A Message From the Headboy – April 2017

The observant of you, if there are any people left, will have noticed that I’ve been rather quiet recently. There have been a number of reasons for this and none are by any means excuses. I realise that my overall traffic has taken a gradual dip as I go along. As of late I’ve only been posting one article per month. Unfortunately I missed March altogether.

This article goes some way to explain what has been going on. The proverbial ‘skinny’.


Book Writing

The 515 Lost World Saga (Working Title)

I have been very busy with book writing behind the scenes. My novel has been taking shape since 2019. Since finishing my Open University degree last year, it has opened the flood gates of time available. My goal is to finish this novel this year and in order to do that I need to be committed. The novel is getting there but I am concerned that it might be considered amateurish and I would find that a crushing blow. The only way to know for sure is to press on.

To see my continuing progress head on over to www.jackowrites.com for more details.

This neatly segways into:


The website/blog that hosts more on the writing side of my endeavours has been receiving a much-needed dose of branding. I think anybody who had viewed the site over a year ago would have been disappointed at how little personality the site had. I am still developing the site at this time and working out what shines best in this area. This blog differs to BlogPrefect because it serves a different purpose.

Part of my ongoing ideas are to assert myself more into writing, as such I felt that JackoWrites would receive the first true piece of valuable content that is not a blog post.


Writer’s Block Guide

This guide is perhaps one of the largest free elements of a site I’ve ever given away and I’ve been developing the guide over a long period. It grows with every edition and I am trying to incorporate a wealth of healthy tips from all over the web. You can download it for free here at www.jackowrites.com

This guide as yet is just a white paper and requires a considerable amount of graphical improvement. At the moment I am refining the textual content so please mind the work in progress.



I’ve been active over on Medium for a while now, both writing and making responses. Medium, I have decided, is not going to be a regular gig. Reason being is that it simply takes too long to put together a post for exactly no audience. I am going to be re-posting more of my content on medium in hopes that it will entice more audience to check out my work on my various platforms.

I seem to be far more popular for responses than articles.

There will be a feature on more about my Medium experience in a future article at blogprefect.com. If you are considering the experiment you can hopefully learn from my toe dip in the water.

I can be found here.

As a point of note, I do talk politically on Medium where I don’t here on my master blog or on JackoWrites.com. I have no set plan for what my Medium content should be, I just write about whatever I like. For those of you who are disappointed with my views I can only offer my apologies but I don’t cede to changing my views without a serious look at the facts.

The reason I started writing on Medium was because I often had an urge to write about something that I would throw up on BlogPrefect but which had very little relevance to the niche. Any good blogger knows that the natural process of a person finding you through a search engine depends on you staying on topic.


General Minutiae (the boring stuff)

I have had a glut of projects to catch up on and a lot are still unfinished.

I must note that because my degree took such a prime focus and that I went through a painful end of a relationship, the house I moved into is not finished to the level I’m happy with. This has been true since 2013. My parents have nagged me on this front for the best part of 2 years but I’m still moving at my own pace.

One of my rooms is now decorated bar a few minor touches and a new carpet and it has lifted my mood no end since I finished it.

One of my key goals to make my blogging, writing and general enterprises more fun, is to fully realise my 2nd bedroom’s study potential and as it stands, the decoration is horrific. The tiny room should be easy to decorate but requires re-wiring. I am at a loss to understand how the previous owners made do with one socket in this room.

I believe that my productivity will skyrocket once my house is more presentable.


Weight Loss

Something else that was neglected was my slim trim self. Since the beginning of January to the end of March, I had lost a total of 20lbs and have recently rekindled my passion for cycling. I am getting towards my healthier weight where I am to be less than 14 stone by the end of the year at the very least. For the American readers that goal is less than 196 pounds and for Europeans that is less than 88.9KG. The weight is not so much important as reaching a trouser size of 34 inches. I am not happy at the current 36, it precludes me from purchasing trousers from certain shops where waistband sizes don’t often head into my current size. I am a short-legged fellow so am taller in the torso.

Getting back on my bike I realise just how out of condition I was so I am all the more determined to get back into the swing of things.

My goal with my cycling is to cycle to work on a more regular basis. This will help me keep fit and save me a lot in my weekly fuel bill.

My weight loss regime has also reduced:

  • Overall number of days sick that I’ve experienced in recent years
  • Alleviated pressure off my right knee which was causing me issues when walking long distances inner city, especially in the damp
  • Eliminated a sciatica issue that was extremely painful
  • Reduced my sugar and salt intake which has alleviated the frequency of my migraine to a rare event (alongside other managing techniques).
  • My waistband which makes wearing size ‘L’ clothing a lot more comfortable. I’m still a way off 34 at the moment but I’ve definitely noticed a thinning of the waistband. With more continued work on my core, I should reduce to the right level.


Writing for Blog Prefect

I must admit that my progress has slowed to a crawl and I can only apologise for that. Visitors do journey to the site on a regular basis but not in the number that I truly crave to make it all seem ‘worthwhile’. Regular posting will be restored in the not too distant future and there is a plan for a specific ‘burst month’ to see how I get on with some exposure. Stay tuned on that.

I have two posts in the works for launch in April and I do have a suitable window to work on these two items.

The first is on research. The second is on Commitment. I believe that the second of these two articles will have the bigger impact but as part of my series expanding on a core post, I have decided to write in more detail about how to start a blog and keep it running. I have decided on doing this not only to bring thoughts and ideas to you as the viewer but to remind myself of ‘the purpose’.



I have been having a bit of a bad time as of late. Despite all the positive elements that can be picked out from the above.

My day job has become a tumultuous and unhappy relationship and I feel that I am coming to the end of my time there. This means that I’ve been actively searching to move elsewhere.  Job searching takes time unfortunately and it is not an activity I enjoy. It is the equivalent, to me at least, of choosing between two brands of spam, both tins are ultimately not the height of nutrition.

The lack of motivation with the same old same old has been making me less motivated in other corners of my life and I feel that the relationship with my company is no longer something I can service.

I’ve been an employee for 13.5 years and in that time, feel very under-appreciated. This has had a negative effect on bringing you timely posts and I apologise for that.



As part of feeling unsatisfied in general, I have fallen into some bad habits, rather than the proactive ones that I used to have. I realise that I’m going to have to modify these habits and eradicate them to put myself in a happy place again.

One of the ideas you might see banded around by bigwig bloggers is the notion of the right forms of habit-forming activity, a drill or a regime to organise the day for productivity. The only problem with this is that it can also squeeze fun out of your life. Spontaneity is thrown out of the window. I will have to create a regime that provides some rigidity and flexibility in equal measure.


Call to Action

If you follow this blog or not I’d welcome some quotes about motivation. So if you have a few minutes to spare, please email me at headboy@blogprefect.com and your words could be included in one of my upcoming articles.

Best wishes.



1 Comment A Message From the Headboy – April 2017

  1. Ahmad Imran

    Jackson, I have twice joined and written on Medium and then abandoned the idea. I am keen to know your experience and what you have to say. Will keep an eye on the article you mentioned that you will write about the Medium.

    Keep it up the good work, yes there are distractions and yes there are hindrances, but you can write and write well, and you can blog and blog well. Take it to the next step now, seek excellence and never be afraid to give it your best shot. We only live once. Best wishes.

    If I can be of any help, I am glad to help. Let me know.


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