One big reason Not to use SEO as a common Keyword



To write an article about it!


I’m a Hypocrite!


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a well-known term for those individuals in the website marketing sphere. SEO is used to improve your fortunes through people finding you.


I’m NOT going to talk at length about what SEO is and how you can perform the magic required. I’m NOT going to talk about Pay Per Click or any of that hokum.


I AM going to talk to you about why SEO is not a great topic to rank for. I AM going to talk in depth about why you should think carefully about whether you should use it as one or part of your keywords when writing an article.


In the beginning came adverts…


Getting traffic has been the preserve of many eager corporations, small businesses and general public for years. It all started because the Search Engines discovered the benefits of being able to use advertisements and take the cream from them. It has devolved into a slippery mess since this capitalist decision.

Okay, that’s my opinion. I threw the capitalist bit in but what is Google if it isn’t a capitalist company? I’m not saying that from a communist perspective. I’m just calling an onion an onion.


Then came the rules…


Google started a driven strategy to push the right results to the right people and satisfy their inquiry. The results were optimised so those that were most relevant rose to the top. Marketeers realised that they now had competition and couldn’t pump out any old rhubarb for the general masses to lap up anymore. They’d have to put a bit more effort in to make it useful. Getting to the first page of the search engine results was and is crucial.

Relevance and competition prevent me rising to the top as much as they do for you! I may be entirely relevant but social net worth graded by the engine marks me down as a less relevant voice. I am marked down because I have NOT been shouting for as long and haven’t had as many people sitting around me listening.


Then came the bubble…


Search engines had the capability to shape the search to the searcher so that results were generated based on what the searcher historically found useful. This meant that the search results for each individual would vary for the exact same keyword search.


If you want to read more about the filter bubble phenomenon, follow this link: Living in a Google Filter Bubble?


Reasons why you should think twice about using SEO as a keyword:


  1. SEO is an over popular phrase. It’s like wearing denim. Very common.
  2. It’s a money phrase. This means that people spend money to compete and earn more money.
  3. People are employed specifically for SEO in large corporations. Therefore, they know better strategies and use better tools, have more knowledge about the subject and kick ass.


A lot of people are talking about Search Engine Optimisation. You should consider if joining the conversation is really a good idea. Do you have that gold to talk about? Would your time be better served writing about something else with less competition?


Here is a task for you!


  • Open a new tab or window.


  • Go to Google.


  • Search for SEO.


My results generated 204,000,000 results. How many did your’s generate?


The SEO result

Try this test yourself. See what you get!


I can guarantee that everyone on that first page of results, has done something special or underhand to get there.


In the face of such numbers you will not rise to the top with ease unless you invest serious money or social attention.


Extending the tail


A newer trick to find lower competition is to find a long tail to a keyword phrase. Adding a series of words to the keyword phrase lowers the overall competition.


Unfortunately the depth of SEO has gone quite deep with long tails so you may struggle here too. The fact is that millions of people before you tried to think of ways to rank that were a little more inventive.


So what’s the best thing to do if you really have to rank for SEO?


  • Make sure the content delivers a knockout punch.
  • Make sure you’ve got the traffic and the interest.
  • Be inventive.


Obviously there’s more to it than that. I hazard a guess to what:


  • Paying.
  • Hacking.
  • Other.


Sometimes it is just a matter of:


Who you know






So the one big reason Not to use SEO as a common Keyword is that you will fail if you are a maverick. As a maverick, you have better subjects to spend your time on.

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