End of Month Traffic Report June 2014

June-2014June has been a much improved month for traffic following on from a very positive May. Increases from May to June are small but visible. The dashboard does indicate some splashes of red and an orange this month but overall it has been a good month with plenty of comment and plenty of reading going on.

One of the benefits this month is that my degree work consisted of a group collaborative project and as such I haven’t had to spend as long catching up on the reading. That is a big boon for my writing and I’ve been able to keep up with the commitments for the most part.

There has been no shortage of writing ideas either and I have covered some fairly mainstream concepts alongside some off the wall topics (that I always like to cover).

June has been a gloriously sunny month with only a few overcast days in England but despite all this, viewing has been steady. It was this good when I first started the blog and I’m starting to move into the zone where I have some direct comparison month on month.

Whilst numbers are now improving (and I’ve had 3 weeks in the past 2 months with 70+ views), they are still rather low in my expectation. This is still an issue of how they are publicized and where they are publicized. I’m still a small fry in a big pond and could potentially not be doing some things right.

Referrals has once again exceeded expectation and has gone purple but as you will read later, some of the total will be subtracted.

Posts this month and how they did

For interest I will mark the posts that were created within the 60 minute challenge bracket. You will be surprised at the results.

In addition you may also be surprised at how many more comments these articles received compared to my normal standard.

How they did:

Post for June 2014 - Blog Prefect

Clearly some did better than others but only time will truly tell what sort of scope these guys have. You have to sometimes see how things work out over time because you might strike it lucky with a particular keyword and you’ll get tons of people looking. It all varies. I’m rather happy by the amount of commenting that is going on. Big thumbs!


The Dashboard

It is a veritable colourfest this month with every colour displayed. On my world famous left hand side it is a bit more of a red picture than a green picture. Once again on the right hand side I’m seeing that rather splendid purple indicating a new record. I place this dashboard result as a small improvement over last month in some areas with a slight slip in others so it gets an orange.

Dashboard Jun14 vs May14

End of Month Traffic Report June 2014 – Core Statistics




ATOS – Average Time on Site, GAF – Provided by Google Analytics

7 minutes 7 seconds or 427 seconds, adverse -30.34%

A bit of a collapse on the figures here and month on month the average seems to yoyo quite regularly so I am not too concerned.

Bounce Rate – Actual Traffic data, not filtered – Provided by Google Analytics

71.98% inverse 7.77%

Despite Semalt’s best efforts to ruin my day with their low quality pings, bounce rate has dropped for the second month in a row. I hope to keep on driving down this figure.

Page Views – Provided by GAF and WordPress stats

WordPress: 211 inverse 15.30%

GAF: 122 inverse 38.64%

A small gain this month but on top of a great month last month. Awesome!

Visits (Now known as sessions) – Provided by GAF and WordPress Stats

WordPress: 149 inverse 12.88%

GAF: 21 inverse 40%

As with Pageviews above, small gains overall but getting better over time. I hope to achieve the same result this month (July).

Visits per Visitor

The visits per visitor figure which is a ratio that is entirely uncontrollable settled on 1.42% this month, a whole 0.03 up from last month. I’ll take it!

Referrals – Provided by WordPress

Yet another purple month by the dashboard stats. Less varied than the last month but overall some good numbers contributing to a new record.

June 2014 referral summary

I still have a beef with Semalt.com which consistently provide ultra low quality views to my site (100% bounce rate every time). It seemed to have increased this month by an additional +4 referrals.

Optimizely should also be struck from the record because I was playing about with it and triggered 2 referral views.


So what?

I have seen a particular problem forming ahead, I have to write an entire month worth of posts up front due to a heavy month of revision in September. Because I felt I let myself down on the exam last year and my blog by not revising effectively and not producing enough content, I have decided to do a ton of work up front. This will leave September free for my revision without compromising my schedule.

I will also be trying to expand my publishing channels and somehow work to include others in this process. At current I am trying to get a fire started under Twitter, with thanks to Steve Wilson from HighPoweredSEO.com for getting me back into the Twitter spirit and my sister who runs a blog at tumblr under jaylikethebird.

My figures are encouraging and roughly in line with the sort of traffic I saw in 2013 for June (albeit with a much lower bounce rate). I expect July to also be a good month.

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2 Comments End of Month Traffic Report June 2014

  1. Mi Muba

    Hi Jackson
    Thanks for sharing detailed analytics which only those can do who have patience to keep moving persistently with letting all know how they are doing.
    Your most of the counts are really awesome especially time on blog and bounce rate both are very impressive. It shows people do have interest in your blog contents and they are taking benefit from it.
    Thanks for sharing this awesome traffic report for both learning and motivation of all.
    Mi Muba recently crafted…10 ways to make money blogging by selling benefitsMy Profile

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Mi Muba!

      Thank you for taking a look at my traffic report! I try and do this more for the benefit of viewers than myself and hope that other people take up this idea so that they can arm themselves with a valuable insight into how their content is working for them. I am by no means making big splashes in the internet pond but the waves are a little bit higher. I obviously want more like everybody but it is interesting to see how things improve over time. Often it takes a lot of perseverance and trying new things.


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