Green Shoots When Blogging

I mentioned Green Shoots when blogging in a few of my articles recently so I wanted to cover this in a bit more depth in three unique sections:

  • Green Terms for Growth
  • Farmer Jones
  • Ecology Economy


Green Terms for Growth

Green Shoots When Blogging

Image Source: Flickr by Holly Occhipinti


When speaking about anything technical it is normally helpful to relay that information in a metaphor that is simpler to explain. When speaking about growth many commentators relate green terms to this.

Talking in terms of scorched earth (when a plot of green land is burnt) it takes a long time for it to turn back to a green state. Over a fairly long period the soil will not support new life because it is coated in a layer of toxic decay. Eventually the soil will become fertile again through natural processes and eventually the eco system will return.

When blogging, you start from this scorched earth state when it is just on the turn of becoming prime arable soil. You are starting in an empty plot waiting to burst open with life.


Common words related to Green Terms:

  • Sprout(s) – the beginning of a plant as it unfurls into the heavens
  • Burst(s) – rapid growth increases.
  • Shoot(s) – the beginning of a plant either in the root stem or as part of the external branch network.
  • Bud(s) – the kind of growth that bursts into flower or fruit.
  • Feeler(s) – the kind of shoot that seeks to latch onto something secure (tendrils are also a type of feeler).
  • Spur(s) – The divergence of a branch or root terminating in two or more new branches or roots.


Farmer Jones


When speaking about growing or increasing we may be taken to farming metaphors.

Two prime words on Farmer Jones’ lips:

  • Cultivating
  • Harvesting


  • Ploughing
  • Tending
  • Tilling


When considering conversion we return to a farming concept. We plough our soil, add some rich compost, tend the garden as our concepts grow and harvest the fruits of our labours. We use natural selection to weed out the concepts that don’t grow well and only keep the seeds of those plants that have shown evidence of producing high yields. We might use ways to improve the ripening of our crop and increasing the yield even further.

Ecology Economy


We may speak of “environment” when we speak of building an audience. Environment conjures green thoughts in many but the environment as a whole can be more than just green, more than just ecology.

When speaking of growth we might go back to nature, because humans are nature. Humans are the unpredictable, who change over time, and present unique challenges, we can’t always do the same thing to satisfy them because they grow resistant over time.

When speaking of community, we speak more of a natural commune, a natural gathering. In this way the community might be unpredictable, like the weather, and prone to droughts.

When speaking of networks we might be thinking of laying roots or growing branches. Some of these branches or roots don’t always lead us in the right direction but often we have to let them propagate to see if they’ll lead us to growth. We might use secateurs to cut off these dead limbs later or dig up the roots.

When we enter into ecological thoughts, we consider our place in the environment, how we affect the course of our effects on nature.

In terms of ecology we might consider there being some natural balance or order to situations that we can influence in a number of ways.


An application of green thinking in the blogging world by Neil Patel uses this concept as a key element. The sprouting plant is indicative of a Farmer Jones style approach to marketing.


What can Green Shoots look like for blogging?

  • An increased readership (noticing big spikes in  your analytics).
  • An increase in shared and referred works (This means that you are leaving a social imprint).
  • Recognition (people sending you emails with propositions or praise).
  • Infamy (people sending you hate mail)
  • Increased subscriptions
  • Repeat custom


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