End of Month Traffic Report September 2015

Stricken Ferrari

I decided to locate an appropriate picture to match the dashboard report for this month’s statistics which is why you are seeing Felipe Massa’s ruined Ferrari. As you may or may not know, I’m a fan of Formula 1, and it has its fair share of thrills and spills. But of course, Formula 1 has become a lot safer over the years due in a big way to a number of drivers including Gerhard Berger, getting behind safety. There has only been one fatality in recent times with regard to Jules Bianchi, RIP.

The reason I chose the image is to indicate that all is not well at the moment. Plus it is a Ferrari and red which shares something in common with the redness of my dashboard.

That aside, sweeping the doom and gloom under the carpet, welcome to another interesting traffic month here on BlogPrefect.com

I’m happy to announce that I got back into some more writing this month and that there has been some feedback (albeit, not on any recent writings).


I had been plotting for my trip to San Francisco amongst other things so have been preoccupied at this time. October, November and December are generally expensive months in terms of money going out on my yearly payments and I still have a few niggles lingering in my personal life which have caused me concern.

I’ve also been spending time on www.jackowrites.com at the moment so have had some time divided.

One of the most major unsettling issues is my place of work at this time. I don’t work on Blogprefect.com or the fruits of www.Jackowrites.com full time, it takes a back seat to my day job. I’m a minion. Not the yellow pill shaped one but one employed to assist the Maintenance Planners whilst aircraft are being serviced. It’s a bit like if you took your BMW or Mercedes into the garage only the garage is 20 times larger, the vehicle weighs over 100 metric tons and the tyres are filled with nitrogen so they don’t explode when they hit the ground. Some restructuring has been occurring because the company I work for have failed to make any kind of sensible profit and ROI for the investors since their last peak in 1998. I’ve been working for the company since 2003 and can never remember a time where we’ve really raked in the cash. The industry does generally have a low margin but as a company we’ve become incredibly boxed in and spent the majority of the time looking at the wrong competitor. That being said, my job is safe, that difficult part is that everyone above me may be forced to make some unpleasant and unwelcome changes to adjust to the new order. It is a difficult time for my colleagues and some will be leaving as a result.


No great experiments were made this month other than to appear more frequently on social media. It has definitely helped with Twitter followers growing at an improved rate. I don’t have a lot of interaction going on there at the moment but will try harder to be more social as time goes on.

(What I mean by that is conversations and the like. I’m tweeting, favouriting and resharing where I can)

Shout Outs

Ahmad Imran from reasontouse.com: Thanks very much for your contributions this month. I felt we had a great conversation and I hope to interact more with you in the future (that’s a promise!).

If you want to contribute

Twitter:- @blogprefect

Google+:- +Jackson Davies

Site’s email:- headboy (at) blogprefect.com – Also available in the contact page.

End of Month Traffic Report September 2015

On to the End of Month report in detail!

Post Review

A disappointing outlay for September with very small take up overall. Reciprocity for Bloggers was released late in the month and as ever takes a while to gather speed.

Taking a further look at what was on offer:

Big Wig Bloggers was a personal choice to write because I often refer to the term and just wanted to give the reader an understanding of why this term is used. I enjoyed writing this article.

The EOMTR is a standard staple of my repertoire and you are reading one of the most refined templates that I put out on a regular basis. Readers always know what they are getting with this information and I don’t lie or pull any punches about how well I’m doing at any given time.

Reciprocity for Bloggers was written, not as comment bait, but as information for contributors. It is an article I will refer more to in the future. I enjoyed writing this article too.


Post Stats for September

September Dashboard

The dashboard was a walk in the park this month mostly because I only had one to prepare. It is always difficult presenting an omnibus as it has ten times more and between February and July I had a lot to recap.

GAF Filter

Just a reminder of what all of the 7 measures represent:

  • ATOS: Actual Time On Site. This is always measured through the Analytic Filter as set above.
  • Bounce Rate: This is measured as the base result with no filters. Statistically on blogs this figure is always quite high compared to other sites like Amazon and eBay based on the habits of visitors.  Achieving lower bounce is however a good thing as it means that more visitors are having a look around rather than being satisfied by the one thing they came to look at.
  • Post Performers: This is a measure of how well the best post released in the month of the sample did. The higher the better. This does not account for posts that were released in prior months which have gained some momentum.
  • Gut Feel: This is a personal measure (mine) of how well the site did and an overall feel of the direction.
  • Referrals: The results are taken from WordPress stats (which I sometimes class as unscientific due to how WordPress filters information and bots) which cover a multitude of sources. I always find it interesting to see where visitors are coming from.
  • Page Views: This is the classic measure that many people found particularly important years ago but “hits” aren’t necessarily a good indication of how things are going because you can have a lot of hits but your audience might not be performing the right actions. I include page views to get an idea of how traffic is moving. This is a filtered result which aims to catch those people I would class as having a mild interest.
  • Visits vs Visitors: The final measure determines the rough ratio of visits to visitors. This measure has the filter applied.

Owing to the query from Ahmad (mentioned above in the shoutouts) I am still showing Bounce Rate as a figure of the whole but next year, to avoid ambiguity, I will review the 7 measures.

Dashboard Sep15 vs Aug15

As can be seen, quite a rouge month this month. The lowest collapse is the referral figure where that one post I wrote in January is still keeping things ticking over for the search engines.

The Post Performers total is weak considering 3 posts were displayed and marketed this month.

The worst collapse is ATOS from an all time high last month to a drop of 62.86% It is important to note that this Average isn’t actually all that bad compared to some months which goes to prove how high the figure was last month.

Page views more than halved from last month which is somewhat disappointing but notably uncontrollable.

Visits to visitors is decidedly balanced this month but ultimately quite low. In terms of visitors it wasn’t a big collapse but visits was a significant drop.

Overall it confirms that I have an issue I need to resolve pretty quickly. I have known that the communities that I previously shared my topics and applied extensive reciprocity efforts have dried up. I will have to chart new areas to tap in the meantime and ultimately change my tactics to suit a changed audience. I cannot continue doing the same things that had a luke-warm reception in the past.


September Referral

The largest contribution is from search traffic at this time. It is interesting how when becoming less of a fledgling site, the numbers take off.


I admit that this month has still been difficult for two reasons:-

  • Lack of overall focus
  • Lack of engagement

Because I’ve been out for a big portion of the year, I’ve lost the follower train and have to build up the reciprocity kick backs that sustained the views and ideas that were bounced around. My comments have remained very quiet at this time with a decided drought so it seems that I am not producing the useful content that people need. Either that or my recent crop of visitors are more passive in nature.


I have found that despite my efforts on Twitter the payback is not sufficient at this time. I shouldn’t expect too much because my footprint is quite small.


I have been taking some time to look at my Google+ approach. At a time last year I was charting greater heights but that trend has reduced and I’ve noted a significant dropoff.

Site Repairs

I have finally managed to amend the pixel width of the comment section as something unusual had happened. I amended the stylesheet to fix this problem.

I have revisited the Favicon as it is showing for JackoWrites instead at the moment which is highly confusing. I will also be amending the instructions for the Favicon in line with the information I have learnt recently. There will be a particular amendment to the upload information for those who use Bluehost as the favicon.ico upload fails frequently in file manager via the cPanel.


I will be changing the brand of BlogPrefect in the not too distant future. Details to follow.

Would you like to get involved?

Twitter:- @blogprefect

Google+:- +Jackson Davies

Site’s email:- headboy (at) blogprefect.com – Also available in the contact page.


Last Month’s Report

1st August – 31st August

The Traffic Report Hub

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4 Comments End of Month Traffic Report September 2015

  1. Ahmad Imran

    Jackson, thank you very much for a kind mention. I enjoy reading your stats but more importantly, try to draw the underlying reasons and learning from your numbers.

    In this case, I can see the numbers have dipped down, first thing is that don’t take it on heart. It is bound to bounce back if you are passionate and have decided to be consistent.

    More importantly, you are the best person to judge what are the main reasons behind this slight dip. If I ask you for your two main reasons, what would that be?

    Was it not enough marketing?
    Was the content not killer enough?
    Was the overall effort not up to the mark?
    or anything else?

    Help us as new bloggers to understand a real-life insight from someone going through the ups and downs of blogging.

    Good luck and thanks again for traffic insights and a kind mention.
    Ahmad Imran recently crafted…How to Choose WordPress Plugins to Boost Your BlogMy Profile

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Ahmad!

      It was a pleasure to mention you 🙂

      Marketing has been a problem, perhaps the biggest. The areas that I used to be able to get some interactivity with the types of content I write have not provided as good an audience as they have in the past. I’ve noticed a big shift in that audience and the demographic.

      I need to work on the killer content. What I’ve observed is that the competition (which I have defined in a past article as hyper-competition) are all covering the same topics and it has prevented me from driving down a sub niche. This blog is about blogging but a lot of bloggers already blog about blogging, it is a blogging nightmare. I’ve noticed that some of the guys (and gals) doing better than me have targeted one key problem and invested more time to that key area. I’m not sure which key area best fits with BlogPrefect at this time.

      In terms of effort, I have spent upwards of 10 hours on my most recent articles. Some can reach the 20 hour mark. I don’t think that quantity is always key though as I’ve had better success with articles crafted in shorter times.

      Consistency is also a problem at the moment. If I were a newspaper then I’d know that people would be annoyed with my uneven distribution of content and that may be the ultimate reason why I’m struggling. Alexa (as in the Alexa.com stats) loved me a whole lot more when I was posting content frequently and getting people to view it. At the moment that is not the case. I believe that is also why less people are tempted to comment because they feel that their comments are not getting viewed by others. (that is something I’ve covered more of in reciprocity for bloggers).

      At any rate, I’ve got a few areas to think about.

      As a side to all of that, I’ve wanted to cover somebody else’s stats in a similar fashion because this particular article is my favourite to put together and I’ve found that out of all of the posts I’ve covered (other than a few exceptions), this article produces the best type of activity and generates the most unique images (ones that I don’t have to hunt down).

      Best wishes to you Ahmad and I hope that Reasontouse.com is going from strength to strength.

      1. Ahmad Imran

        Jackson, you hit the bull’s eye with these two points.

        Killer content and consistency.

        Good luck and keep in touch, my blog is doing well. I am concentrating very hard on quality content and writing. I want to make it a place for writers to “bleed their heart out” :)) – mildly.

        I have taken many distractions out of my design and made my fonts bolder and bigger to emphasise on writing. I have for the first time opened guest posting now. This week I am going to publish my first guest post.

        It is a long journey. One step at a time. Keep in touch. Always nice to speak to you through your blog.
        Ahmad Imran recently crafted…Avada Theme Review – Fonts (Typography) OptionsMy Profile

        1. Jackson Davies

          Indeed Ahmad!

          The more passionate the writing is, the better it does, I have noticed that. You better keep some O neg in the fridge 🙂

          Bigger fonts has worked and you want to make the experience as easy as possible for a reader. I noticed a considerable up take when I increased the font size of this blog and as yet I’ve only had one complaint about the font size being too big so that would be a recommendation to anybody considering changing the size.

          I hope you go okay with the Guest Posting. I have decided not to open Blog Prefect up to that for the time being but I’ve been considering opening my other blog to that possibility. I look forward to having a look at your first guest post!

          It is a long journey, many of those loftier bloggers can attest to long periods of time spent tweaking. Onward and upwards!


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