Expanding my blogging empire

I feel that it is time to make the move towards increasing my blogging empire for a number of reasons. Those who blog often can never resist the appeal of breaking into something new….


Expanding my blogging empire


For BlogPrefect, over the past month, I have been taking time out to write an eBook about the very subject of blog empires and when to expand so it seems only right that as part of this process, I go through the trials and tribulations of the process.

I feel that whilst BlogPrefect’s traction has improved, I need to be able to refer to other projects in order to build my credibility. In trying to understand my eventual business strategy, I am trying to develop a service from the writing that I perform. In order to better laser target this service, I need to expand into an area where I am going to be able to funnel people and keep focus.

BlogPrefect would also benefit from a focus other than itself. I admit that a fundamental flaw of this site has been the way in which the content needs better anchors to actual work produced. Often my words can appear to be drawn from conjecture over many sources I read around the web. It is only those articles that provide true value that have really scored big with the audience. This has normally involved a learning process on my part.


So why now?

December to January threshold is a great time to launch a new blog!


Because January is often a time when new blogs come out. I discovered in January 2014 that many individuals launch a new blog as part of New Year’s Resolution, of turning over a new leaf. The other benefits of starting a blog in January are that you can run analytics more effectively from January 1st to December 31st, especially if your tax year is aligned that way (which it isn’t so much in the UK).

It also coincides with my eBook and takes into account all of the decisions I need to make as I consider becoming a multi-domain owner.


There are some things I plan to do differently

Just through the act of learning and understanding more about the scenery and what is going on, I have decided to enact some key fundamentals that mark my new blog differently to BlogPrefect.com.

Notably I will be starting my comments exclusively with Disqus on day 1 of my new blog as well as my mailing list. Two key areas that weren’t a feature of BlogPrefect.com. The new property is going to start with Twitter straight off the press.


Why start with Disqus comments straight out of the gate?


I had initial misgivings about the Disqus system, I had such a negative view of it that I actively avoided commenting on other people’s sites who used the system. When I actual came to use it for the first couple of times, I realised that I really liked how it worked.

Spam and junk comments are both things that bug the hell out of me. Akismet (a rather useful WordPress plugin) can only go so far to address this blight alongside Captcha plugins. I have often had to manually approve legitimate comments, much to my annoyance because it generates extra work for me.

Disqus works far more effectively as a preventative barrier and it has many other useful functions. You can use links and images and keep up with conversations very easily with the system and my resistance dissolved very quickly.


Why start with a mailing list straight off the bat?


I had some very interested parties in BlogPrefect.com in the early days but because I hadn’t launched with the mailing list signup, and subsequently failed to address this shortcoming for months, I was unable to capitalise on that early feedback that could have been crucial to reducing my learning curve.

This time I will be forearmed.

Mailings lists and targeted email campaigns are important in retention of your valued viewer community because often a well targeted email can drive your follower back, where other methods may fail. SEO has become far more of a science than it used to and an email group can combat the uncertainty of your success by providing consistent views.


Why utilise Twitter from day 1?


Twitter initially was an unknown factor for my blogging, it took me a huge amount of time to get it off the ground, it was the equivalent of a lead balloon.

I did eventually get some traction which has drawn me towards some very like-minded individuals, it is far more targeted towards those who can help shape my ideas and give me some forward momentum. The analytics are pretty awesome too, and unlike some social media agencies, Twitter gives you a fairly comprehensive look at how your content is doing.

This is why I plan to start straight off the bat with Twitter on my new property.

If you would like to join with me on twitter:


The eBook

I have decided that my first eBook on BlogPrefect.com is going to be an almost free book. But…. It will cost a tweet. I plan to set up the paywithatweet.com function in order to fuel a boost in interest. I wanted to trial this system to see how effective it might be as I think “reach marketing” is an interesting area to explore.





What’s this guide about?

The eBook itself touches on when to expand a blogging Empire. It was a quite popular post I wrote during the summer which helped to galvanise a guide based on this idea. I am eager to produce an eBook to better understand how to use one to promote the blog.

When to Expand your Blogging Empire


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