End of Month Traffic Report: July 2013

The traffic report is going to become a feature on Blog Prefect as I’ve been using my traffic data to some useful effect. Unfortunately for next month the first view I’m likely to get is on the 2nd September because I have imposed a Cold Turkey from all analytics to better focus on producing sterling content for this site. The data I’m going to be showing is an extrapolation of information from Google Analytics and WordPress.com Stats. I have been recording data on Webalizer and AWstats as well but this information is slightly less useful than the form pair.


Anomalies and Anomalous data

Before I begin to properly go through this report I have to inform you of an important fact about data. Data in itself is fine but often there is a chance of anomalies. These anomalies are a fact of life, because no matter how perfect a programmer has created a monitoring tool, certain influencing factors will skew figures.

Obviously as a good website and blog owner occasionally I have tested my pages to make sure that the posts are legible and don’t produce the dreaded 404 based errors. I’ve also occasionally gone back to edit some posts with updated links. WordPress.com stats don’t differentiate between test views and real views so although I’m quite happy about my stats there are some anomalies. The highest page view of the month is actually all me. I was in the process of physically printing a load of pages out and viewed 25 pages. That is 25 views and 1 visitor that I can chop off the result.

Google Analytics handles these anomalies better than the WordPress stats and following my Zero Second Bounce article I have introduced some useful advanced segment filters which work effectively at screening out my anomalous information. As a recap of what Zero Second Bounce is; it is the phenomenon where people appear to have visited the site but have not registered any time on site, therefore a visitor’s average time on page was < 0. My filter also filters out local views from Crawley (but I may have to rethink this and block out certain IP addresses in future). At this stage I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has taken a look even if it has only been for 30 seconds.

The End of Month Report

As I’m new to blogging there is no way I can tell if what I am seeing is good or not. I would admit it is not as good as it could be but it is hard to be critical straight off the bat.



WordPress Stats = 122

Google Analytics after “ActualTraffic” Filter = 64


WordPress Stats = 52

Google Analytics after “ActualTraffic” Filter = 18

Average time on site

Google Analytics after “ActualTraffic” Filter = 10 minutes 22 seconds


WordPress Stats Demographics for last 30 days.

Demographics July 2013 WP

WordPress Stats Demographics

Google Analytics 1st July – 31st July.

Demographics July 2013 GA

Google Analytics Demographics with ActualTraffic filter

Traffic Source

I don’t get as deep a field of view from WordPress.com Stats although it does give a lot of good information on referrals and search terms. Direct is best supplied by Google Analytics.

Traffic Sources July GA

Google Analytics Traffic Sources


Google Analytics after ActualTraffic Filter = 9


WordPress stats last 30 days shown below (38)

Referral July WP

WordPress Referral info for the last 30 days.

Google Analytics after ActualTraffic Filter = 7


Google Analytics after ActualTraffic Filter = 2

Paid Search

I have no paid search at this time so am unlikely to generate any meaningful data for this.


Content July 2013 GA

Google Analytics Content Information – July 2013

There are no big shocks for content. I’m fairly happy with the results for the moment. Zero Second Bounce is the winner in terms of individual posts. I think this is because of the long tail but genuinely it was a good icebreaker for the Google Analytics Community on Google+ and created a little bit of buzz. It is surprising that some of my older content has been churned up. My aim is to put a bit more on my public profile of Google+ to get a second bite of the cherry. I now have nearly 200 people with me in a circle so hopefully I should see a boost.


Going on I will try and better publicise my work as I need more velocity out of some of the posts that I write. As I am entering an analytic cold turkey month (see my next post). I will not be obsessing with my data. As such my next update on traffic will not be coming out until 2nd September at the earliest. I will continue to try and write involving posts on Google+ and try and be friendly, opinionated and joyous.

How did your first full month go? Was it below expectations? What did you learn? Please share in the comments below.

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