End of Month Traffic Report July 2014

Traffic July 2014

I have a smile on my face because this month has proved to be as fruitful as last month and more. It will prompt me to write an article about green shoots as I believe that time is overdue. But in the meantime I think it is worth mentioning that comparing this month to July 2013, I have almost doubled views and almost tripled visitors so overall it has been pretty fab on that front.

There is some red in the dashboard and it hits a specific watch area of mine that I’ll go back into in more detail.

As a viewer you are going to see some interesting data in the Dashboard as well as the core statistics.

Posts this month and how they did



End of Month Traffic Report July 2014

I hate to see non performers, fortunately I only spent 60 minutes on Actionable advice for Actionable advice.

The stand out performers this month were my fix to Semalt which many people have viewed and 3 habits of successful bloggers which also felt some warmth.


The Dashboard

Dashboard Jul14 vs Jun14

Only one red zone this month makes this by far one of the more glistening months I’ve reported on. Surprisingly I would have thought that July is a month where people would be out enjoying the sunshine but I performed well at this time last year so it is clear that you can’t go by preconceptions of how things might be.

My major concern once again focuses on Google Analytics representation of bounce rate. Currently I am showing 76.08% for July which seems high once again and is up from June. I was hoping to improve by pushing down that number but it hasn’t worked out how I would have hoped.

I have set another purple month for Referrals, up on the last and breaking a new record. Pageviews and Sessions are also in the purple zone which is awesome. This means I’m starting to break the glass ceiling and that encourages me to try harder.

Average Time on Site has risen by a good number so I am happy with this upswing. It is nowhere near my past record but it is an acceptable time for now.

Finally, I checked out the post performers and was presented with another high entry. I had one superstar post this month that rose above the rest and has performed quite well on search engine results so I’m pretty stoked by that.

4 Purples may be hard to top next month!

Introducing Alexa!

No, she’s not my secret lover….

Alexa Rank 31-07-2014

Introducing the Alexa Stats from http://www.alexa.com/! Here is yet another place where you can get some insight on how your site is doing. Alexa varies to some of the other metrics in that it ranks you more on popularity and frequency. As depicted in the box to the left of Global Rank, historical data is not recorded below 100,000.

The crawler from Alexa is sent more often when you update your site more often so bear this in mind!

I’m rather happy with the numbers for the moment. The bounce here is awesome and I’m happy with the Daily Time on Site figure too. 2.8 views per daily visitor aren’t bad either. Score the board. And yes, I am down 9,429,706 on the last 3 months.

To put this into context, before I started the increase in frequency, my site was trading around the 5,000,000 mark so recently it has taken a big efficiency spike. I much prefer the representation of bounce rate on this site compared to Google Analytics info. 3.10% is insane!


End of Month Traffic Report July 2014 – Core Statistics




ATOS – Average Time on Site, GAF – Provided by Google Analytics

8 minutes or 480 seconds, inverse 12.41%

A good recovery on last month with an upshoot of 53 seconds on the average and with more viewers within that average.

Bounce Rate – Actual Traffic data, not filtered – Provided by Google Analytics

76.04% adverse 4.06%

Unfortunately the bounce rate has returned to the wrong side of my danger level which is a concern. I was hoping to tilt it the other way.

Page Views – Provided by GAF and WordPress stats

WordPress: 237 inverse 12.32%

GAF: 145 inverse 18.85%

Another strong gain this month with GAF figures bulging. Double Awesome with a month on month increase!

Visits (Now known as sessions) – Provided by GAF and WordPress Stats

WordPress: 157 inverse 5.37%

GAF: 34 inverse 61.9%

As with Pageviews above, small gains overall but getting better over time. I hope to achieve the same result this month (August). Sorry, this is somewhat of a cut and past job from the last month mostly because these figures fall on the uncontrollable side. The GAF figure is more impressive and signals that I am attracting more “quality” visitors.

Visits per Visitor

The visits per visitor figure which is a ratio that is entirely uncontrollable settled on 1.47% this month, a whole 0.05 up from last month. I’ll take it!

Referrals – Provided by WordPress

Referrals July 2014

Yet another purple month by the dashboard stats. Less varied than the last month but overall some good numbers contributing to a new record. Some interesting new entries this month and I like the green shoots I’m seeing.

So What!

The danger of good months is that they can make you complacent from trying harder. I have a number of areas that need tightening up because they are either weakly performing or not generating to the levels I’d be more comfortable in.

One of my key aims is to ensure that every article is read by at least one person and seeing a failure this month does not pass this grade. In July the majority of shorter posts in the 60 minute category has been much reduced as compared to June. Higher weighted articles generally perform better over a longer period. I have also found that my how to articles (especially those of critical importance) earn much more traffic than those where I go a bit theoretical. I’ve notice particular weak take up to articles that feature extensive personal experiences even though many of the bigger bloggers indicate that this is a good strategy (it isn’t working for me).

Referral traffic whilst gathering a bit more warmth, isn’t galloping away. I haven’t had any viral success yet and would like some but know that my content has got to be smoking hot!

I also saw a weakening of traffic moving into early August. This is mostly because a lot of my time is now swallowed with OU, my new Girlfriend and general living so I’ve got to be more efficient with my use of time. I’ve had to get up early on many occasions to try and fit more in and it is a constant juggling act.

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4 Comments End of Month Traffic Report July 2014

  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Jackson,

    Congrats dude! I’ve enjoyed watching your growth from afar – from Fiji – actually, as you continually share neat themed topic with your unique delivery.

    I hear you on being complacent; guard against it to keep growing.

    For me, I’m detaching more from outcomes each day to gradually raise the bar without trying harder. This means I’m intending to make more of an impact with each person I’m chatting with online and as I do this, these strong bonds will grow my presence, as I’m less and less focused trying to do this myself.

    Thanks for the share Jackson.

    Keep up the great work/play.


    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for your comment all the way from Fiji!! Guarding against complacency is important because you can so easily drop the ball and have to invest a lot of time returning to a place you felt was secure. I’ve learnt this especially with social media where people can forget you quickly (owing to the hypercompetition sea).

      I have seen some green shoots using your technique of growing bonds, I need to try harder though and will have more time in early October! 🙂 It was actually your frequency of posting that encouraged me to change up my strategy, and I’ve seen a massive improvement based on that so thanks Ryan!

      Best wishes to you!


  2. Mi Muba

    Hi Jackson
    I am much impressed by the miraculous bounce rate of almost 3% of your blog. You can write a separate post cum tutorial how did you achieve this exceptional benchmark.
    You published 14 posts in a month with quite a good feedback on them it is itself a great achievement.
    Your Alex rank in UK is also awesome and getting this level is everybody’s dream.
    Thanks a lot for sharing your very inspirational traffic report which made me to rethink traffic strategy of my blog 🙂
    Mi Muba recently crafted…6 popular strategies to make money bloggingMy Profile

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Mi Muba,

      Thanks for commenting first of all!

      That bounce rate is quite phenomenol (without blowing my own trumpet), it is odd how Google Analytics can vary so much in comparison. The tutorial on how to get this might be a long time in coming because I’m not really sure how I suceeded in doing this. I’m not sure what the magic formula was but I definitely felt more in control this month.

      I have seen some of your articles with an excess of 50 comments and I am very envious 🙂 Having said that, I’m pretty stoked that a number of my articles get comment love from genuine passers by. I have noticed an increase in spam comments since I changed Captcha types but I have seen more enthusiasm by others to be brave and wade in with their thoughts which is the whole point of why we are here.

      I have found in particular since writing more frequently that I’m able to experiment with content and find topics and styles that do and don’t work without damaging the experience for the audience.

      I hope to keep working on this and am sure that over time the numbers are going to get even better. I’d also like to thank you for giving me inspiration at times because I find that many of your articles really have something special about them so it is always a pleasure for me to make a comment on your blog posts.

      One thing I would say is that Alexa can be misleading sometimes. For people who come in over 100,000 in the rankings world wide, the data is a little bit more sketchy. I sincerely doubt that the keywords you see as my most common entry are actually the ones that people most commonly locate me by.

      As you may tell, I have a lot of fun putting the end of month report together. I am a stat fan (junkie) and I am toying with changing over to Clicky next year.


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