Motivations for starting an online business

Blogging can be fun and is a great way to social. Blogging can also be a way to entrepreneurship. Being an entrepreneur means that you are running your own business and as I have mentioned many posts ago, an entrepreneur doesn’t imply success. You can be an Entrepreneur and be failing (but you are still an Entrepreneur).

Motivations for starting an online business

Motivations for starting an online business

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Kevin Duncan, author of “What you need to know about writing a business”, raises a number of good points on why you might aim to strike out on your own and highlights these as positive points:

  • I hated my boss
  • Couldn’t stand the politics
  • Frustration with current job
  • Got fired or made redundant
  • I am, or I became, unemployable
  • Convinced there must be a better way
  • Wanted to be my own boss / have more control
  • The chance to use my brain for my own benefit
  • Run my life as I want
  • Life changes everything
  • Wanted to take a risk
  • Always wanted to
  • Wanted the challenge
  • Wanted to create my own dream job
  • Spotted an opportunity
  • Had a safety net
  • Wanted to make a lot of money
  • A combination of fear and ambition

But on the sharp end of the reasons why you might want to change things up, Kevin indicates 6 key areas where you might be thinking rather negatively:

  1. Petulantly trying to prove a point
  2. Revenge against a former employer / employee / rival
  3. Just in it for the money
  4. Wanting a short term fix
  5. Deciding on a whim
  6. Diving into an idea you have not considered until recently

Looking deeper at the negatives

Petulantly trying to prove a point is a bad way to go. Looking like a rant monkey on the surface is not going to get you to the end zone. It is more likely to attract ridicule.

Revenge is mine sayeth the lord. Quotes aside, revenge is a dangerous emotion and most of us will have some first hand experience. It is born of rash thoughts and can lead us take less than rational choices.

Being just in it for the money is the quickest way to ruin. Brilliant things are born of passion, enjoyment and a connection to what we do and what we do well. The smell of money wrangling hangs on certain bloggers and it can be off-putting.

I hope that any sensible blogger knows it takes ages to get to a critical mass. You can’t truly effect a short term fix without having learnt the hard way. I don’t believe in first try heroes but you have to expect that you need to put in some quality time to get things up to speed. There are very few quick paths to victory, especially in the hyper competition sea.

Decisions made on a whim are incredibly whimsical. This ties in very closely to wanting a short term fix. If you make decisions on a thought you had one day, don’t be disappointed if you get bored with the idea very quickly. You are then tied to something you painfully have to end, or worse, suffer for a few months before giving up.

Making that dive is also a risky move. Taking Blog Prefect as an example, I took a period of 3 months to decide on what I wanted to do and in retrospect, wish I’d spent longer but overall I was happy with the direction. I do occasionally get some itchy feet on the whole idea and there have been some of the bigger bloggers who’ve felt rather nervous about their babies as far as a year to two years into the project. It is hard to say what is too short a time but I’d say that anything less than 2 weeks without a team of people to chip in, is not going to go as well as you might hope.


A nod to implementation

The implementation of an idea is the most important part of applying a strategy. Having an implementation plan when starting out is crucial. My implementation plan for starting Blog Prefect was sketchy and devoid of some key elements which were added in contingent fashion after the fact. As you start to build your blog more and more, you start to build capabilities which aid you the next time you start because you’ve had time to learn what works and what doesn’t, you know what toolset you need to succeed, even if your idea is completely different to your previous effort.

Having those basic building blocks, having a network that already knows you and knowing that you can do it are all pre-requisites to doing things awesome. You can’t get there without laying down your first try, and your first try could make you or break you (specifically defeating your will).



Kevin Duncan finally highlights that “doing what you love” is the best strategy. Doing what you love enables you to wrestle through the painful and hard times. Those times where the challenge outweighs the result. Doing what you love allows you to bounce back from the setbacks because you love what you do and have a vested interest in overriding the failures, and riding your way back to success.

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  1. Andrew

    Hey Jackson,

    I wanted to point out something you mentioned. “Kevin Duncan finally highlights that “doing what you love” is the best strategy.”

    I think doing what you love is good, but if you’re trying to start an online business, you have to do some very thorough research to see what people are interested in and if it’s something that you love.

    Makes no sense doing something you love if no one else has an interest in it.

    I think people have to be very careful of that and do the necessary research along with it. What are your thoughts?
    Andrew recently crafted…7 Actionable Tips You Should Use Today To Improve Your BlogMy Profile

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Andrew, thank you for your response to this topic.

      Now, in part I agree with you. Doing what you love is a very rough answer to everything, especially when you pursue businesses and activities that you don’t love in order to make money.

      In order to answer this question better, I decided to write a post specifically on this question you’ve posed. The link will appear shortly.

      So thanks for the idea and the question!! I don’t know if you’ll like the answer but hopefully I’ve shaped a better answer.

  2. Worli

    Hello Jackson,

    Great Share! Without developing your skills, mindset and attitude your success can be limited. At the crucial point you lose heart. You get frustrated and start looking for a better quicker solution. This is why so many people fail to succeed online.
    Worli recently crafted…Latest Govt JobsMy Profile

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Worli (Noel),

      Thanks for your response. I agree that building your toolchest is the best way to succeed and that will take a different amount of time depending on what that toolchest is missing. Some things are learnt quickly and easily whilst others remain a difficult subject. In my experience I found Google+ a lot easier to get started with than Twitter but for many the reverse is the case. There are some basic building blocks that will aid in getting there but you have to spend the time being pro-active. A lot of what we do to succeed requires experiment to get the approach just right, this also takes time. There are often no shortcuts to some lessons.

      Thanks again!


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