End of month traffic reports February 2015 to July 2015

Mercedes-AMGGreetings all. It has been busy in my world so I bring you a fusion of traffic reports this month. You might think that owing to my silence for a great many months that things have been quiet in the stats but I am happy to report that one particular post has kept people flooding back time after time. However, it is kind of annoying too….

They Say Beggars Can’t Be Choosers…

The one post that I didn’t think would provide me the juice is the one that people keep on coming back for and I’d like to somehow convert that success in future but it remains somewhat of a mystery. Of course, I know why it does well, but that doesn’t leave me a way to apply that mojo. It just makes me envious of the particular individual the post is based on and I’ll leave a link to my top performer for you to make your own judgement.

The Rise of JackSepticEye: Like a Boss! Views on day of publishing this = 2,758

Why have I been away?

Owing to Open University I took a long period out to devote to my final module. I know that I have lost a lot of ground through this event but it was crucial. It has been a difficult period with plenty of distraction but I feel like I’m coming through it all now and have finally got the chance to refocus with BlogPrefect.com in the way that I want to.

I’ve got a few things to fix in the way I go about this business as I don’t admit to being a genius. I have a lot of ideas but I need to plan ways in which to implement them and I also need to incorporate you “the reader” more in what is going on.

Because here’s the thing….

…this blog is nothing without the readers. It is nothing more than a glorified journal if nobody reads the words.

Nothing’s ever off the table

That is to say that what I write here is entirely transparent and I will rag on my obvious short falls. The dangers of being a blog owner are that you can get into a trap of getting comfortable with how mediocre you perform. You can get caught in certain cut and paste traps, getting into formulas that really don’t work for you. At the end of the day each blog works differently, whilst there are some core things you can do that should work universally, each property functions uniquely. There is nothing more terrible than being a clone. All that great advice from rich influential bloggers means nothing if you aren’t feeling it.

I’ve had a long time off so plenty of time to reflect.

Shout Outs

Sadly these are in short supply, there just has not been a lot of activity owing to my lack of posting or social media interaction. This is always an area I look forward to because saying thank you to contributors is a great way to get the blood flowing and hopefully encourage more readers to have a go. 🙂

Noel WorliSEOLinkBuilding.org – Thanks for your comments! Noel has been a particular reliable commenter of mine for a period and I always look forward to seeing his contribution.

Andrew WarnerShadeofinfo.com – Thanks for your comment and words of wisdom! Andrew Warner is like the brother from another mother that I never had. I enjoy his comments for the shade and light that they bring and always look forward to his thoughts. Andrew puts a lot of effort into his content and is making great strides. Watch out for him!

Mi MubaBeAMoneyBlogger.com – Thanks for your comment (like a boss!). Mi Muba is one of those rare gentlemen who always seeks to understand and is so very courteous with his audience. He is a great example to everyone.


Thor Pa – Bloggingfornetworking.com – Thanks for your comment! It was great to see a new comment from you!

Atinder Coolgill – TheBlackFridaycoupons.com – Thanks for your comment! Thank you good sir! 🙂

As a Side Note:

I have not been able to attract many female commentators to this site, I think in total I’ve only had 2 women who have been able to cross that dreaded comment barrier and make an effort whilst on the other side it is the ladies who are far more commonly Plussing, Liking and sharing my content. I endeavour to try and find a way to strike a balance.

Being British, but more importantly English, I believe in equality for all so I’d like to hope that in future I see more balance but I am happy when anyone leaves some words for me to work with. As you may remember, all of 2014 I had been using particular saucy women in traffic cop outfits to act as a reason to click, I had to rethink that. I’d moved away to images of high performance cars instead for 2015 End of Month reports but I’m interested to know what you think on that change?

How Did the Posts Do?

There aren’t high numbers of published posts for this long period away and I am disappointed that I couldn’t do more as I enjoy the creation process a great deal. There are only 6 to show for 7 months so at that rate it is not even 1 per month. July was difficult despite me being out of the dreaded study.

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19th February 2015Cozy Traps to avoid when forging relationships with blogging

25th February 2015Being Rapped over the knuckles for self-promotion

3rd March 2015End of Month Traffic Report January 2015

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9th June 2015How Epic Keywords kept the fire burning whilst I was away

As you can see, this period has been erratic, entirely down to the final stages of the module I was studying for my degree. I was unable to stir up any great social wave and so the numbers are small and inconsequential. The positives are that 50% have 1 comment and that there are no posts that went without views.


Analysing this further I have found a particular decrease in the areas that I publicise my work. I cannot expect that doing the same things continuously will always work as effectively as they have in the past. The truth is that the audience can move around and change habits over time so often you’ll have to try and find a way to keep up with that shift and evolve tactics to keep the mature audience interested whilst attracting newcomers.

It is interesting to see that where numbers are included in my headlines, they have performed better. There is much in the way of psychological science charting how headlines can be altered to make them more enticing and numbers do have a positive correlation with views in my experience.

The posts and how they did is limited to the month in which they were published so can cause a bit of skew if say they were released right at the end of the period. All of the posts above had received more views in following months so my chart paints a darker picture. I perform this chart to get an idea of how my immediate following is working and from the results you can ascertain that it is weak at the moment.

Alexa Stats

Alexa stats are weak where they were once strong. At my peak I was trading near the million mark but such warm temperatures have cooled due to my inconsistency recently.




In order to bring you the dashboards I’ve had to collate all of the months I’ve been away. Post Performers and Bounce have been fairly static as you should expect but other stats have fluctuated month to month.

GAF Filter

Just a reminder of what all of the 7 measures represent:

  • ATOS: Actual Time On Site. This is always measured through the Analytic Filter as set above.
  • Bounce Rate: This is measured as the base result with no filters. Statistically on blogs this figure is always quite high compared to other sites like Amazon and eBay based on the habits of visitors.  Achieving lower bounce is however a good thing as it means that more visitors are having a look around rather than being satisfied by the one thing they came to look at.
  • Post Performers: This is a measure of how well the best post released in the month of the sample did. The higher the better. This does not account for posts that were released in prior months which have gained some momentum.
  • Gut Feel: This is a personal measure (mine) of how well the site did and an overall feel of the direction.
  • Referrals: The results are taken from WordPress stats (which I sometimes class as unscientific due to how WordPress filters information and bots) which cover a multitude of sources. I always find it interesting to see where visitors are coming from.
  • Page Views: This is the classic measure that many people found particularly important years ago but “hits” aren’t necessarily a good indication of how things are going because you can have a lot of hits but your audience might not be performing the right actions. I include page views to get an idea of how traffic is moving. This is a filtered result which aims to catch those people I would class as having a mild interest.
  • Visits vs Visitors: The final measure determines the rough ratio of visits to visitors. This measure has the filter applied.

February 2015

February overall was a poor month, the only ray of light this month was the Referral total being a new record. ATOS here despite being lower than January was still pretty good on average but as you will notice later this will come under attack.

Dashboard Feb15 vs Jan15

 March 2015

March was a point where I had to leave the blog unattended. I was at a crucial point in DD309. As can be seen from February, the trend of referrals continued once again setting a new record. Page views and visits versus visitors were also up overall.

Dashboard Mar 15 vs Feb15April 2015

April was a month where my hands were entirely off the wheel so to have two purple stats this month was pretty epic despite my complete lack of interaction. I updated the JackSepticEye this month to give a bit extra information. Overall I couldn’t commit valuable time during this period so steered clear. The ATOS took a nose dive but the bounce rate recovered slightly from a very high figure.

Dashboard Apr 15 vs Mar 15

May 2015

At this point I was quite amazed to see referrals reaching a new high. Once again this was a month where I had not been able to post. The zenith of my studying was during this month and I had to put a lot of my social life on hold to finish my final project. I spent over 46 hours writing a 5000 word project and it was taxing.

Dashboard May 15 vs Apr 15June 2015

I managed to get one post in this month so Post Performers saw a little injection to put it green. Referrals once again for the 6 month in a row were performing highly. Sadly Visits vs Visitors slipped back this month but ATOS improved. Bounce Rate was particularly high.

Dashboard June 15 vs May 15

July 2015

During July I saw a huge uptake on the uncontrollable aspects but was unable to post once again due to a lot going on. I had been working on 3 posts for Blog Prefect including the one you are reading. I had also been working on a JackoWrites.Com article so I was busy this month in terms of preparation. I was also happy to see a comment spring up from a newcomer on one of my older articles so I always like to see that. I am stoked about the Referrals number climbing like it has. Once again this is from that single article in January.

Dashboard Jul15 vs Jun15



Referrals is the big story over this period where it had started out on a positive trend and snowballed from there. As you will be able to see throughout the following information, Google Search in particular, has been performing well month on month.






Don’t be deceived by my statistics. The increasing stats in some areas are entirely due to popular keywords so I struck on a small sliver of SEO gold in January and one particular post has been keeping my whole site buoyant for a long period. The good thing about successful SEO is that once it is working properly the results are cumulative (as long as the topic stays noteworthy). As such I’ve seen a month on month increase to my very popular post which is reflective in the Referral stats above (thanks Google).

You can read a bit more about that here as I wrote a sacrificial post about what had been happening:-

9th June 2015How Epic Keywords kept the fire burning whilst I was away

I have lost ground as displayed by the Alexa stats and I am going to need to put in some hard work in restoring where I was in my golden period during last year’s summer.

The most annoying thing is that when I put my blog on hold for my degree, I didn’t even pass the module and so will have a patchy period again in 2016. The economics module definitely wasn’t for me but I won’t be sacrificing time in the same way next time out because I can’t afford to lose ground any more.

I actually feel great about Blog Prefect. When I started this whole project I felt incredibly nervous about what I was producing but it seems to be coming together slowly but surely. I have already been able to use this blog to showcase my ability for a job and with continued effort hope to keep up the spirit.

Some things I wanted to change

There are some things I want to change going forwards as I have been guilty of not involving enough of the important things outside of this blog and in the community of blogging in general. I hope to bring you more from other people in the coming months and bring you the kind of content that is helpful.

Best wishes and thanks to all my contributors so far!


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