Have you thought about UX on your blog

UX refers to User eXperience a bit like UI referring to User Interface. When you perform a UX review you are trying to determine your User’s journey and how to best serve them with the information they are looking for in a simple fashion. Through breaking down and eliminating complex steps, and making sure there is no redundancy, your users will have a better experience.

Have you thought about UX on your blog?

Have you thought about UX on your blog

The common way to murder Sims in the Sims 2 was to remove the handrail from the side of the swimming pool, sealing the fate of the poor sim. Having a bad User Experience on your blog could spell a similar fate.

UX is crucial in reducing your bounce rate because ideally you want your audience to view a few critical areas on their visit (depending on what the end goal is). Every long path and dead-end is another place your user may end the journey.

Interesting myths about UX

This is a basic list from UXMyths.com which goes into quite some depth within 32 principle myths that you should consider about your visitor’s journey.


A collection of 32 Myths as depicted by UXMyths.com

So where does this delightful and meaningful journey start?

There are two obvious places that a User’s journey may start:

  • Welcome page
  • Blog Post

Other places include:

From a specific page where you might have driven some traffic.


Two questions you should ask next

  • Question 1: What do you want your audience to do?
  • Question 2: Where do you really want your audience to get to?

The answer to both these questions should help you to determine what steps you need to take in order to get people to the right place and streamline your site. Everything else is just window dressing.


Starting with the welcome

My welcome page has always been problematic and traditionally I’ve made strong starts but this page is the exception to that rule. I have to think more about where my audience needs to get. My welcome page generates the majority of bounce because it is not converting people to take deeper steps. Traditionally when my site had the blog as the main page, it performed better (despite what all the experts say).

I have considered on a number of occasions that the welcome page would be a good place to start some split testing (see more on split testing over at digital dancer on my guest post there) because it is the kind of page that I can monitor which essentially remains static.

Going by UXMyths, I shouldn’t worry so much about this because it is a myth that the Homepage is the most valuable page (item 16 above). However, it still bothers me that it doesn’t generate the right response so my plan is to replace what I have there already, put a video in place and get a few buttons to take people places using the KISS strategy (Keep it simple, stupid!).

From the posts

I want to drive some form of cross link that is enticing enough to drive people around the site. Often I get a fair bit of movement from post to post so the situation is a little different from my welcome page. This will help drive an inner mesh which is helpful keeping people on the site.


Goals of a visitor

Goals are a particular analytic term that newbie bloggers will become more and more familiar with as they begin using analytics, especially if they blog for an income but in truth everybody has a defined goal in mind that they want to achieve.

My goal is to increase my authority and readership and my most important task is to get people reading.

I have to increase my output and viewings based on improving how people get to my work. I have over 150 articles on the site so have a lot to tempt visitors with but this needs to be organised in a clear way.


Have you thought about your visitor’s journey recently?

One of my failings has been that in order to preserve my stats in a scientific way, I don’t do my own trawling through the site and I can’t assess whether visitors on my site are having problems. As part of a change I have in mind for next year, this stat preservation will be alleviated by a change I am going to make which I will reveal soon.

You should be thinking about your user and the kind of journey they are going to have around your site.

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