End of Month Traffic Report January 2016 – June 2016

FordMustangUnsplashWelcome to 6 months of statistical roundup for BlogPrefect.com. Normally I would opt to publish this kind of post monthly. Due to a low post count over the past couple of months I felt it better to roll up the period into one big analysis.

As you will see later in this article, April and May were difficult months for the site, owed entirely to inactivity. June recovery month has been firing on all cylinders trying to recover lost ground and has definitely shown an improvement overall.

June was a particularly happy month owing to BlogPrefect’s 3rd birthday. I made sure that I celebrated this time.

USA stats over the past 3 years

The date of publish is July 4th, Independence day in America. Whilst BlogPrefect does cater to a worldwide audience, statistically North Americans make up the core of my monthly views, hands down. Everyone is welcome here but I’d just like to stop a moment and look at my biggest supporters in 3 years.



Data from 14th June 2013 to 20th June 2016 *Note that 2014 figures are exaggerated owing to a advertising campaign run predominantly for the USA audience during February of 2014.

A big thank you to all Americans, whatever state you are from! I hope you have a happy Independence Day. 🙂

The shackles are now off!

I handed in my final project on the 25th May. This means that I can dedicate more of my time to taking care of business on my blogs and I’ve identified a lot of areas to focus on.

If you have been a long time viewer of blogprefect.com, or more specifically the stats presented in this long-term feature, you’ll know that I’m not a big player yet. I haven’t been able to commit as much time as I’ve truly wanted to, due to being shackled by my University study. Study and real life has eaten into my progress considerably as I work a full time job and often have a lot to juggle. Now it has become a great deal easier.

Knowing where to focus has not been an easy task. There are so many areas that need to be tweaked that I need to look at the whole strategically. For the month of June I targeted the theme of “Restart” as I felt it was a topic worth exploring.

Shout Outs

I have two shout outs to make this period for people who have been inspiring to me over the past 6 months.

Firstly I’d like to thank Ahmad Imran for his continued support. Ahmad often provides a great sense of balance of thought to my articles and I know that he’ll always provide me with a view tempered with insight and pointers. I enjoy our continued conversations and look forward to continuing a relationship with Ahmad long into the foreseeable future.

You can find Ahmad at www.reasontouse.com and via Twitter at @reasontouse

Second is Eli Seekins. Eli is another inspirational writer who has some great ideas on his blog and is a very inclusive, energetic character. I look forward to connecting more with Eli. I am particularly envious of the resource page he has set up so I recommend you go and check that out.

I was recently asked to provide some sage thoughts among some other practiced hands over on launchyourdream.com. There are indeed 143 Fatal Mistakes New Bloggers Need to Avoid.

You can find Eli at launchyourdream.com and via Twitter @eliseekins

For the month of June

I’d like to thank two newcomers to the comments:-

Tony from UsefulPCGuide.com

Marty Rogers from Trooxy.com

How You can Contribute and Appear in this Shout Out in Future

Through supporting me at BlogPrefect, you can provide valuable feedback or just have a great conversation with me. I’m always in search of ideas to cover so a suggestion for an article is welcome. I have no issues with giving credit where credit is due and community is an important element for this blog.

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End of Month Traffic Report January 2016 – June 2016

It has been a long while since I last posted a monthly statistics report. The last was for December 2015. In their heyday I was publishing a traffic report every month but over time, as I got thinner on actual content, the reports were concatenated in order to not appear as the only piece of content each month.

I had a key issue in that one blog post was fueling the whole site’s traffic but it was not on topic. After removing that content, there was a catastrophic dip in overall traffic. 2016 is therefore measured as a big slide compared to how I’ve performed in the past but at least the content now is more relevant than it was before.


Dashboards are my bread and butter for the traffic report. I opted to create these to make a quickly visible way of determining what has gone well and what has gone bad. The GAF definition below is important in that I run a segmentation. This segmentation will always make raw statistics from Google Analytics look bad but it is something I recommend that everybody generates when looking at their own data. Because I use computers with different IPs, I don’t tend to use a filter to remove my own pollution of views. I exclude the general vicinity of Crawley where I both live and work.

The Measures

The dashboard has 3 zones totaling 7 measures.

The “Meaningful” side provides me good pure data. I know that on this side I have some form of control. I can control how long my articles are which has an impact on ATOS or Actual Time on Site. I can reduce the total amount of old content people have to search and conversely increase the number of new content in my new measure of Old Vs New. Post Performers can be impacted by the level of social hustle I perform. The more and the better that hustle is, the better the overall score (however, there is a problem with this stat in that anything published towards the end of the month has little chance of becoming a post performer whereas the first post of the month has a much higher chance).

The “Uncontrollable” side is in the hands of the visitor. All three statistic sets on this side of the fence are entirely with the audience. The only possible way I could have effect on this is to broaden and engage that audience more.

The “Instinctive” centre line is much like a voice from the heart. “Gut feel” has no tangible value but is shaded by the measures and how I felt I did.

I always followup the dashboard with a simple analysis of referrals.

GAF Filter


Dashboard Jan16 vs Dec15

January stats start out well overall with good numbers in all of the areas. Post Performers whilst low, has not slumped from the previous month. Of particular note is the ATOS (Actual Time On Site) figure for the segmentation, which charts readers at 11 minutes 4 seconds – a good reading time.

Note: Old Vs New has been entered for the first time and I have decided not to compare it to December figures from 2015. Old Vs New counts the view count from old posts vs the articles posted that month.


Referrals saw an overall rise in numbers from December 2015. Bing has been making a bigger show than it used to. I like to see a spread of non-Google Search engine love. The only unusual referral is the Nintendo search result from Japan but I have a good idea why this is where it is.

Overall Search Engine results rule. No change to normal.


Dashboard Feb16 vs Jan16

February is where the 2016 decay starts. At this time I am deep into the final run down to my final degree module so my time is very much divided. The only saving grace is one post that does considerably better than the previous month.

ATOS has almost halved which is of concern and is linked with a page view crash of over a quarter from the segmentation.


Google search sees a shrink but there are a still a variety of referrals this month.


Dashboard Mar16 vs Feb16

March shows a period of warmth despite having a dreadful Post Performer. You have to bear in mind that this post performer was posted on the last day of the month.

Page Views in the segmentation were up on February but not in a barn storming sense. The same was also true for Visits Vs Visitors. Old Vs New was a proverbial “fait accompli”.

ATOS was better but not significantly better and nowhere near the start of the year’s level but was still a 2 minute improvement on February. I’ll take it.


There is now a noticeable shrink on referrals which has occurred for the 2nd month in a row. Search results still take the mammoth share.


Dashboard Apr16 vs Mar16

April saw the deployment of the first sad face of the year. Referrals saw the heaviest dip alongside Old versus New. Work on the blog was suspended owing to Study work. It was unavoidable.

The truth is that I probably could have developed at least one post for this month and should have. I found it difficult even to check in with my blogging friend Ahmad Imran over at Reasontouse.com.

And you can guess that if the dashboard was bad, the referrals would be bad in unison.


The surprising statistic here was for Bing’s search. Backlinks and other social referrals were chronically missing this month.


Dashboard May16 vs Apr16

May without a shadow of a doubt is 2016’s worst month. The Page Views and Referrals numbers are at an all time low in line with a drought in content for 2 months. The only upbeat element was the fact that one of the measures was orange but the drawback was the only measure that was “not negative” was the least meaningful.

I could have countered this if I had some pre-written content for a rainy day period. As it happens I had nothing that was suitable for this dry spell. I finished my degree module on the 25th May by handing in the final assignment 2 days prior to the cutoff.


This is one of the lowest referral tallies in a long period. As can be seen, all data points towards search engine entry only. There are no social or backlink related referrals in this makeup.


Dashboard Jun16 vs May16

All green which was not without some hard work on my part to bring the numbers back from the cliff. I can’t rest on my laurels with these numbers. Whilst they are a return to form, overall, June is still low compared to January. I need to do better going forwards.

5 articles were posted during this month which meant that the Old Vs New category was bound to see a difference. Post Performer was good but I need to beat my current record which is 67, on a regular basis. These small numbers won’t cut it any more.

ATOS is much better with an 82% increase on May. This is definitely going in the right direction. Visits vs Visitors is double what it was so also a great achievement.


Referrals were an improvement but still way down on the peak from last year of 757. The 757 target is a lofty goal and one that I am not going to be able to bridge the gap for in a month. I could cheat, as I did in February 2014, buying traffic. I learnt that the returns were low quality and therefore low value.

Something else worth mentioning for June was the adjustment of views per visitor.

WordPress Stats for BlogPrefect.com Since August 2015.

WordPress Stats for BlogPrefect.com Since August 2015.

June has a much healthier Views per Visitor number of 1.71 on average. May at the floor of the data was at a meager 1.25 and the record lowest month for the year was March with 1.16. This gives June the bigger top hat.


I think you can agree from how June came to pass that simply by stepping off the gas can be very damaging for blogging momentum. You can clearly see how in April and May where there was no content published that viewing figures shelved to the kind of numbers seen years ago.

Since returning to form with consistency, June has seen not only improved dashboard statistics but a 10% drop in bounce rate. It goes to show that if you keep hammering away at the issue eventually you’ll pick up to running speed then growth.



It’s been a bumpy 6 months for the opening half of 2016. I hope to show a much more positive swing for the second half in which I can capitalise on a renewed amount of time available to dedicate to the ongoing projects I have in place. For the month of July I’m going to be focusing on the broad topic of emails.

I think that the most on topic article that covers the conclusion to this month is Blogging Momentum.

An important lesson is not losing hope. Some bloggers, after two months away, might look back at what they have to do to regain old ground and lose motivation. I hope to have proven that you can make a recovery.

Future Adjustments

June marked a turning point for BlogPrefect.com. In order to get the blog restarted I made a grand effort to produce articles every week in order to maintain an even-handed pace. I aim to keep the blog producing weekly posts from now on in order to maintain good forward momentum.

Posts are still not performing in line with the effort I spend in writing them. This is always a cause for concern. My ultimate goal, to see a positive step forwards in content production, would be to see each article cater for 300 views at minimum. As yet, I’m not sure how I am going to reach that target. In my June month, some of my articles have performed weakly and I’m sure that is in no small part down to the small following I have.

I need to reassess my marketing mix. Marketing for blogging is a rich tapestry of components. Big Wig Bloggers tend to win big by having complex chains of networks which work in unison to reinforce a tribe mentality within a readership.

I believe I also need to hustle more and as part of that I am reviewing some of my core tactics. An article is in the works that will drop in August about how I’ve hustled a 6% increase to my stats over June.

How To Contribute

Through supporting me at BlogPrefect, you can provide valuable feedback or just have a great conversation with me. I’m always in search of ideas to cover so a suggestion for an article is welcome. I have no issues with giving credit where credit is due and community is an important element for this blog.

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  • Ford Mustang via Pixabay by UnSplash
  • WordPress stat images provided by WordPress Dashboard
  • All other images are the property of BlogPrefect.com

2 Comments End of Month Traffic Report January 2016 – June 2016

  1. Ahmad Imran

    Jackson, thanks for your kind words and a mention, I appreciate it. I enjoy reading your blog and to be honest, there are many insights you provide which I can relate to .

    I am sure you will pull your numbers back and we can already see the twist in June numbers. If there is anything I can do, or to discuss, let me know. Cheers. Good luck.
    Ahmad Imran recently crafted…My Story of Personal Blogging – Days 601 to 700My Profile

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Ahmad!

      I hope you are well and thanks for commenting. Thank you also for your contributions over the whole period, it has helped me immensely.

      I undoubtedly will be coming by you for a chat soon but in the meantime please keep on commenting. It helps! 🙂


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