End of Month Traffic Report October 2014

Traffic October 2014

October, October, October. When you reach this month, you know the march to the end of the year is on. This month was a tough one for me, not through a lack of motivation but because I had a cruise ship of work to do. My post offerings (as shown in the post listing) were sparser but as a group performed better than last month. I took a dip in traffic which leaves me at the exact same number I attracted last year but I’ll go on to mention that in the dashboard section.

A Shout Out

I introduced this section last month and see no reason not to continue 🙂 Of course, there is going to be a point where I can’t thank everyone but at the present time I can 🙂

A thank you to Andrew Spence of AndrewSpenceOnline.com for being the first to comment this month.

Thanks also to Andrew Warner of Shadeofinfo.com for your continued warm words through the month.

A warm thanks to Mi Muba of Beamoneyblogger.com for your comments this month! Thank you sir!

Double thanks to Noel Worli from India7.org & Lovequotes.net.in for your 2 comments this month, much appreciated!

Finally thanks to Steven Wilson from Highpoweredseo.com for your comment this month.

If you’d like to feature in the shout out and be tagged with this monthly article make sure to contribute. It helps me help you!

Post listing


This month I only put out 6 posts which is quite a low count. I had a rough start to the month due to an exam which required complete concentration on revision. I had no reserve posts that I could run with at the time and very little spare time so overall my output suffered. However, I have often found that quantity does not equate to whether the audience actually like what you are jammering about and often it is better to focus in on popular topics. Needless to say that I had a bogie post this month but at least it got one view, I had no total eclipses.

The Dashboard

Dashboard Oct14 vs Sep14Stats are really mixed on this level. On my meaningful side all has gone rather well, on the other uncontrollable side it has all gone the shape of the pear. That’s why I have opted with the no significant change because whilst I have seen a flash of green, I’ve seen a splash of red too and in areas where my growth is questionable.


Alexa Stats


It is starting to tumble because my post rate has begun to drop. I had been expecting this to happen so am not surprised by this jump up.

End of Month Traffic Report September 2014 – Core Statistics


ATOS – Average Time on Site, GAF – Provided by Google Analytics

6 minutes 20 seconds or 380 seconds, inverse 106.75%

More than double of last months numbers.

Bounce Rate – Actual Traffic data, not filtered – Provided by Google Analytics

79.17% adverse 2.12%

This is a happier picture, below the menacing 80% and down once again on last month.

Page Views – Provided by GAF and WordPress stats

WordPress: 174 adverse -19.07%

GAF: 64 adverse -8.57%

Down on last month more considerably in the WordPress stakes than the GA stakes.

Visits (Now known as sessions) – Provided by GAF and WordPress Stats

WordPress: 132 adverse -23.26%

GAF: 24 adverse -15.38%

Another drop in overall statistics. Oh the calamity!

Visits per Visitor

1.32 or just a smidge below 1 and a third.


Referrals – Provided by WordPress


Well it seems my streak of purple is no more and unfortunately the number has dipped under the wire this month. An interesting spread of referrals however. Some of the websites you’ll find in the Shout Out section above.

So What!

It has not been great but it has not been awful either, if compared to some of my truly dire months, October looks healthy. My only disappointment is that overall it is a slump on what has been a pretty awesome couple of months where my highest monthly totals have appeared. I’ve lost my period of referral purples but my 2013 data does indicate that there is a seasonal effect in play with my kind of content and that it tends to pick up in momentum in January. Also, December is a great time to write those big hitters. I had great success at the start of this year with 2 very substantial posts that were released in January. I am trying to improve the overall draw of this site to make it more like what I can image the audience wanting rather than what I enjoy showing the audience.


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2 Comments End of Month Traffic Report October 2014

  1. Saikat Hazra

    Hey JACKSON,

    Such an inspiring post for people like us who has just started their blogging journey.

    Your stats are staggering man!
    Bounce rate and daily time on site are just simply amazing. Do you have any special ideas to share to reduce bounce rate? Mine is way to high hovering about 64%

    By the way, loved the image right at the top of the page 😛
    Saikat Hazra recently crafted…Challenge accepted: 20k Alexa traffic rank in 2 months timeMy Profile

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Saikat,

      Thank you for taking the time to write a comment, it is highly appreciated! 🙂

      My Alexa rank for low bounce rate is brought about by not over optimizing the blog post. I also have been able to generate a higher level of search traffic through some popular topics recently by blogging with trends and engaging with other bloggers who sit in a similar or slightly higher authority than myself. This helps drive more valuable looks rather than low quality bounces.

      I had a look at your blog and love the layout. It is super clean and presentable which is great in my book. The theme you are using may cause some of the bounce problems dependent on how well optimized it is to be responsive. I have found a fair few of my visitors read my blog from a mobile device (sometimes through a tablet or cell phone via flipboard) The particular theme I use (from theme forest) works well on mobile devices. I think that when your site begins to mature more and you have more content, the bounce rate will reduce naturally. There are also some seasonal effects in play and you may find that your data can be affected by unusual events so I wouldn’t worry too much at this stage. Some technical issues that can cause a higher bounce include url redirects, ad usage and page loading times. I have found that social media links can be a lot slower to load than from search engines. It all depends on the patience of your audience.

      When you start landing some truly killer articles your bounce rate will drop. I found that when I started ranking within 1M on Alexa, my site got linked automatically to a few listing sites where it gets paid more attention.

      The top image was handcrafted in Fimo modelling clay and I thought that a unique image is more important for a brand than something generic. I plan to improve the badge design for next year.

      Looking forward to hearing from you in the future and best of luck with your Alexa challenge!




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