Getting back to Twitter

I must admit that when I started using Twitter I was lost among the trees. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me and I just didn’t get any of that magical traction. I went into great detail about how Social Media in general can be a bit of a struggle at times and I flapped my arms around a bit.

Now on getting back to Twitter…

Below is an excerpt from my post: Twitter Virgin: Face your Fear!

Getting Back to Twitter


It is only in recent times that I have been drawn back to it again. For a long period of time I just allowed the Publicize option in WordPress do all the hard work for me and Twitter simply followed orders. But I wasn’t getting much out of it that way…

It was when one of my favourite bloggers, Steven Wilson, started following me that I had a re-ignition of passion for the place.

I have recently enjoyed Twitter again because of the redesign. It looks a lot nicer now than it did before and because I have got more to grips with Google+, the various options in Twitter seem to make more sense to me now. I am also trying to make my best effort to share other people’s work where I can and talk with people.


Important notes

Something that I’ve discovered with Social Media as a general rule is that you have to participate on a regular basis or you get lost in the wash. This is because Social Media has a short attention span because you are battling against a deep sea of others.

  • By being more frequent in your interactions you stand to gain more in return.
  • Time away can often be more helpful than sinking in quicksand.

I have found this often with situations where I have encountered struggles. If you give a system some time and try other things that work, you might be able to go back stronger. Because Social Media is now so diverse you are given infinitely more possibilities of places and activities that do work. You can bring these lessons back and reapply them in similar or different ways to great effect. A key need in Social media is often to understand how to break into trend or at least become more visible through passing trends. Hash tags come in useful, especially for Twitter.

Don’t be afraid to Direct Message someone, or Retweet their content if you like it. Favouriting a tweet is also a good way of showing your approval. I’ve done this many times myself in a genuine approval because I think there is a lot of good content out there.


Word from the Headboy

If you are a Blogger, or anybody involved in digital content, digital marketing or just have a keen interest in being social, please follow me on Twitter. I’ll follow you back and if you are sharing some good insights I’ll be more than happy to share.



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