End of Month Traffic Report October – December 2015

A cuban taxi, a rather well preserved '51 Cadillac.

A Cuban taxi, a rather well preserved ’51 Cadillac.

Three whole months in one Report?! Surely not Jackson. Have I been sleeping at the wheel? No. It is nice to be putting my favourite post format together but this time with three reports in one. The reason I opted to not post monthly reports for October, November and December respectively was because they were commonly the only post happening some months. I wanted to be producing meaningful content rather than an overview of what’s happened.

Needless to say, its time to tot up my data for the final three months of the year and hope that I don’t have too much egg on my face (or in this edition, blood on my face).

End of Month Traffic Report October – December 2015

Shout outs

I have one shout out and this person has been a great source of encouragement for me. This gent’s comments have lifted me out of a tighter, darker spell and for that he has my great thanks. I hope to continue a great relationship with him into 2016 and beyond and wish him great success with his blog.

Ahmad Imran of Reasontouse.com

Ahmad’s site is a clean and well organised blog that covers a number of topics including; Android Flagships, Android Apps, ChromeBooks, Software, Blogging and WordPress. His articles are intelligent and insightful and I’m sure that he’ll rise from strength to strength. Being a technology fan myself, I can relate to his articles (even though I am an iOS user at the moment) and I have seen some flashes of brilliance in his work.

Want to get involved?

This is my up front request for you to get involved this year 2016 (and beyond).

Twitter:- @blogprefect

Google+:- +Jackson Davies

Site’s email:- headboy (at) blogprefect.com – Also available in the contact page.

The Posts and Reasoning behind Them

From 2016 onwards, I am going to be slightly more critical of my articles than I have been before. Mostly because I have poured hours and thousands of words in and not seen the relative warmth in abundance. In truth that time could have been better spent finishing the current project I have running over on jackowrites.com or finishing a self-help book I am writing at present. I realise that in part my marketing zones are not providing as much of the burning embers as they used to. I saw a much better time of things in 2014 especially in Google+. It seems that the audience has waned there so I need to go and seek a better afterglow elsewhere.


This month saw me return back to the coal face of my Open University Degree. Because I failed my Economics Honours Optional Module and decided to pass on it permanently, I opted for a design module which is much more up my alley. Of course, this decision was difficult to make as it means that my readership will suffer until the end of May 2016. I’m annoyed with myself for failing by 2% on my previous module but it happened and I’ve got to deal with it! My ever trusting girlfriend has been graciously patient and I am thankful for that desipte her initial disappointment.

  1. End of Month Traffic Report September 2015
  2. T317 innovation: designing for change


November was a busy month. Not much more can be said. So why say more? 🙂 What I can say is that both posts took me some time and I was creating these whilst working on a host of other things related to www.jackowrites.com, the science fiction novel I’ve been writing for some time and my degree (besides my day job).

  1. How to keep working currency in the black
  2. Community Group Spotlight: Blogging in Google+


December has a traditional problem which I have observed before. The fact is that I get certain weeks that just dip entirely off the scale. Mostly because those of interest to my content disappear off the face of the Earth at this time of year. It is as if the alien mothership has come to collect. It doesn’t only limit to Christian and Jewish readers. All numbers are down at the two weeks that butt up to the New Year. I tend to have an inverse reaction in January which is an active time for newbie bloggers. With this in mind I tend to save content that I’ve worked on for a long period and release it in the New Year. There I see much better numbers and often will have winners for the year.

  1. Being Stuck in the Wilderness – The Comfortable Uncomfortable Part 2

How the Posts Did

Bare in mind that these figures are representative of the month they were released in (not the figures they accrued in subsequent months). This can have a negative or positive effect relative to the early or lateness of which they were posted in the month. I grant that this isn’t scientific.


Despite low view rates there are two positives. Firstly none of the above had a zero view event and more than half had at least one comment, which I see as favourable, compared to other months this year. Traffic Reports are always a crowd pleaser. Something about the metrics is a key to people’s love.


I always look forward to compiling the dashboards and you are going to see a predominance of one specific colour. One month as, mentioned above, does have a seasonal disadvantage but generally the others run as standard months and have no similar excuses.

GAF Filter

“Google Analytics Filter” – Segmentation for my viewers.

October 2015

Dashboard Oct15 vs Sep15

Not too bad a month as it goes, despite the red, compared to a similar time the year previous this was a good figure.

November 2015

Dashboard Nov15 vs Oct15

A further slide from October, November’s numbers still aren’t a catastrophe. My only real disappointment here was the post performers figure.

December 2015

Dashboard Dec15 vs Nov15

It is funny how the post performers was the only stable element to this snapshot mirroring November’s figure. Everything else was a slide on previous figures and as my Instinctive measurement denotes, a good month for vampires. My least happy element here was the ATOS dip. I had measured this half way through the month of December and it was a minute higher but clearly with the seasonal dip in effect, this was eroded.

General Observations

Referrals have slowly been sinking over the past couple of months. During June and July I had a huge spike and I have not seen these numbers since. Page views have been dipping in line with these referrals so as you can guess, the core of my viewership are entering from search engine results at this time. It is just a shame that I’ve been unable to followup the success I had with the amazing article fortune I had near the start of this year.

Bounce rate has been high but this was to be expected. As I have mentioned previously, this measure will be dropped in 2016, in favour of a more meaningful metric. Post performers figures have remained weak despite an improved showing in October. Afterglow values from these posts are down in the months they are published. The new metric I am releasing in the 7 measure dashboard next year will shed more light on this.

ATOS (Actual Time on Site) has been fluctuating but is actually remaining in a healthy number, definitely up on the worst figures for last year which I would classify as a success.




The referrals for this quarter display the usual suspects in most instances but I’m still happy with referrals overall. It is good to see them. That “Google Search” figure is predominantly attributed to a single article but there is some small afterglow on some of my older articles. November to December wasn’t a massive drop in all fairness so I’m quite happy about that but ultimately I can only make so much change in fortune to these numbers which is why referrals is marked under “uncontrollable” in my dashboard. It’s where you, the reader, come in.


It has been a good year in all fairness. Despite having posted considerably less than 2014, I have seen a huge swing upwards in views on certain posts. I have actually managed to reach the first page of Google with one of my articles which began the increase in views.

My one hindsight wish is that I had more time to be consistent. I feel like one of my major traffic zones has been lost to poor consistency and I’m personally disappointed with that but I have to be adult about this and begin looking elsewhere to find a good fit.

Despite my effort in Twitter I still don’t have the pull in numbers or the required marketing mojo (without spending money) to pull the kind of audience I would hope for. I will continue to work on my Twitter marketing channel but at current time realise the limitation of numbers contained therein.

Previous Reports

September 2015 – Traffic Report

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4 Comments End of Month Traffic Report October – December 2015

  1. Ahmad Imran

    Jackson, first of all thanks for a mention and I must say that it is a clear and defined “mention”. In an article written for your audience, if you take time and consideration to mention one of your readers, I respect that and thank you for that.

    I enjoy reading your articles because they are true in a sense that they depict a real-life picture for a “new to intermediate” blogger.

    For a blogger like me, if I see Jon Morrow’s or Darren Rowse’s traffic numbers, it is more likely that I will quit. This is where we need to see bloggers who write a real-life experience and real-life harsh realities of blogging for our audience.

    Just because I can relate to your writing, I engage with your writing.

    I am at a stage Jackson where I want to start a “thorough” marketing compaign to boost my traffic. But guess what is coming in the way, “procrastination”. And learning and silently observing your style of reporting traffic, I think I intend to write about my traffic on either a 3 monthly or 6 monthly basis outlining the key traffic trends for my blog visitors as learning points.

    Good luck and thanks again.

    1. Jackson Davies

      That’s my pleasure Ahmad. It is quite easy to forget that the intent of blogging is to write for your audience, and to contributors who help push forward the blog otherwise you are in danger of becoming entirely self-interested, and that’s not a good way to be. A lot of the motivation for carrying on comes from people getting behind the writing and taking something from it.

      It was Ryan Biddulph who asked me to keep it all real and I’ve done just that even when it hurts. I don’t see the benefit of keeping failures and drops from people because the golden rule of success lays in your failure (and learning from those events).

      Jon Morrow and Darren Rowse are A class “big wigs” but something my mother in particular always told me was to compare yourself against people on the same level as you, not those who already outgun you. My particular favourite individual is Pat Flynn who runs a monthly income report. For many people, such a high target can be daunting, even off-putting. What you come to realise if you run your own stats is that things do improve, not matter how slowly, as long as you keep working at it.

      The beginner to intermediate tier is where I aim a lot of my content so I’m glad that this content is working for you. Blog Prefect has taken quite a time to get the cogs turning and not all the cogs are turning in quite the way I’d like them. Something is definitely better than nothing.

      I would say that marketing is only a part of the bigger plan but it is very important now. Traffic has to be considered like a mixed diet, you need a bit of marketing, a bit of Search Engine result and a bit of fan power (generated by email subscription and the like) in order to keep the body sustained. If you are deficient in any area, you can still keep working but not as effectively. If you are deficient in a number of areas, you will start to fade. Blogging is something that if you drop for even a week, can become more difficult as you go on. Even consistency is not always enough (because you could consistently be doing something at half the effort you need to make it succeed).

      I’ve wrote about Kaizen in the past. It is a Japanese management term that means that you can perfect on everything continuously. Perfection isn’t obtainable because you can only ever truly be 99% efficient at the maximum of your reach. Kaizen teaches that there are improvements in even the tiniest things. New bloggers look at the macro level of their site where big changes can be made. Intermediates start looking at the micro level more and more. Experts go even further into the depths of micro analysis as their traps and lures become more complex.

      Procastination is a killer. To be fair though, over eagerness can also be a problem. Some articles require time to breathe like a glass of wine. I have found that rushing content out is wasteful. If I compare blogging to plain novel writing (something I’m doing now) you get two types of writer, one who plans and one who doesn’t. Both methods work but work better for certain types of people in different ways.

      I would love to see your traffic reporting but agree that doing it in quarter or six-monthly increments can help give you more to compare. Bear in mind that there are seasonal effects and that no 2 years are the same. Self reflection of stats for some people can be a little depressing but at the end of the day they are just numbers. It is the action you take that counts. If you need any advice on setting out your report, let me know, I’d be glad to help. There are a great many areas you can report on and you can develop some interesting visual representations such as a dashboard.

      Always a pleasure!

      Best wishes Ahmad.

      1. Ahmad Imran

        Cheers and thanks for your offer. I will definitely get in touch when I start writing my traffic reports. Good luck and I always enjoy reading your comments – thoughtful and informative.


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