If a tree falls in a forest would a blogger hear it

I never shy from writing a slightly wacky article from time to time but this Monday seems like a brilliant time to go into an unusual analysis of last week with no posts written. I am currently deep in revision for an exam and the company I work for is also busy receiving a new aircraft type which is quite different to ones we’ve seen before and we seem to be modifying it some before we’ve even received it.

I wanted to get to the title of this article because I was rather intrigued to see the amount of traffic occurring even though I had written exactly nothing last week for a whole 7 days. Of course, I have been writing things in the background and I hadn’t backed away from social media but I was not actually publishing anything. Yet, many visitors still came. I am not surprised by this, I have much more content than I started the initial campaign with back in June 2013.

If a tree falls in a forest would a blogger hear it?

If a tree falls in a forest would a blogger hear it

Image Source: Commons by Rob Burke

That’s not the exact question asked, that is not the exact philosophical question posed but go with me on this ­čÖé

Yes, I’m talking audience

Do the audience still turn up at your doorstep if you are not looking?

That is probably a better question for a blogger.

The answer is YES.


The stats don’t lie!


You can laugh at 49, you can cry about 49, but 49 is not zero.


There were weeks when there definitely wasn’t any sound and I am not willing to pass silently longer than a week to discover silence becoming more of a common factor.


My bounce rate has risen a little but is still low according to Alexa.



I know that there are many bloggers out there who start out blogging and lose faith along the way but there is a vital lesson that you should remain optimistic. It takes time to build up a head of steam because your network has to grow and your nexus has to increase. As you start building up your capabilities, you get better at doing what you do and in turn start building a unique offering to the audience. This helps position your blog in an already crowded market.


The web is a web

In order for you to continue to grow favourably you have to ever increase your network. If you were to take spiders in nature as an example, they take a while to locate the optimum area to start collecting flies. A spider  remakes their webs every so often when they start getting holes in their network and they become very adept at catching their prey, but like bloggers, spiders have to wait for their prize to turn up and can only do so much to prepare for their arrival.

So in order to be a kick-ass spider when blogging you need to:

  • Assess your social media strategy every so often
  • Make sure your you are targeting the right people
  • Grow bigger networks as you get more confident
  • Don’t get too comfortable in one place for too long (don’t be afraid to move outside your territory)


In conclusion

Trees do make a sound when they fall in the forest if nobody is there to hear them, people will come to your blog if you make the effort and there are many adept spiders in those trees utilising their keen ability to make webs to catch their prey. You will eventually become a kick-ass spider or like many unfortunate casualties, you’ll give up. It’s all a matter of your state of mind. If you perceive yourself to be a winner, you’ll make it happen, you’ll drag it over the line. One big success can outweigh many small failures so it is more about developing a coping and learning strategy to succeed from the ashes of your failures.

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