Tackling Facebook – Part 1

Prepare to get slammed when tackling facebook


This is a Case Study in which I aim to capture everything I do in Facebook to illicit a warmer outcome than I currently have.

In all honesty, my Facebook is Facebroke!

 So technically I’m saying that “Facebook is broken” although often its the operator that’s at fault and not the tool. It is just easier to blame the tool. Tennis players know this all too well because they get fined for throwing their racket.

Key Point: Often the blame rests with the operator


What is the issue?

The key issue is that my Facebook Page is driving no traffic to my site.

  • It is not attracting new followers.
  • I stopped maintaining it.
  • It is dead.
The height of sadness!!

The height of sadness!!

 Image Credit – Someecards.com


Why fix it?

As much as I loathe the system, lots of people use it. There is a lot of data that points towards Facebook as a place where the “magic” happens. There are a lot of registered users throughout the world, it has a big coverage, therefore it has scope.

Key Point: Scope

It should help balance out the quiet points of the week that I suffer. Currently my posting schedule is very tight due to my commitments. I want a system that will produce some drive back to my site (no matter how small) that I can deploy within a short time frame. Facebook is that point of entry.

Key Point: Pacing

So on the surface I might sound cynical and I believe there is a growing feeling that Facebook doesn’t deliver quite what it promises. In the absence of good numbers for traffic I need to embrace it. I shall be covering the problems that people are facing with Facebook in a separate article soon.


How will I fix it?

I’m going to be putting my best foot forward for the next couple of weeks to try to propel this new outlook on Facebook. I’ve had a bad relationship with the platform but I need to come to grips with that.

I’ve had more success with Google+ I need to translate some of my findings there to make this more of a cross-platform effort.

In truth I don’t know the best ways to go about this. I’ve never been a star in Facebook and my personal account is rather on the weak side when it comes to numbers.

  • The fix will entail launching a business persona, rather than a page. This way I can build a better following for all future ventures even if they happen not to be Blog Prefect.


Where will I concentrate efforts?

  • Followers as a forefront.
  • Community discussion as a running theme.
  • Exploits where I can make them.
  • Cross platform activity where possible.


When will it be fixed by?

It’s hard to put a date on the when. Looking at Google+, it took me 6 months to get well established to a point where I was receiving followers on a regular basis.

Any good project is driven by a deadline so I have aimed to have something more substantial by 31st May 2014.


Who can I draw inspiration from?

There are many experts out there but I’m going to look closer to those who push out the same sort of content I do.

The three big players in terms of where I’m aiming for are:

  • Neil Patel of QuickSprout
  • Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome
  • Tom Ewer of LeavingWorkBehind

I know these 3 guys have formidable social media outlets.

Not to leave the ladies out of the equation I will be taking a look at:

  • Ana Hoffman of TrafficGenerationCafe


Question Time

  • What would your priorities be?
  • How would you tackle the same issue?
  • What are your general thoughts on Facebook?


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3 Comments Tackling Facebook – Part 1

  1. Tony

    Hi Jackson,
    It’s me. About Facebook…(sigh). My first Facebook venture went no where. I launched in October of 2013. I have 3 likes. Me, Myself and I. Oh, sorry 4 likes. My dad. My failure was setting up a business Facebook page. Very limiting unless you plan to spend some (cough, cough) money on advertising.
    So my new priority is to launch a personal Facebook page but tune it to my website.
    I think I am going to fix it by completely deconstructing my Facebook page and trying to get into some Facebook Groups that share a similar interest. Maybe there is traffic in larger groups.
    Generally, think Facebook has it’s purpose. I see how it can be used as an informational arena. Especially for brick and mortar business. I also think there must be a way to get Twitter and Facebook working together. I see many industry Tweets that direct you back to their Facebook site.
    I think it is difficult to move a social media like Facebook into a business arena. But obviously it can be done. You cited some big gorillas in the Facebook world.
    Edit as you will… all the best


    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Tony,

      Nice to read from you again! Hope you are pysched for your new site. It looks grand!

      As to the topic, Facebook. It is not all that easy is it! It requires maintenance. Fortunately it is providing me with loads of ideas to improve the situation. Now I do have a very small budget in mind as part of my 2014 gamble line, as I have quite a bit of unspent funds. I wanted to experiment with a small ad campaign to see how they worked but there is a fair bit of work and analysis to do before that.

      I think you are onto a good thing. It works for Pat Flynn having a more business focused persona and he makes lots of money. Of course we are all individuals and should do things that work for us but I think that sometimes you have to separate friends and family from business. So, you’ll get a Like from me if you should so ask!!

      There is a general distaste towards business because of the overall populous of Facebook. People grow weary of ads and suits after a time and look forward to viral stuff, people having some inane fun (I love that too). It’s all about striking a balance.

      I am an avid gamer (a little off topic but stick with me) I played a game that was impossible to finish so in the end I got bored and started playing other games. After about 5 months, I came back to that game and took my experiences back to it, finding that I could complete it with ease. Sometimes learning techniques from other social media outlets will unlock the ideas you need to pursue them in other places. Often it is just a matter of time.

      I know that you are quite a whiz on Twitter. I myself am much better on Google+. After a time there has to be a level where you can start refocusing lessons learnt back into other media channels.

      One thing I must say is that Social Networking can be a time sink.

      1. Tony

        I wish you well on the ad campaign. I launched a small food outlet a few years ago and bought ad space to generate local interest. My food outlet was in Austin, Texas. My likes went up significantly, but they were from places around the country that represented people who in no way had visited my food outlet. That was my experience. I felt someone what getting “paid” to like my Facebook site since I had placed ads. But, that was my experience. With an online venture it wouldn’t matter where in the world they are “liking” me from. But for ad dollar value Facebook is HUGE. No where else can you reach the numbers for the price.


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