible value but is shaded by the measures and how I felt I did.

I always followup the dashboard with a simple analysis of referrals.

GAF Filter


Dashboard Jan16 vs Dec15

January stats start out well overall with good numbers in all of the areas. Post Performers whilst low, has not slumped from the previous month. Of particular note is the ATOS (Actual Time On Site) figure for the segmentation, which charts readers at 11 minutes 4 seconds – a good reading time.

Note: Old Vs New has been entered for the first time and I have decided not to compare it to December figures from 2015. Old Vs New counts the view count from old posts vs the articles posted that month.


Referrals saw an overall rise in numbers from December 2015. Bing has been making a bigger show than it used to. I like to see a spread of non-Google Search engine love. The only unusual referral is the Nintendo search result from Japan but I have a good idea why this is where it is.

Overall Search Engine results rule. No change to normal.


Dashboard Feb16 vs Jan16

February is where the 2016 decay starts. At this time I am deep into the final run down to my final degree module so my time is very much divided. The only saving grace is one post that does considerably better than the previous month.

ATOS has almost halved which is of concern and is linked with a page view crash of over a quarter from the segmentation.


Google search sees a shrink but there are a still a variety of referrals this month.


Dashboard Mar16 vs Feb16

March shows a period of warmth despite having a dreadful Post Performer. You have to bear in mind that this post performer was posted on the last day of the month.

Page Views in the segmentation were up on February but not in a barn storming sense. The same was also true for Visits Vs Visitors. Old Vs New was a proverbial “fait accompli”.

ATOS was better but not significantly better and nowhere near the start of the year’s level but was still a 2 minute improvement on February. I’ll take it.


There is now a noticeable shrink on referrals which has occurred for the 2nd month in a row. Search results still take the mammoth share.


Dashboard Apr16 vs Mar16

April saw the deployment of the first sad face of the year. Referrals saw the heaviest dip alongside Old versus New. Work on the blog was suspended owing to Study work. It was unavoidable.

The truth is that I probably could have developed at least one post for this month and should have. I found it difficult even to check in with my blogging friend Ahmad Imran over at Reasontouse.com.

And you can guess that if the dashboard was bad, the referrals would be bad in unison.


The surprising statistic here was for Bing’s search. Backlinks and other social referrals were chronically missing this month.


Dashboard May16 vs Apr16

May without a shadow of a doubt is 2016’s worst month. The Page Views and Referrals numbers are at an all time low in line with a drought in content for 2 months. The only upbeat element was the fact that one of the measures was orange but the drawback was the only measure that was “not negative” was the least meaningful.

I could have countered this if I had some pre-written content for a rainy day period. As it happens I had nothing that was suitable for this dry spell. I finished my degree module on the 25th May by handing in the final assignment 2 days prior to the cutoff.


This is one of the lowest referral tallies in a long period. As can be seen, all data points towards search engine entry only. There are no social or backlink related referrals in this makeup.


Dashboard Jun16 vs May16

All green which was not without some hard work on my part to bring the numbers back from the cliff. I can’t rest on my laurels with these numbers. Whilst they are a return to form, overall, June is still low compared to January. I need to do better going forwards.

5 articles were posted during this month which meant that the Old Vs New category was bound to see a difference. Post Performer was good but I need to beat my current record which is 67, on a regular basis. These small numbers won’t cut it any more.

ATOS is much better with an 82% increase on May. This is definitely going in the right direction. Visits vs Visitors is double what it was so also a great achievement.


Referrals were an improvement but still way down on the peak from last year of 757. The 757 target is a lofty goal and one that I am not going to be able to bridge the gap for in a month. I could cheat, as I did in February 2014, buying traffic. I learnt that the returns were low quality and therefore low value.

Something else worth mentioning for June was the adjustment of views per visitor.

WordPress Stats for BlogPrefect.com Since August 2015.

WordPress Stats for BlogPrefect.com Since August 2015.

June has a much healthier Views per Visitor number of 1.71 on average. May at the floor of the data was at a meager 1.25 and the record lowest month for the year was March with 1.16. This gives June the bigger top hat.


I think you can agree from how June came to pass that simply by stepping off the gas can be very damaging for blogging momentum. You can clearly see how in April and May where there was no content published that viewing figures shelved to the kind of numbers seen years ago.

Since returning to form with consistency, June has seen not only improved dashboard statistics but a 10% drop in bounce rate. It goes to show that if you keep hammering away at the issue eventually you’ll pick up to running speed then growth.



It’s been a bumpy 6 months for the opening half of 2016. I hope to show a much more positive swing for the second half in which I can capitalise on a renewed amount of time available to dedicate to the ongoing projects I have in place. For the month of July I’m going to be focusing on the broad topic of emails.

I think that the most on topic article that covers the conclusion to this month is Blogging Momentum.

An important lesson is not losing hope. Some bloggers, after two months away, might look back at what they have to do to regain old ground and lose motivation. I hope to have proven that you can make a recovery.

Future Adjustments

June marked a turning point for BlogPrefect.com. In order to get the blog restarted I made a grand effort to produce articles every week in order to maintain an even-handed pace. I aim to keep the blog producing weekly posts from now on in order to maintain good forward momentum.

Posts are still not performing in line with the effort I spend in writing them. This is always a cause for concern. My ultimate goal, to see a positive step forwards in content production, would be to see each article cater for 300 views at minimum. As yet, I’m not sure how I am going to reach that target. In my June month, some of my articles have performed weakly and I’m sure that is in no small part down to the small following I have.

I need to reassess my marketing mix. Marketing for blogging is a rich tapestry of components. Big Wig Bloggers tend to win big by having complex chains of networks which work in unison to reinforce a tribe mentality within a readership.

I believe I also need to hustle more and as part of that I am reviewing some of my core tactics. An article is in the works that will drop in August about how I’ve hustled a 6% increase to my stats over June.

How To Contribute

Through supporting me at BlogPrefect, you can provide valuable feedback or just have a great conversation with me. I’m always in search of ideas to cover so a suggestion for an article is welcome. I have no issues with giving credit where credit is due and community is an important element for this blog.

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Feel free to contact me on Twitter @blogprefect I can also receive email at Headboy {AT} Blogprefect {DOT} Com.

Image Credits

  • Ford Mustang via Pixabay by UnSplash
  • WordPress stat images provided by WordPress Dashboard
  • All other images are the property of BlogPrefect.com

Blog Prefect Goals for 2016

January can be a busy time of year if you run a review from January – December. In Britain, unlike America, we tend to do things differently with tax years running from April. This Blog was actually started in July 2013 so in order to account for a full year I would have to  count from 14th July – 13th July every year. Fortunately I run stats beginning 1st January (the sensible way).

All these stats are great but you have to do something with them to make it meaningful. If you’ve followed any of my previous monthly reports you’ll know that I break my dashboard into 7 meaningful metrics. 3 have some control by what I do, 1 is a gut instinct and the final 3 are out of my control (more down to you as the audience).

Blog Prefect Goals for 2016

As you can see by the dashboard below, I’ve derived some goals to meet by 31st December 2016. It was my Internet friend and fellow blogger Mi Muma from beamoneyblogger.com who introduced the idea of setting goals by way of a thoughtful article and I agreed with the sentiment so brought the idea to life on this blog. It so turned that bar my highest performing post of all time, the goals post was the second most popular of the year so I felt honour bound to carry it on for a second year.

2016 Goal


My goals do have a noticeable variance from last year in that Bounce Rate is now gone. I identified, with Ahmad Imran’s (from Reasontouse.com) observation, that bounce rate doesn’t form a meaningful output anymore. I have therefore substituted the measure for Old vs New.

So what is Old vs New?

My new meaningful measure is a look at how Old posts perform versus new posts within the month. Ratio wise I always expect old posts to outperform new ones in the month because they’ve had more time to get established. The amounts of sway from left to right is the interesting part. A sway in favour of Old indicates that my new posts are failing in the marketing area. A sway to the New indicates that my old posts have less overall attraction but that my newer articles have more bite.

Why set Goals?

Last year I had a successful time of releasing my goals for 2015, this year I felt I needed to do the same, mostly to recap on where I have succeeded but also to explore where I have done badly and to pull up my breeches for another year.

2016 is important for more than one reason.

On July 14th the site will be 3 years old. For the first time I will be celebrating the birthday of this site (as I hadn’t on Year 1 and Year 2). I also plan to launch a competition with a cash prize as part of my birthday celebration.

As a symptom of 3 year’s birthday my 3 year introductory rate on Bluehost will be ending. This means that my Internet property cost will rise which means that in order to fulfil the same level of payback on my investment I will have to do more going forwards.

Dashboard Comparisons

There is a story behind the data and this story helps me decide the goal. As you may notice, the goal this year is a variable goal. I have chosen such a variable goal rather than a blanket percentage increase because I know that I will have to be conservative with some figures. There is a small risk that the numbers I had last year were artificially higher than they should have been because I had one article that hit page 1 of google and I don’t think I have the ability to match that this year. That is to say that the article was a phenomenal one off.

Minimums and Maximums

Two particular areas I like to take a look at are the Minimums and Maximums. This data can give me an insight into my best and worst performing months which gives me a steer into where I need to target more or less yearly effort. However, I don’t entirely base my outlay of work based on last year’s performance because there are other variables involved such as the content itself and how well that responds in the year.

2015 Min

2015 Max


Yearly Average

The next area I take a look at is the Average for the year and how well overall the year compares. This can then be compared against the previous year to see what average increase there is. You have to be careful with averages because there is a phenomenon known as skew. It is a bias either negative or positive which can potentially drag the whole series of stats in a direction that doesn’t necessarily correlate to the overall performance. Some of my figures in February 2014 suffered from an experiment I made with a service from SEOClerks. Needless to say this had a severe negative skew on my stats during February.

You can see how certain numbers will chomp at your statistics even though they were a blip or a “Pune Effect” a term I coined from an unusual geographical event I saw in my stats. In statistics, skew can be corrected by “red-banding” certain figures, this means that those figures that are extraneous are put to the side in favour of more supportive numbers. I opted to exclude February 2014 from the averages or tune it by dividing the 11 remaining months and providing it the average figure. Fortunately I’ve not had to do that in 2015 as all stats seem in keeping with the data provided by Google Analytics. Manipulating data in such a way can be seen to be cheating but in some respects where you are accepting lower figures than those presented, you can preserve a more meaningful data set for yourself to work with.

Don’t get me wrong, sudden peaks can be great but ultimately you want to pickup your baseline because by picking up from the bottom your overall throughput can only climb.

2015 AVG

Performance on Goal

I then take a look at how the average compared to the goal average I’d set and at how many times the monthly goal was exceeded. A good indication of success is if you are hitting goals multiple times during the year. For 2015 I’ve had some success in this regard with as much as 12 months exceeding targets.

You can visit the 2015 goal post here to see what I had declared as my goals. I had reviewed 2014’s average and added 15% increase.

2015 Goal Analysis

Areas where it proved difficult to improve

Post Performers

Post Performers observes the number of views on a post in the month that it was launched. It is a slightly unfair figure if you are looking at posts that were launched at the end of the month because they have less time to accrue views. Whichever post scores highest in that month, having been released in that month, is the number selected for the dashboard.

The figure is a painful number mostly because my marketing zone has dried up. I also believe that because my posting rate has been down, my consistency and ability to draw people in has reduced. In general I don’t spend enough time in publicising my work. I think it is an issue that many creators have problems with.

This year I set a higher target despite the fact that last year I failed to meet the previous target. I’m going to roll the dice and work harder.

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is a subjective figure in some sense due to the way that Google Analytics measures it and what is considered a normal amount. Google Analytics defines bounce as a person arriving on a site but exiting on the entry page. Other stat providers determine that a bounce occurs where a visitors stays for less than 10 seconds on the entry page or what you might consider a rapid close (or click-off as I like to call them).

The normal amount of bounce is a point for discussion, as it will vary wildly from niche to niche, site to site. Blogs can actually survive normally at bounce rates ranging from 80-90%. It depends on your content and how much of a half-life it has. Sites that haven’t been listed for long don’t have time to build up backlinks and authority so your results are likely to be low on the order of search results. Once a site begins to mature, more of your good content has the potential to be found and you have more pins in the pincushion, that is to say, more target keywords provided by your site. Google is a solutions based engine, if you provide your audience the goods, Google knows and rewards you. Otherwise you have to rely on Social Media and other forms of link sharing to pass around your content to wider audiences.

Bounce rate is cut. Finito. Fat lady singing. (but secretly I’m still measuring it).

Areas that performed well for growth

Pageviews and Visitors performed better than expected despite the final tally on WordPress stats being lower than 2014’s results (by 284 views). Visitors were up but not in such a good way. Normally when views to viewers is at the same ratio or close to 1:1 then this indicates that people aren’t hanging around for more.

Areas under-estimated for growth

My referral traffic was handsome in 2015. Entirely around Google search results I saw a huge uplift in traffic from one post alone. The reason for that was because it fit a niche of audience perfectly and so I was rewarded by Google. It has had the best view rate of any post I’ve written to date in the first month alone and had the highest figures I’ve ever seen for June and July. Therefore the 15% target I’d set was smashed every month of 2015. Not to blow my own trumpet but it’s pretty awesome, one of the happiest areas of my results and worthy of that fine purple.

In setting the target for 2016 I’ve had to be cautious because I am aware that whilst the good fortunes of the post could continue for some time yet, I can’t rest on that article alone to save my dwindling figures. Because of how busy I’ve been outside of blogging, I’ve been squeezed on my activity, losing contact with acquaintances that were taking me in the right direction and losing ground to competitors. Going by my Post Performance figures I need to start finding better ideas for content that have high openings from day dot.

So, just to recap on the goals once more:

2016 Goal

There is plenty of challenge in providing these figures. I’m not sure how the year will pan out, how much time I will have to dedicate, and what is going to be popular. What I do know is that I will find some tough hills to climb, have a few epic wins and otherwise continue soaring with every post written.

I’m never satisfied with my numbers entirely, I always know there is room for improvement, I know that there are guys and dolls out there who most likely receive tens if not hundreds of thousands of views per day and I’ve got a long way to go to reach those highs. The fact is that as long as the posts make a difference to some individuals, I’ve accomplished my mission.

I’m taking further steps this year to try to eliminate what could potentially be classified as “indulgent” posts and I will be taking other steps to pimp this ride. (yes, he said that.)

Over to you?

What kind of goals have you set yourself for 2016?

Just started out? If so, what do you envisage as a sensible number? You could strike it lucky and be popular off the bat. You might swing the other way and have a really limp reception to the world of blogging with small numbers. What are you prepared for? But more importantly, how are you prepared to fight?

Been going for a while? Prepared for great or a slip backwards? Is the post schedule you are working to really paying out? Is the place you pimp your links reaching enough clickers? Has your marketing strategy dried up or swelled in recent times? Thought about changing your theme or bringing on more staff?

Been going for years? Got any spare loot? 🙂

And Finally….

Good luck with your ventures for 2016, by the time this post goes out the very short-lived January will almost be a memory. I hope you’ve started out with your best foot forwards but if you need some encouragement or a friendly ear, get in touch on twitter @blogprefect.

End of Month Traffic Report October – December 2015

A cuban taxi, a rather well preserved '51 Cadillac.

A Cuban taxi, a rather well preserved ’51 Cadillac.

Three whole months in one Report?! Surely not Jackson. Have I been sleeping at the wheel? No. It is nice to be putting my favourite post format together but this time with three reports in one. The reason I opted to not post monthly reports for October, November and December respectively was because they were commonly the only post happening some months. I wanted to be producing meaningful content rather than an overview of what’s happened.

Needless to say, its time to tot up my data for the final three months of the year and hope that I don’t have too much egg on my face (or in this edition, blood on my face).

End of Month Traffic Report October – December 2015

Shout outs

I have one shout out and this person has been a great source of encouragement for me. This gent’s comments have lifted me out of a tighter, darker spell and for that he has my great thanks. I hope to continue a great relationship with him into 2016 and beyond and wish him great success with his blog.

Ahmad Imran of Reasontouse.com

Ahmad’s site is a clean and well organised blog that covers a number of topics including; Android Flagships, Android Apps, ChromeBooks, Software, Blogging and WordPress. His articles are intelligent and insightful and I’m sure that he’ll rise from strength to strength. Being a technology fan myself, I can relate to his articles (even though I am an iOS user at the moment) and I have seen some flashes of brilliance in his work.

Want to get involved?

This is my up front request for you to get involved this year 2016 (and beyond).

Twitter:- @blogprefect

Google+:- +Jackson Davies

Site’s email:- headboy (at) blogprefect.com – Also available in the contact page.

The Posts and Reasoning behind Them

From 2016 onwards, I am going to be slightly more critical of my articles than I have been before. Mostly because I have poured hours and thousands of words in and not seen the relative warmth in abundance. In truth that time could have been better spent finishing the current project I have running over on jackowrites.com or finishing a self-help book I am writing at present. I realise that in part my marketing zones are not providing as much of the burning embers as they used to. I saw a much better time of things in 2014 especially in Google+. It seems that the audience has waned there so I need to go and seek a better afterglow elsewhere.


This month saw me return back to the coal face of my Open University Degree. Because I failed my Economics Honours Optional Module and decided to pass on it permanently, I opted for a design module which is much more up my alley. Of course, this decision was difficult to make as it means that my readership will suffer until the end of May 2016. I’m annoyed with myself for failing by 2% on my previous module but it happened and I’ve got to deal with it! My ever trusting girlfriend has been graciously patient and I am thankful for that desipte her initial disappointment.

  1. End of Month Traffic Report September 2015
  2. T317 innovation: designing for change


November was a busy month. Not much more can be said. So why say more? 🙂 What I can say is that both posts took me some time and I was creating these whilst working on a host of other things related to www.jackowrites.com, the science fiction novel I’ve been writing for some time and my degree (besides my day job).

  1. How to keep working currency in the black
  2. Community Group Spotlight: Blogging in Google+


December has a traditional problem which I have observed before. The fact is that I get certain weeks that just dip entirely off the scale. Mostly because those of interest to my content disappear off the face of the Earth at this time of year. It is as if the alien mothership has come to collect. It doesn’t only limit to Christian and Jewish readers. All numbers are down at the two weeks that butt up to the New Year. I tend to have an inverse reaction in January which is an active time for newbie bloggers. With this in mind I tend to save content that I’ve worked on for a long period and release it in the New Year. There I see much better numbers and often will have winners for the year.

  1. Being Stuck in the Wilderness – The Comfortable Uncomfortable Part 2

How the Posts Did

Bare in mind that these figures are representative of the month they were released in (not the figures they accrued in subsequent months). This can have a negative or positive effect relative to the early or lateness of which they were posted in the month. I grant that this isn’t scientific.


Despite low view rates there are two positives. Firstly none of the above had a zero view event and more than half had at least one comment, which I see as favourable, compared to other months this year. Traffic Reports are always a crowd pleaser. Something about the metrics is a key to people’s love.


I always look forward to compiling the dashboards and you are going to see a predominance of one specific colour. One month as, mentioned above, does have a seasonal disadvantage but generally the others run as standard months and have no similar excuses.

GAF Filter

“Google Analytics Filter” – Segmentation for my viewers.

October 2015

Dashboard Oct15 vs Sep15

Not too bad a month as it goes, despite the red, compared to a similar time the year previous this was a good figure.

November 2015

Dashboard Nov15 vs Oct15

A further slide from October, November’s numbers still aren’t a catastrophe. My only real disappointment here was the post performers figure.

December 2015

Dashboard Dec15 vs Nov15

It is funny how the post performers was the only stable element to this snapshot mirroring November’s figure. Everything else was a slide on previous figures and as my Instinctive measurement denotes, a good month for vampires. My least happy element here was the ATOS dip. I had measured this half way through the month of December and it was a minute higher but clearly with the seasonal dip in effect, this was eroded.

General Observations

Referrals have slowly been sinking over the past couple of months. During June and July I had a huge spike and I have not seen these numbers since. Page views have been dipping in line with these referrals so as you can guess, the core of my viewership are entering from search engine results at this time. It is just a shame that I’ve been unable to followup the success I had with the amazing article fortune I had near the start of this year.

Bounce rate has been high but this was to be expected. As I have mentioned previously, this measure will be dropped in 2016, in favour of a more meaningful metric. Post performers figures have remained weak despite an improved showing in October. Afterglow values from these posts are down in the months they are published. The new metric I am releasing in the 7 measure dashboard next year will shed more light on this.

ATOS (Actual Time on Site) has been fluctuating but is actually remaining in a healthy number, definitely up on the worst figures for last year which I would classify as a success.




The referrals for this quarter display the usual suspects in most instances but I’m still happy with referrals overall. It is good to see them. That “Google Search” figure is predominantly attributed to a single article but there is some small afterglow on some of my older articles. November to December wasn’t a massive drop in all fairness so I’m quite happy about that but ultimately I can only make so much change in fortune to these numbers which is why referrals is marked under “uncontrollable” in my dashboard. It’s where you, the reader, come in.


It has been a good year in all fairness. Despite having posted considerably less than 2014, I have seen a huge swing upwards in views on certain posts. I have actually managed to reach the first page of Google with one of my articles which began the increase in views.

My one hindsight wish is that I had more time to be consistent. I feel like one of my major traffic zones has been lost to poor consistency and I’m personally disappointed with that but I have to be adult about this and begin looking elsewhere to find a good fit.

Despite my effort in Twitter I still don’t have the pull in numbers or the required marketing mojo (without spending money) to pull the kind of audience I would hope for. I will continue to work on my Twitter marketing channel but at current time realise the limitation of numbers contained therein.

Previous Reports

September 2015 – Traffic Report

August 2015 – Traffic Report

End of Month Traffic Report September 2015

Stricken Ferrari

I decided to locate an appropriate picture to match the dashboard report for this month’s statistics which is why you are seeing Felipe Massa’s ruined Ferrari. As you may or may not know, I’m a fan of Formula 1, and it has its fair share of thrills and spills. But of course, Formula 1 has become a lot safer over the years due in a big way to a number of drivers including Gerhard Berger, getting behind safety. There has only been one fatality in recent times with regard to Jules Bianchi, RIP.

The reason I chose the image is to indicate that all is not well at the moment. Plus it is a Ferrari and red which shares something in common with the redness of my dashboard.

That aside, sweeping the doom and gloom under the carpet, welcome to another interesting traffic month here on BlogPrefect.com

I’m happy to announce that I got back into some more writing this month and that there has been some feedback (albeit, not on any recent writings).


I had been plotting for my trip to San Francisco amongst other things so have been preoccupied at this time. October, November and December are generally expensive months in terms of money going out on my yearly payments and I still have a few niggles lingering in my personal life which have caused me concern.

I’ve also been spending time on www.jackowrites.com at the moment so have had some time divided.

One of the most major unsettling issues is my place of work at this time. I don’t work on Blogprefect.com or the fruits of www.Jackowrites.com full time, it takes a back seat to my day job. I’m a minion. Not the yellow pill shaped one but one employed to assist the Maintenance Planners whilst aircraft are being serviced. It’s a bit like if you took your BMW or Mercedes into the garage only the garage is 20 times larger, the vehicle weighs over 100 metric tons and the tyres are filled with nitrogen so they don’t explode when they hit the ground. Some restructuring has been occurring because the company I work for have failed to make any kind of sensible profit and ROI for the investors since their last peak in 1998. I’ve been working for the company since 2003 and can never remember a time where we’ve really raked in the cash. The industry does generally have a low margin but as a company we’ve become incredibly boxed in and spent the majority of the time looking at the wrong competitor. That being said, my job is safe, that difficult part is that everyone above me may be forced to make some unpleasant and unwelcome changes to adjust to the new order. It is a difficult time for my colleagues and some will be leaving as a result.


No great experiments were made this month other than to appear more frequently on social media. It has definitely helped with Twitter followers growing at an improved rate. I don’t have a lot of interaction going on there at the moment but will try harder to be more social as time goes on.

(What I mean by that is conversations and the like. I’m tweeting, favouriting and resharing where I can)

Shout Outs

Ahmad Imran from reasontouse.com: Thanks very much for your contributions this month. I felt we had a great conversation and I hope to interact more with you in the future (that’s a promise!).

If you want to contribute

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End of Month Traffic Report September 2015

On to the End of Month report in detail!

Post Review

A disappointing outlay for September with very small take up overall. Reciprocity for Bloggers was released late in the month and as ever takes a while to gather speed.

Taking a further look at what was on offer:

Big Wig Bloggers was a personal choice to write because I often refer to the term and just wanted to give the reader an understanding of why this term is used. I enjoyed writing this article.

The EOMTR is a standard staple of my repertoire and you are reading one of the most refined templates that I put out on a regular basis. Readers always know what they are getting with this information and I don’t lie or pull any punches about how well I’m doing at any given time.

Reciprocity for Bloggers was written, not as comment bait, but as information for contributors. It is an article I will refer more to in the future. I enjoyed writing this article too.


Post Stats for September

September Dashboard

The dashboard was a walk in the park this month mostly because I only had one to prepare. It is always difficult presenting an omnibus as it has ten times more and between February and July I had a lot to recap.

GAF Filter

Just a reminder of what all of the 7 measures represent:

  • ATOS: Actual Time On Site. This is always measured through the Analytic Filter as set above.
  • Bounce Rate: This is measured as the base result with no filters. Statistically on blogs this figure is always quite high compared to other sites like Amazon and eBay based on the habits of visitors.  Achieving lower bounce is however a good thing as it means that more visitors are having a look around rather than being satisfied by the one thing they came to look at.
  • Post Performers: This is a measure of how well the best post released in the month of the sample did. The higher the better. This does not account for posts that were released in prior months which have gained some momentum.
  • Gut Feel: This is a personal measure (mine) of how well the site did and an overall feel of the direction.
  • Referrals: The results are taken from WordPress stats (which I sometimes class as unscientific due to how WordPress filters information and bots) which cover a multitude of sources. I always find it interesting to see where visitors are coming from.
  • Page Views: This is the classic measure that many people found particularly important years ago but “hits” aren’t necessarily a good indication of how things are going because you can have a lot of hits but your audience might not be performing the right actions. I include page views to get an idea of how traffic is moving. This is a filtered result which aims to catch those people I would class as having a mild interest.
  • Visits vs Visitors: The final measure determines the rough ratio of visits to visitors. This measure has the filter applied.

Owing to the query from Ahmad (mentioned above in the shoutouts) I am still showing Bounce Rate as a figure of the whole but next year, to avoid ambiguity, I will review the 7 measures.

Dashboard Sep15 vs Aug15

As can be seen, quite a rouge month this month. The lowest collapse is the referral figure where that one post I wrote in January is still keeping things ticking over for the search engines.

The Post Performers total is weak considering 3 posts were displayed and marketed this month.

The worst collapse is ATOS from an all time high last month to a drop of 62.86% It is important to note that this Average isn’t actually all that bad compared to some months which goes to prove how high the figure was last month.

Page views more than halved from last month which is somewhat disappointing but notably uncontrollable.

Visits to visitors is decidedly balanced this month but ultimately quite low. In terms of visitors it wasn’t a big collapse but visits was a significant drop.

Overall it confirms that I have an issue I need to resolve pretty quickly. I have known that the communities that I previously shared my topics and applied extensive reciprocity efforts have dried up. I will have to chart new areas to tap in the meantime and ultimately change my tactics to suit a changed audience. I cannot continue doing the same things that had a luke-warm reception in the past.


September Referral

The largest contribution is from search traffic at this time. It is interesting how when becoming less of a fledgling site, the numbers take off.


I admit that this month has still been difficult for two reasons:-

  • Lack of overall focus
  • Lack of engagement

Because I’ve been out for a big portion of the year, I’ve lost the follower train and have to build up the reciprocity kick backs that sustained the views and ideas that were bounced around. My comments have remained very quiet at this time with a decided drought so it seems that I am not producing the useful content that people need. Either that or my recent crop of visitors are more passive in nature.


I have found that despite my efforts on Twitter the payback is not sufficient at this time. I shouldn’t expect too much because my footprint is quite small.


I have been taking some time to look at my Google+ approach. At a time last year I was charting greater heights but that trend has reduced and I’ve noted a significant dropoff.

Site Repairs

I have finally managed to amend the pixel width of the comment section as something unusual had happened. I amended the stylesheet to fix this problem.

I have revisited the Favicon as it is showing for JackoWrites instead at the moment which is highly confusing. I will also be amending the instructions for the Favicon in line with the information I have learnt recently. There will be a particular amendment to the upload information for those who use Bluehost as the favicon.ico upload fails frequently in file manager via the cPanel.


I will be changing the brand of BlogPrefect in the not too distant future. Details to follow.

Would you like to get involved?

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