Needs Improvement 002: Lifting a straggler

Welcome back to another installment of Needs Improvement. If you’ve read the first (which is highly unlikely because only 1 person read the very first) you will know that this post is about re-working those previous articles that hit the Internet floor like a sack of spuds.

This is a task that any blog writer worth their stripes will undertake. I go into detail about what decisions you might want to take to employ it.

The Needs Improvement series involves an important concept.

taok - 001 - kaizenflagKaizen – Everything can be improved

You will also know that this is a Japanese term if you’ve read the first in the series. The Japanese symbol to the right is how Kaizen is represented in Japanese.

The Japanese are good in terms of how they setup their business for efficiency. Train systems in Japan work very effectively and efficiency because every part of the process is micro-managed. Delays are very rare occurrences.

The Japanese invented the term JIT or Just In Time. A manufacturing delivery system that provides the raw components just in time for the next process. This was devised because Japan has very little space to store things as land values are high. Turning around the items in a factory efficiently reduces the need for storage both for the company and any third party supplier.

 To quote greatly from the first piece in this workshop series:

My blog is my production line, my posts are my product.

The post in question

The post that I cast my gaze upon is one of the first that I gave birth to.

Trials of audience building: Generating page views and followers based on potential traffic

  • This post was originally posted on 17th June 2013
  • It was later updated on the 21st October 2013

I gave this post a short keyword of Audience Building somewhat destroying the “potential” of this post going further. The article did okay in terms of attracting some viewing. In total (you may laugh) it attracted 10 views.

I’m not sure on reflection that what it conveyed was valuable. It was too theoretical in scope. Too rhetorical (an unanswered question or a question best left unanswered).

Some of the key saving points for this post were that I came back to the piece and added approximately 800  more words, enhancing its initial reach. I also republicised it through more accepting communities on my social media platform of choice, Google+.

It still didn’t hit the right note. The content should have done better out of the box.

The Post’s DNA

Post length 1412 words.

Structure: It is well constructed but I’ve noticed that some of the paragraphs are quite weighty and it hasn’t been presented in my newer format.

Readability: Needs some work. The ending is weak and doesn’t really ask a question.  The sentence lengths are too long. There are no lifting elements such as quotes or bold elements.

Takeaway value: In terms of use to a reader, in reflection, I would class it as low rent. There aren’t many lists or much to take away from it. It’s not hugely re-readable so its a bit shallow. I need to think more about the audience which is ironic consider the content.

Image use: There are 3 images. There is no standout main image. I am probably in breach of a copyright with Warner Brothers with one image.

Direction: The post is a little confused. It adds some of my anecdotes which is all well and good but it doesn’t have a complete flow. The post has too long a start, too short a middle and too weak an ending.

The verdict

In Needs Improvement on NI001 I gave myself two options. Fix the existing or Re-Bake. I give myself the same option here.

I think that re-working the old post would actually involve re-writing most of the content anyway so its door number 2.


I enjoy the re-bake process for two reasons:

  1. I already know what the content is, so feel confident.
  2. I know that this post will do better than the previous.

There is a bonus reason:

  • I can make the post more open ended so that it can be updated more thoroughly.

The Process

  • Re-Write the content.
  • Involve a community for some collective aid.
  • Finish the work and publish.
  • Publicise.


The results will be displayed 1 month on (approximately from the launch of the re-baked article). Check back for more information.

8th January Update

Audience Building: 5 steps was published today. No initial views recorded.


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