End of Month Traffic Report: September 2013

The first week of September was truly awesome with a post that had a good hit from the Google+ Google Analytics Community. The follow up cold turkey post did well once again, as did the first and I’m pleased with the number following the simple log that I’d put together. Once again it proves that talking about the right topic is the way forward.



30 days according to WordPress – click to view

The first full week actually saw some unexpected numbers daily where the previous 4 weeks had been fairly sparse for numbers. This was the longest period with actual views which was excellent! Rather scarily the number wasn’t far from half of the previous month’s figures which actually mean that the previous month was really poor and that potentially I’ve lost some ground.

Something that I always seem to experience after a good post is a week that sags. I have no real explanation for why, I try not to rest on my laurels but often find it hard reach the excitement a second time in succession. I’ve tried to work on my PR skills but often find that my current exposure to certain communities precludes me from picking up momentum.

Unfortunately there was a further week of sag. I wasn’t expecting this and was disappointed overall. I’d been working quite hard on the website as my commitment to my degree has dropped but this hadn’t translated in improved viewings. I’ve rectified the excerpt situation I had but this didn’t have the desired effect of pushing people off a wandering gaze. There is still some tweaking to do and my verdict for Twenty Thirteen is not such a good one. The sidebar isn’t very effective so I’ve canned it and pushed links to the bottom. The last week of the month was the worst so far. Trying to get people to view my posts from my current network was akin to drawing blood from a stone.

End of Month Report

I’ve given an acronym to Google Analytics with my Actual Traffic Filter so as to save on some real estate for words below. This is displayed as GAF. GAF represents the truest figure based on what Google Analytics has recorded as a true page indent. The filter removes a phenomenon I’ve termed as ZSB or Zero Second Bounce where the visitor has made no page indent or 0 seconds on page.



  • WordPress Stats = 64 (last month 83) -19 adverse (-23%) eek!
  • GAF Stats = 44 (last month 63) -19 adverse (-31%) double eek!

A big pageview slide this month.


  • WordPress Stats = 40 (last month 27) +13 inverse (+32.5%) Yay!
  • GAF Stats = 10 (last month 6) +4 inverse (+40%) Yay!

Improved over August but not as good as July. Going in the right direction.

Average time on site

GAF = 1055 seconds or 17 minutes 35 seconds (last month 564 seconds or 9 minutes 24 seconds) +491 seconds or 8 minutes 11 seconds inverse (+47%)

A mega improvement on last month showing that what is read is read more intensely than before which means the quality on some posts has improved and that those small amount of visitors are taking a good amount of time to read an article or articles thoroughly. This is something I strive for when writing.


It’s not all doom and gloom. This is very positive. Have a look at how this compares to my previous months.


WordPress Stats Demographics for last 30 days.


Demographics for September 2013. America is Number 1. Click to view.

Here is the filtered look in Google Analytics:


Worthing on top, Praia Grande in Brazil. Not set, unknown.

Traffic Source

I don’t get as deep a field of view from WordPress.com Stats although it does give a lot of good information on referrals and search terms. Direct is best supplied by Google Analytics.


GAF = 3 (last month 5) adverse -2


WordPress stats last 30 days shown below (30)


Referrals according to WordPress stats

GAF = 7



However, “Female Wrestling” has proved to be a successful search term. Weird huh!



Disappointing overall despite initial good viewings.


I had some good interaction during the first full week of the month and had a 13 day uninterrupted flow of traffic (albeit light in the second week). The third week was a bust, not helped by a huge bout of writer’s block, the fourth week didn’t fare much better despite my Google+ following increasing substantially.

I’ve had some positive improvements, some return to form and some slippage to contend with. Week 36 has been my best in many weeks, attributable to good content in the main and an active community where I posted this. I see further avenues here to be a future benefit. I returned to form in terms of visitors to a figure similar to where I was in July. My pageviews have tumbled dramatically and I have grown a little disheartened by the lack of visitors in the last couple of weeks. Onwards and upwards!

I’ve been working on some private elements of improvement to get more plates spinning but in the meantime I am working to improve the overall experience a piece at a time.

My biggest challenge is reducing the bounce.

So good people, how do you best tackle the bounce?

As a side note my AWstats and Webalizer stats have both proved that September has been a good month regardless of what my analytics say.

Webalizer stats. On the host site.

Webalizer stats. On the host site.

I also seem to be targeted a lot by Russian websites but can’t see the transient link between what I write and what Russians would find interesting. I had thoughts along the lines of; “In the beginning there was Russia….”.

October has to be different, it has to be Golden. I am going to be making some important changes in direction and drive.

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