End of Month Traffic Report: October 2013

I was looking for a Golden October and I think I may have found one. October has been a great month for me, I’ve seen the highest page views since the launch of the site and through continued efforts in the community I’ve been able grow a bit more in terms of my confidence and reach.

My September traffic report performed best for the month, appearing to be a successful page turner. I am happy to see that the numbers viewing this report have remained steady from month to month. I hope that you are able to take something away from the data and of course if you want to see more then please leave a comment and let me know!

A referral from Smart Passive Income effected my numbers dramatically this month with an Indian lady or gent viewing my content no less than 74 times over the span of two visits which had a massive impact on my stats. The 22nd October was a very good day in fact and I can identify that the visitor came from the city of Pune in India.



I feel a lot more confident and because my studies are at a pause I’m feeling much more upbeat about the site and my move forwards in blogging. I’ve tried to leverage a bit more of my network to try and drive traffic more effectively. I’m particularly pleased about the posts I wrote on Google recently even though they didn’t generate massive interest, I still feel they are good value posts.


End of Month Report


This nomenclature is the norm from month to month. This is repeated for your benefit. I’ve termed an acronym to Google Analytics with my Actual Traffic Filter so as to save on some real estate for words below. This is displayed as GAF. GAF represents the truest figure based on what Google Analytics has recorded as a true page indent. The filter removes a phenomenon I’ve termed as ZSB or Zero Second Bounce where the visitor has made no page indent or 0 seconds on page.


  • WordPress Stats = 174 (last month 64) +110 inverse (171%) wowser!
  • GAF Stats = 128 (last month 44) +84 inverse (190%) wowser!

A glorious pageview increase this month. This was partly down to one particularly frantic day but also partly to a general increase in interested parties driven by a number of sources.


  • WordPress Stats = 60 (last month 40) +20 inverse (50%) Yay !
  • GAF Stats =  15 (last month 10) +5 inverse (50%) Yay!

Up by 50%, excellent! Yes, it could be higher but I’ll take those figures over last month’s.

Average time on site

GAF = 508 seconds or 8 minutes 28 seconds (last month 1055 seconds or 17 minutes 35 seconds) -508 seconds or 9 minutes 7 seconds adverse (-51%)

A sharp drop back to traditional figures seen in June, July and August. Clearly September saw some better readers. I’m not overly concerned by this figure although I would like to see more visits averaging higher in future. I was aware that September had exceptional figures because I had received an after shock from a poor August and had put more effort in to raise the standards accordingly.


WordPress Stats Demographics for last 30 days.


2013 demographic information for October – Click to enlarge.

Traffic Source

I don’t get as deep a field of view from WordPress.com Stats although it does give a lot of good information on referrals and search terms. Direct is best supplied by Google Analytics.



GAF = 6 (last month 3) inverse +3


WordPress stats last 30 days shown below (30)

GAF = 8 (last month 7) inverse +1

A small change from last month. A move in the right direction.


Search is performing better. I’ve had a favourable upswing in successful searches over the past month and for the first time Google+ referrals have been overtaken by search results. This could mean that I am either better at finding keyphrases that are easy to find and/or better at providing content that people take decent information away from.


It never looks inspiring when I visit here and a large majority of visits were on pages rather than posts.


October Content

As can be seen, the previous iteration of this traffic report performed well. It will be interesting to see what golden post may shine in November.


In conclusion, October has been golden. It has been uplifting to watch viewing numbers go up.

My site has remained fairly consistent over the month and I have kept the site unchanged in terms of the theme and the structure. I have been doing a lot more around the outskirts including keeping in with Google+ so as not to fall too far behind. I am still somewhat unhappy with the font style in the Twenty Thirteen theme and am soon contemplating a move away from it, for now, whilst I am able to concentrate on content I am keeping these changes to the bench for now.

I will be in search of more avenues to exploit in the continuing months. During November I shall be away from the 11th – 18th in sunny Barbados so there will be a week without content on interaction as I plan to have a relaxing technology break. I will still be working on my development journal during this time and hope to write out a number of post ideas during my time away but it will be nice to kick back.

I can’t rest on my laurels though. I need to work harder on the direction of this blog and work hard on understanding the type of content that I enjoy writing and which provides the best draw to the site. At present I agonise over the types of post that I generate and feel it could be a lot easier if I laser target my designation.

On another note, I hit 10 years service with the current company I work with, it was scary to think that I started the work I was doing in 2003 on the 28th October. I’m not sure that I will go another 10 unless my position improves with the organisation. For now I’m happy with my health and happiness.

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