How Epic Keywords Kept The Fire Burning Whilst I Was Away

Keywords, keywords, keywords. If you want people to find you through searching these are important. Epic Keywords are even more important because you can have fairly good keywords that don’t do anything for you if only tiny numbers are viewing. When you start talking about a popular subject things change but only if the search engine thinks you are providing the goods.

How Epic Keywords Kept The Fire Burning Whilst I Was Away has been in hibernation because of one major obstacle. The final march to my Honours Degree in Business Studies. It’s been a long road, starting in 2008, finishing this year, and I’ve been struggling with the last module; Economics. My final 5000 words are in by special delivery. But that’s a long and boring story and one I might spare you in hopes that you take on the important lesson; Epic Keywords.

I started an honours degree in Business Studies with the Open University in 2008. I am now finished in 2015. It's a good feeling! :)

I started an honours degree in Business Studies with the Open University in 2008. I am now finished in 2015. It’s a good feeling! 🙂 Above is my final project for the DD309 Economics Module which was quite a grind.

There is something about writing what people want to read

Without a shadow of a lie supplying people with what they need is a good way to go. Common sense dictates that on a search engine people wish to quickly fulfil their information craving. You’ve read all the high level hacks to ranking mojo but at the end of the day success comes down to popularity.

There is something about being at the right place at the right time

Back in the old days they used to call it a “scoop”. In later times “exclusive” was a coined term but in the modern era it is “breaking news”. Regardless of the label, if you are slightly ahead of the curve on rising interest, you are likely to get some warmth. In a pool with few competitors you will stand a chance, in a tin of sardines, you stand none.

Good ideas reward

You might have questionable content in your past but sometimes just through trying things out you break down barriers towards awesome. Every great artist, man or woman, has had to build up their repertoire in some way. They never mention the crazy doodles Picasso or Van Gogh threw away before they started cranking out masterpieces. The point is that it wasn’t a first try to victory. It takes a while to get on point but eventually those good ideas will reward you.

Epic Keywords

The right set of words might be all you need to succeed. It often starts entirely with your title and whether that has the charming words that will conjure forth those hairy backed visitors that read your words and smile.

Because titles are the very focus that someone is going to decide a split second decision on, they are more vital than any other element of your article. Some clever word play or an enticing gambit will sway that would be reader into your camp.

Jeff Goins, a blogging/writing champ, does a whole better job of taking you through the basics here:

5 Easy Tricks to Help You Write Catchy Headlines

This article rests at the top on my Google Search but not all google searches are crafted equally for everyone. I’ve included it because Jeff is popular and normally popular people know what they are talking about. So much so that Google rewards them with that top spot. How often would you go to the 20th results page of Google for the answer?…. Exactly.

Natural versus Over-Optimised

Nature is the ultimate force. The wind carves the mountains, the sea erodes the coast, fires claim the forests, nature always wins in the end. Too many tools can make you look artificial. Search algorithms hate that with a passion. Google in particular, has gone to a lot of effort to ensure that those rancid low quality articles don’t surface to the top in a search. Even to be an advertised search result means that you as the author have to be very conscious of how epic that content is.

Stuffing your articles with keywords is not a great way to go. Most of you should already know that. Anything you do that goes beyond making something a good read and more towards an advertisement puts you in the danger zone.

Time served is still a valid notion

Time is a Motivator

It is true that for 99% of those people who create their first blog, your first year is going to suck. The reason is that you don’t have much to rank you, you don’t have much experience and not many people know you. Once your body of work starts to equal more, your authority grows and authority wins prizes. You are rewarded with a slightly larger trickle through the gate because people have come to you for information and you delivered. Those articles that didn’t work in the early part of your blog writing can now be rewritten to service that audience you now have. Importantly you now know how to do it right.

It is important to respect the journey as slow as it may be

Blogging with all of its social media curiosity and methods to generate success takes time. One of my colleagues recently embarked on learning how to play the guitar and mentioned the idea of 1000 hours. What did he mean?

1000 hours to be truly good at something. If you invest that much time you are bound to be awesome. Could you say that bigwig bloggers like Pat Flynn, Neil Patel, Ana Hoffman have spent 1000 hours on their blogging?…. You betcha!

So what kept me going?

I have been out for over two months with my study. It’s a long time to be away from writing and a long time to be away from other people and their blogs when building some interest.

I’ve been away for mild length periods before but none as long as this. Each time I’ve noticed a vast drop off but this time it has been different. There was one post I wrote at the start of the year which kept my numbers ticking over.

Can you remember as far back as January?

The start of the year is normally the time I seem to come out with something great, I’m not sure why other than the fact that it is a period of time when work is quieter and when more is going on to conjure your thoughts. It’s a happier time and a time of reflection but the start of the year always feels fresh.

Fresh thoughts are great ones. When you start your blog, you are more than likely going to have a few articles that are incredibly insightful and out of the box in terms of what you thought about. The problem is that when you get into the routine of blogging, that freshness drains away to a degree and your offerings become more processed.

The End of Year information ingestion

Taking breaks is a good way to recharge the batteries and regain those fresh ideas. Around the holiday period at the end of the year we get a good opportunity not only to kick back but also to go and read about other people’s stuff and whatever fires our imagination.

My November and December were quite remarkable in terms of traffic to the site. I saw huge amounts of people in those two months but I was only producing a modest amount of articles. The truth is that once you get fairly deep into the blogging process, movement and activity become more pronounced. I find that the types of people who drop messages in my inbox are the door to door sales people trying to co-opt or coerce me into a product or service. The amount of emails that drop through the contact box inquiring as to whether I am taking on clients is frequent.

That sort of activity tells the monitoring areas that this guy or gal is writing some fairly good content so give him or her a break and pull up the portcullis a bit to let a few peasants under the gap.

That being said, I started writing an outside the box article because I’d noticed a bit of a trend recently.

Google (UK) Trends: JackSepticEye Versus Markiplier & PewDiePie

Google (UK) Trends: JackSepticEye Versus Markiplier & PewDiePie

What’s the trend?

It’s not exactly a new trend but there has been a lot of interest around YouTubers recently. I put a lot of this down to the fact that the 10th Anniversary of YouTube has been announced and thus there is a lot more focus on this type of viewing but there is something else too. With the advent of Netflix and Amazon Prime (amongst others) there has been a big move away from watching television in the prescribed manners for many people who now have suitable broadband ability. This new-found change from terrestrial and non terrestrial viewing to on demand has adjusted the way we go in search of entertainment. My viewing habits have changed and I confess to watching a fair bit on YouTube now. I haven’t yet made the transition to Netflix or Amazon Prime but that may be in the cards in future.

Of particular interest to me is Gaming Channels. There are some popular names right now. Many of you may know of PewDiePie even if you’ve never watched the channel. I targeted a slightly less well-known gamer and focused an article entirely on how he formed a gathering and some key points. I was surprised at the level of interest.

I wrote the following article to try to tap into some of those good video vibes and I was surprised with the results:-

The Rise of JackSepticEye: Like a Boss!

Sean aka Jack

Sean aka JackSepticEye

The stacking effect

The post I wrote in January has displayed an interesting phenomenon as each month has increased cumulatively. This is how you might expect your viewing numbers to increase over time, as more people benefit, more people find your content.

Views Per Month

Views Per Month

This chart shows how the numbers have been climbing month on month but not completely exponentially. May sees a slight dip on overall numbers but June is quite a different story (I’ve left it off here as the month isn’t complete).

Average Views Per Day

Average Views Per Day

This sample was taken at 5 days in, as can be seen, this is definitely indication that the average per day is increasing steadily every month. By the end of June I project the total views to be between 600 and 864 for that month but we’ll see how accurate that figure is.

I believe there is a ceiling to this searching but it still seems to be climbing. Of note is the fact that Jack’s subscribers are also climbing at a steady rate and at time of writing he is close to 5 million subscribers.

How can this help you?

Just being there to write and having the potential to be found is important

I have in the past written an article about sticking with blogging:


It takes a while to dial in the right topic, getting into bed with a comfortable writing style that both suits you and your audience, and moving with the times. Whilst pages are static, articles have limited life, so you have to submit them with the eventual potential that they will be lost in oblivion at some point.

It is important to monitor your analytics

Whatever niche you have chosen to write about, it is not possible to be in the warm topic zone all the time, you have to monitor what is working for you and think about scrapping those components that don’t.

You can’t rely completely on one form of analytics to do that. It’s best to use a number of different analytics to dial in on what is working for you because they all monitor in slightly different ways (or more specifically leave in and leave out certain events).

If your niche is already full, try dipping your toes in another niche pond

Seems obvious maybe? Many experts say not to try to dilute your niche too much with non-cooperative keywords and terms but sometimes that is just the push a passer-by might need to get interested in what else you are writing about. How you impress that visitor may decide how they interact with the rest of your content.

And Finally

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