Blogging requires the use of tools and is a very technical yet rewarding skill. In order for you to make the best use of blogging I have provided some key resources.

Disclaimer: Many of these resources are free but some future entries to this list may involve affiliate links. Please note that I will only suggest resources I feel are successful, necessary and provide the right quality. You are under no obligation to opt-in but I would appreciate your referral if you do take the plunge.

Basic Must Haves

Dedicated Email Service

**Affiliate** provides’s dedicated email service. It is fast, efficient and mean on spam. When running a self hosted website, you are given a basic form of host side email management which doesn’t run great and is locked away.

You can always forward your emails to Gmail or similar from your host. If you want to handle your mail effectively, without hassle and with a robust non-Google influence, FastMail is a good bet.

I have written an initial article on it here. Published 29/07/2016


Blog Post Spring Clean Checklist A check list devised to assist when your blog has become cluttered with old content and needs to be lifted up a degree.