How to Install SumoMe on a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

SumoMe provides a useful set of tools to help with a number of audience building activities within your blog. Installing the plugin on your WordPress dashboard, then activating some of the key features will stand you in a good stead.

How to Install SumoMe on a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

Step 1: Login to your WordPress Admin.

Step 2: Head to the Plugins section on the left hand side


Step 3: Click “Add New”

Step 4: In the Search field (top right), type in SumoMe


Step 5: Click on the SumoMe “Install Now” button


Step 6: Activate the Plugin post installation (note, if the installation failed, check your settings)


Step 7: Follow SumoMe’s setup link


Step 8: Register your Email Address/Password (step not shown)

Step 9: Follow the mini-tutorial to get your feet wet (this will take you through List Builder setup)

Note: Many of the more useful functions are set under the “Pro” features so be aware of this as you set up the apps you want to use.


At this stage you can play as much as you want but I will now include step to setup “Share” and “Highlighter”. Depending on how much friction you want to generate with your readers, you can also use “List Builder” and “Door Mat”.

Shares Setup

Shares allows your audience to share your article with the wider social world. Another benefit is that you can use the weight of number strategy to encourage the audience further.

Note: Showing the number of Social Shares is visible as a default. This option can be deactivated.

Step 10: Set up Share by clicking on the “Share” button


Step 11: Press the “Activate” button.


Step 11A: Choose the “free” option if presented to the far left (step not shown)

Step 12: In the settings tab to the left adjust your required social media accounts as suits. These are simply dragged between the Available and Selected Services fields by clicking and dragging.


Step 12A: If you have more than 6 services, adjust the option to change the number shown.

Step 12B: Click “Save” in the bottom right when happy.

Step 13: Go to the “Layout” tab

Step 13A: Set up Share Buttons Placement. Click on the location you want the share button to appear. You can select more than one location. Ensure you have a good share placement on your mobile screen as well.

Tip: The middle most position on the right and left of the screen will follow the article down to the bottom as the reader scrolls down the page. If you hover over each location, the dialogue box will tell you where the location is situated (if it is not obvious).

Step 13B: Press “Save” in bottom right


Step 14: Go to Services Tab

Step 14A: Enter your Twitter username

Tip: this is quite important as it will append the @blogprefect (in my case) to the share.

Step 14B: Press “Save” in bottom right


Step 15: Shares is now set up. To return to the apps screen, press the ‘X’ button in the top right

Note: You can toggle this app on or off simply by hovering over the app in the SumoMe Dashboard and clicking the toggle. Grey/Gray is off, Green is on.


FYI: I think SumoMe has a Taco fetish.

Step 15A: Click the X button in the top right to return to the SumoMe app dashboard.

Highlighter Setup

Step 16: Click on “Highlighter”

Step 16A: Activate the App (as with Step 11)


Step 17: Enter your Twitter Username (you don’t need to add the @ sign)


Step 18: Press “Save” in the bottom right

Step 19: Press the “X” button in the top right

Step 20: Highlighter is ready to use!


In Closing

There is much more you can set up from the apps list. Many of the items will require the “Pro” version to have full functionality.

I found a problem with the Contact Forms which has meant that I can’t use it at the moment. My issue is that the text entry boxes have resized to unusual dimensions and the overall box is squeezed to minimum dimensions which is less than useful. I suspect this is my theme/CSS setup rather than the box itself so I’ll have to have a tweak under the hood.

I will be evaluating the plugin over the next 3 months to determine if it is worthwhile using going forwards.

Contact me at headboy [at] blogprefect [dot] com, via Twitter or via Google+. Feel free to comment and share to your heart’s content!



Preview the changes before settling on your placement. Allow the audience to get used to the features before fine tuning!


Image Credits

Featured image edited by Jackson Davies, SumoMe logo copyright of SumoMe. Sumo wrestler and Taco image from

All images with the SumoMe logo or SumoMe content are copyright of SumoMe and have been used for illustrative purposes only.

4 Comments How to Install SumoMe on a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

  1. Ahmad Imran

    Jackson, SumoMe according to many experienced bloggers is a tool that works and produces results. I have heard many recommendations for it. It would be worth waiting for your own analysis and a feedback accordingly.

    Do you plan to use the top bar as well? I think they call it Smartbar and is it free to use with certain limitations?
    Ahmad Imran recently crafted…2 Years With Avada Theme – Still Attractive?My Profile

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Ahmad,

      I think this system is worth a trial but I would indicate that many of the useful functions are hidden behind a paywall and that is something that bugs me already (not because I’m a tightwad but because I can’t test the effectiveness of these features and am not sure how effective they would be for a blog owner of my size). I am looking forward to providing a more in depth analysis 3 months along so I hope to see your comment back here when I drop the information.

      My first criticism would be that the paywall is steep when compared to other products. Going pro costs $20 a month at the lowest tier. For a blogger with a small audience, that cost is steep.

      Smart Bar is a useful function of SumoMe. I’ve now installed the free version and it is quite versatile. You can set this app for a number of useful activities such as collecting emails, calls to action and more besides.

      The limitations are similar as to all thing with SumoMe. If you opt for free you don’t get to perform A/B testing and the emails you gather are saved to a .csv file that you manually have to import to your mailing list. In addition, the pro version has more templates available.

      Thanks for your comment Ahmad! I hope you are going well 🙂

  2. Ahmad Imran

    Sure will do, the bar is looking great. Interesting that you didn’t go for an email opt-in instead asked for a Twitter follow. Nothing wrong with it but was just thinking that email signup would have been another option. Have a nice time in NYC and speak to you when you are back.

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Ahmad,

      I’ve actually been to NYC, returned from Newark Airport on Saturday but with a nasty cold. It was as hot as hell over in the states so in some ways glad to be back in Britain. I had a great time though. As for the bar, I may swap over to gathering emails but because it is a free version, I have to copy over the .csv information to Mailchimp which I consider to be inefficient. I am playing with a few bits at the moment so expect some changes. I am currently working on an article and was hoping to get it ready for tonight but looks like it will be dropping tomorrow now.

      Best wishes,



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