Spending the Right Time on Blogging

Marketing is a devil’s task but it is essential if I wish to go places with what I create. Creating something brilliant to be greeted with no audience interaction sucks. It sucks every time.

Could I have created something excellent that nobody will ever see?

The answer is probably.

What is the resolution?

In the early days of this blog I got experimental after a point. It is something you need to do to find the most unique and useful way to find your place in the blogging world. Forget being a copycat, that won’t keep your blog warm.

I created a challenge known as the 60 minute challenge. The purpose was to produce a fully operational blog post in 60 minutes. The entire article would be self-contained within that period. So the majority of writing would occur in that 60 minutes. A further 60 minutes is granted to editing and locating suitable images.

What’s The Benefit?

The problem with creating content that gets blown away by lack of viewers is the fact that you are wasting so much time gilding the lily. The truth is that sometimes less time spent on a task is more if you get across a pure answer.

60 minutes isn’t a big commitment. If you could find enough ideas over the span of a week, you could have 5 articles written that you could deploy quickly in comparison to those over formulated articles that you might commonly spend time on.

I have heard many times that brevity is far more valuable than fluff so I trialed a period during 2014 where the majority of my articles were written in 60 minutes.

There are some drawbacks to the method in that if you don’t strike upon the right topic, the post was a waste anyway. The truth is that some readers don’t have a long time to dedicate to this latest crop of epic posts that Big Wig bloggers swear by.

What is An Epic Post?

Epic posts are the kind that take a whole month to create. I’ve created a few in Blog Prefect’s time in the sun. They perform well for traffic, especially on the search engines because they give the reader a lot of meat to chew on. The only problem is that you could have covered the post in a series of articles more effectively and in a bitesize way that the audience might have preferred.

Even worse for an Epic post is the potential for having a short life. At least if you had spread out the bulk of this article between articles you could have succeeded in seeing which of the elements would survive sustained interest and which would be consigned to the bin.

The Merits of Trying Out a New Topic With the 60 Minute Challenge

The 60 minute challenge is great for testing out a new area for your blog. You run with as much or as little research as you were able to garner within that 60 minutes writing time. You don’t commit too deeply to a fully formed answer but just graze the surface in order to see what kind of interest your audience are showing.

You can think of it as a form of Split test.

Split Test?

It’s marketing slang. As a blogger who starts earning money, you’ll soon discover that you can micro-manage more of how you design and entice your audience. Split testing allows you to run multi-variate tests. These are normally one idea versus another tested in the same environment. As an example, reader A is directed down the blue button route and reader B is sent down the orange button route. You can determine a winner by seeing which of these responds best.

There is an opportunity to mix things up by seeing how a splash in a different pan might work out.

With the 60 minute challenge in particular, you can perform your own multivariate test with the same subject matter. You can test different keywords side by side on an article written with almost exactly the same intent. Because you got it out to market sooner you can make a useful determination between what method of communication of that issue provides you with the most eyes on screen.

But What About Quality?

The 60 minute challenge provides an additional 60 minutes to edit the document. You should be removing tosh at this point. Adding links in the editing stage is always a good idea.

What Links?

Linking in shorter articles is more important than larger ones. Think of the large article as the dump where you can afford to extract data from the source. Have a quote and a link back to. The 60 minute challenge may not afford you the length of time to stare at your competitor’s well-crafted offering.

Link sprinkling occurs after you’ve crafted your product as it should in any article you produce. Outgoing links add value to what Google defines as a useful resource (as long as those links are of quality from trusted origins). You pick your best competitors and link their information where you can.

How Do I Structure This Article?

The classic methods can be observed so you can run with a small introduction, body and conclusion. The 60 minute challenge also lets you mix that up if you so do choose. A lot of the fun with blogs is experimenting to find what works best.

Social Media Push

Sadly, SERPs or Search Engine Result Page ranking is so complicated and convoluted that your only real shot at getting a leg up in the early days is by Social Media sharing. With social media the benefit you have is being able to wave exactly what somebody is looking for in their faces by the use of hash tags and knowing the right people.

A Note On Frequency

Robots love frequency. Not the murderous Austrian-American ones from the future.

They are those intangible crawlers that are fired out from different reporting farms to rank your site on how up to date it is.

The 60 minute challenge allows you to tap into more frequency by focusing you on getting posts ready for market.


In Closing

Give the 60 minute challenge a try and you’ll be surprised at what you can push out. If you’ve had some success, please comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

All you have to do is spend no more than 60 minutes writing an article. You have to pace yourself and make sure that you cover off a conclusion by the time you reach the end of that time frame.

As you might be able to tell, this article is a product of my own 60 minute challenge. I created over 1000 words in 60 minutes. Edited for 20 then spent 30-40 minutes on the images.

Image Credit

Featured image – Pixabay by Unsplash

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