Forget First Try Hero, Think Second Try Super Hero

There has turned out to be a problem with modern thoughts towards expectation. Because we receive things quicker than any time in history, we expect a rapid positive outcome to everything we do. Many systems can provide reliability and we are quick to anger with those that don’t. We want rapid satisfaction, we demand quick returns, and we want to do the bare minimum to achieve success…

Forget First Try Hero, Think Second Try Super Hero

Forget First Try Hero Think Second Try Super Hero

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But things don’t go to plan

On the rare occasions where you fluke your way to a success, in the majority of instances, you are going to have to twiddle a few dials, flick a few switches and up the gain in order to perform as you expect.

Ways you can get caught out:

  • Timing
  • Making etiquette / netiquette fails (noob!)
  • Lack of numbers
  • Already been done (to death)


Timing is crucial for certain releases of information. Send something out too soon and you won’t get enough interested people to view it because a louder voice comes later with something more epic. Send something out too late and you’ve already lost a fair chunk of the interested party who’ve been satisfied with what came before.

Etiquette / Netiquette fails

With some channels and systems, there are some established rules that are either formal in nature or informal. Formal rules dictate what you are able to circulate in a system restriction manner (like how many hash tags you can use and what size image you have) whilst informal rules cover situations where you might be going about your publicizing in an aggressive manner (by spamming your fellow man or woman as an example).

Lack of numbers

There is a psychology behind the “weight of numbers”. If you have support by numerous +1s or likes or upvotes, people are far more likely to have a positive outlook to your submission. There are many social signals that can cause you success or harm by being on show.

Some of these setbacks are not always quick and easy to correct, they require perseverance to start propelling them in the right direction. You will eventually reach a natural tipping point where the quality of your work and its support thrusts you into better circles but this takes time and commitment.

Already been done (to death)

Some ideas have a limited take up until they reach a saturation point. It’s the equivalent of a sponge in a bath tub. The size of the sponge is the limit. When it reaches the point of holding no more water you’ve reached saturation point and there is nothing further you can do. It is normally time to find a new sponge.

Saturation of a topic means that whilst the topic is popular, it is already comprehensively covered so your sub niche opportunities are virtually non-existent and you may struggle attracting more audience. There is no air left in the proverbial sponge.

To the remedy

We have to think about coping strategies in the meantime. What do we do to hold station until the opportunity turns up.

Being ready with the next big leap

For whatever reason, you may find yourself at the end of the queue in what you’ve chosen to provide as a unique service. Those who were first to the market have taken most of the milk out of the topic and you can only hope to intercept the last dregs of what they haven’t covered.

Those existing with a power base are known as “incumbents”. They are here through two particular methods.

  1. Historical advantage (incumbents started their campaign here a long time ago)
  2. Monetary position (incumbents bought their way to the top)

Think of incumbents as the big fish in the small pond. Think of the niche as the pond.

With a new leap in technology or a new way of doing things, you have a chance to carve a bigger slice. When nobody has dominion over a topic you can start to steal a march on the market.

“That’s all well and good Headboy, but how do I do it?”

Keep your nose to the ground

It’s a matter of keeping your nose to the ground. Sooner or later, something new is going to break. It was a bit like how Apple were the first to get a solid tablet to the market which exploded with android (and other) clones in the years following. It is also like how Dyson invented the first bagless hoover with cyclone technology and how the established makers have since followed by the example.

In the meantime you have to be in the process of improving your delivery and all the minute details that go into providing a tailored service for your passing trade.

See a need, fill a need

If you are smarter than you can; “See a need, fill a need”. It’s what Sydney Copperbottom said in the film Robots but it is actually quite a good call to arms for an Entrepreneur.

“But how Headboy, how?”

Why do you think that so many plugins are made and available on the WordPress plugins library. Why do you think there are so many marketing tools on the market.

The answer is because there are gaps left in the design of products and services where the designer has had to draw a line under what they can implement in order to allow optimum flexibility for their target market. You can capitalise on making something where they have had to tradeoff, it just needs the required customer base to make it worthwhile.


Have a brilliant new idea? Why not invest in getting it out there. You can avoid a lot of the heartache of waiting around for something brilliant by creating something entirely new. You don’t even have to build it yourself as long as you have the idea. You can completely outsource the production of your new product or the infrastructure for your new service and have technically minded individuals do all of the hard work for you.

There are many benefits to having your own IP (intellectual property) because you can harvest all of the benefit from it. If you go the route of outsourcing the talent to create it, be aware that these talented individuals may end up sharing that knowledge which will eventually erode your competitive advantage through copy cats. Eventually most good ideas will be reverse engineered but as long as you keep on updating your idea you can keep it unique.

In Conclusion

You can’t always get things right first time no matter how hard you try but you can always do better the second time around. It sounds like common sense but if you don’t try, you will never learn. Aversion to risk is aversion to failure, failure is like gold dust, you can learn so much from it. You can learn more from failure than you can learn from success. Most successful people only arrive at success through a series of learning experiences, many of which involve failure at the core.

Pride can hold us back because often after setbacks we feel somewhat disheartened with our pride bruised from the event, we go to our audience with our shoulders hunched, announcing our failure.

You never get a brand new phoenix without ashes.

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