Tackling Facebook – Part 2

Facebook Initial Setup

I have learnt that it doesn’t matter how prepared you are when you join something like a social media network, it is better just to save time and dive in.

Key point: Don’t put it off, the sooner you start the sooner you learn

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Just as a reminder…

This is part of an ongoing series based on a neglect of my Facebook PR channel to this very blog. I’m trying to cement a better foundation for Facebook that I can interact with more effectively in future because at present Facebook is a broken part of my publishing chain. Facebook is my primary “tackle” because it is valuable in terms of potential user engagement and keeping a following sustained and cheerful.


I have decided to plough on and setup a business profile. I’ll still be using my old Facebook profile but for friends and family only as I always have.

I’m not straying from my own name. I feel that a lot of businesses that use their business name on Facebook come off looking rather “impersonal” and “desperate“. I’m just going to insert my middle name.

Facebook Pages are what business names were made for so it is better to stick with that in my honest opinion. Otherwise you look like a door to door salesman.

I do plan to restart the page for Blog Prefect on my new Facebook profile and take-up the vanity URL associated with it.

What is a vanity URL?

The social media sites decided some time back to reward active members. They would award them a shorter, more direct, URL. Shorter URLs are very useful in places such as Twitter where character count is at a premium. They also just generally look better than the convoluted path that you are given by default. In user terms, shorter is easier to remember so you are much more likely to get an out of the blue visit by somebody manually typing in that vanity URL.


Who runs an individual Facebook profile for business (separate to their personal profile)?

Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome.com


Due to the sheer number of people who are conversing with Pat, he would have no way to co-ordinate any kind of overall response to the sheer mass (he might be able to nibble at it). His eyes would go square. In my opinion his business persona is managed by Facebook capable assistants. He probably dips in every now and then to keep it rolling and flex his social muscles but underneath he is having someone run strategic objectives for him.This is true with many bigger companies due to volume. In forums moderators were the deputies when volume of input outstripped a single owner’s capability.

“No man is an island” – John Donne, 1624

Pat’s business Facebook profile displays LLC. limited Liability Company.


The new profile setup

It is interesting to revisit this stage. I forgot just how long ago I did this the first time around. Breaking that virgin soil again is an interesting experience.

Setting up a new Facebook Account

Setting up a new Facebook account

There is always something that kinda bugs me with Social media signups nowadays. They are always after grabbing as much possible information about your contacts as possible. Every face is a score. I know that sounds cynical and often I can be very cynical but in every scenario (whether Google+, Twitter or Facebook) I have been forced to try to part with my friends. I suppose my issue with that is that I don’t have many and they are rather precious to me. I’m not one of these guys who has many real life friends and that has possibly been a bit prohibitive to my start in the blogosphere.

I guess my gripe is that Facebook, Twitter and Google+ assume it is okay to grab. They assume that getting you to hand over your friends for the good of the system and yourself is important. I personally value choice. Now Facebook offer to skip the step. You can see that as a small option at the bottom right. It’s quite easy to miss, you are not actively guided to that option, which spells out that they don’t really want you to do it.

I pressed it (long story short).



I wrote a particular article about blogging and being social in December and this may be a good point to refer you. In this article I talk about the difference between being social and being introverted and what that really means. I have to  balance up being social with being introverted because as a person I sway more to the introvert side. This is why getting Facebook right for the future is important.

As I said at the start, sometimes it is just better to dive in. That’s how I started with Google+ and now, many months on, I have amassed over 1,600 followers.


  • How’s my driving? Are there things you would have done differently?
  • Do you think having a separate business profile is a good idea? Would you prefer not to muddle your gran’s picture of a kidney stone with a conversation about YouTube marketing?
  • How many bullets would you leave in Mark Zuckerberg’s personal firearm in the event of a zombie apocalypse? (okay that’s not a serious question, I just threw that one in there to see if you were awake.)


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