The Saturday Slump

Saturday is a bogey day for Blog Prefect for numerous reasons, some clear, some not. I always have weak returns and I’ve retreated from taking the battle to the audience on Saturdays. It’s all about the law of diminishing returns. I perform some rigorous analysis of how my posts fair and have found that Saturdays have a very poor take up, regardless of how good the content is.

Average Blog Prefect Post Performance

Average Blog Prefect Post Performance

Saturday Slump Factor 1: Not posting consistently on Friday.

For many weeks, Friday has been a day where I haven’t always had time to get a post out. I tend to find with my content that I get a domino effect where I gain warmth from my content not necessarily on the day but sometimes the following day. Friday is often a difficult day because I run out of time. Friday is never a day you like to stay for extra.

I’ve been considering a number of solutions to this problem.

Automation: Having an automated post for Friday in the sweet spot could well help.

Alternative content. I am pretty much milk and potatoes during the week but I always note that Social media changes tactics towards the end of the week with theme days.

Saturday Slump Factor 2: Not concentrating on Saturday compatible content.

Finding content that works on a Saturday is quite difficult. My general success during the week is on aids to performing tasks in blogging but also on bigger topics which need a bit of explaining. Saturday is a different kind of day. Many people are actually out on some forms of recreation on this day (except those who work on shift) and their minds are far from business unless they burn the midnight oil.

I’m still in search of the Saturday winning content and there are a few types of post I haven’t tried yet.

Saturday Slump Factor 3: The fact that Saturdays don’t convert well to views puts me off writing content for them.

The third factor is the deadly circle. Because it fails I feel less inclined to try which is a self defeating state of mind. I’ve learnt this with my initial jump into Twitter. I went in all guns blazing but was suddenly disappointed by the lack of activity and that lack of activity turned me off the chase.

The solution to the third factor is the simplest of the three issues I face. A particularly well known hypno therapist and neuro linguistic programmer from England, by the name of Paul McKenna, suggests that the best way to succeed is to increase the failure rate. I’ve mentioned in a previous article that we can’t always be a:

“First Try Hero.”

And that we should not be disheartened by failure but be spurred on to victory.

I took a deeper offensive on Twitter the second time I came back to it and it definitely began to lift. In life you’ll try as many times as you need to if you really need something.


I have noticed that a lot of the high end bloggers don’t concern themselves with covering off the week but more look to maximise on their best days of viewing. I’m in a different position because I post more often and want each and every article to work well on the day it went out until I can switch my strategy later.


A plea to you my audience

This is actually a request to you, the reader. What do you find works well on a Saturday?

I’d welcome your comment either through my email at or through Twitter @blogprefect

I’d love to hear from you!

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