End of Month Traffic Report – January 2014

End of Month Traffic Report - January 2014

I continue the time-honoured tradition of producing this traffic report for yet another interesting month of Blog Prefect Traffic.

There is quite a lot going on, quite a lot of new jazz (not old jazz). I have experimented with a few things and I have termed 2014 as the year of both Experimentation and of Strategy.

As a change of format this month I am going to display the posts I wrote and published. January was a fairly productive posting month in comparison to some previous bad performing months in 2013.

Post List:

In terms of WordPress Stats, here are how these 9 posts performed:

  • Post #1 – 12 views
  • Post #2 – 2 views
  • Post #3 – 1 view
  • Post #4 – 1 view
  • Post #5 – 13 views
  • Post #6 – 17 views
  • Post #7 – 0 views
  • Post #8 – 1 view
  • Post #9 – 2 views

It doesn’t look like a great result for all that effort but some of those articles have done considerably better than I had anticipated. Those with minor hits probably didn’t resonate with the audience for one or more reasons and I suspect content choice, image and title use or a lack of trend were to blame.

My most successful article this month was the one that required the least effort by me. It was a series of shared YouTube videos put together as a cognitive piece. It was also a topic that was on “trend”.

My least successful article was the one most personal to me. The topic may have been a bit dry for others to view and may not have matched the target audience. It is interesting to see what people do and don’t click on to read. I always find it fascinating.

The End of Month Traffic Report – January 2014

EoMTR GAF Average time on Site is a good measure for me. If you’ve read any of the previous reports you’ll know that I have recently re-evaluated what is important in terms of the various metrics on offer. Marketers for business find conversions to be most prime in their calculations, everything else is somewhat secondary. For me people taking time to read what I’ve read is important.

ATOS = 15 Minutes 2 SecondsAdverse 59 Seconds, -5.94%

Pageviews is the second most important factor in measuring effectiveness.

  • WordPress = 114, +40 inverse, Up 54.05%
  • Google Analytics with GAF = 77, +31 inverse, Up 67.39%

Bounce Rate is the look of how effective those page views were. GAF separates the weak from the strong in this regard. GAF records bounce rate at 0% whereas the unfiltered results give the bounce rate picture.

Bounce Rate = 76.67% Adverse 3% 

This is notably higher than last month. I consider 80% to be danger territory so I need to make my content more relevant and somehow reduce the bounce. This has also a fair bit to do with my audience targeting strategy and how people find themselves on the site. I know that some of the images that people come for having nothing to do with my ideal target audience and they are the people who are forcing up my bounce rate.


  • WordPress = 75 +35 inverse, Up 87.5%
  • Google Analytics with GAF = 13 +5 inverse, Up 62.5%

Highest Visitor total ever recorded in Blog Prefect History on WordPress. Second highest GAF total of current history. I definitely did better this month!

Referrals are well reported on the WordPress Site stats. I’ve had a fair few this month.

  • 21 Google+
  • 9 Google Search
  • 7 Google Image Search
  • 3 Bing
  • 2 Yahoo Search
  • 2 Theoldreader.com
  • 1 Angryjoeshow.com
  • 1 Dailypost.wordpress.com
  • 1 LeavingWorkBehind.com


I’m upbeat by the results and yet I know I can do better. Normally I might stretch into an almighty pantheon about where I could have done things better but all in all January was a very committed month. Some of my posts fell flat on their face which disappoints me considerably but such is life. Next month is going to be considerably different as I am going to be enacting some notably different strategies.

You’ll begin to see a marked change in my traffic report following these amendments. The 2014 Gamble is key to this change and in part will drive some of my change in strategy.

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2 Comments End of Month Traffic Report – January 2014

    1. Jackson Davies

      Thanks for your valued comment Ryan!

      I thoroughly agree that being transparent is the best way to be. After 6 months my thoughts on blogging have changed quite considerably but I enjoy it all the more. It’s an exciting world out there!!

      Occasionally I’ve been drifting slightly off my core topics to test the water in some other larger communities to A/ see if I can produce content that is of value and B/ try to stir up a bit more traffic.

      In terms of meeting new people, I do need to meet some more who I interact with more regularly. I have a great many ideas on such value based exchanges such as comment trading, mutual sharing and general hints and tips.

      I notice that you use a whole lot more in terms of video media in your blog. How is that working out for you? One of my most successful posts during January, on Blog Prefect, was an article that involved a number of YouTube videos. The article was an exposure on the trouble that people are having with the agressive changes to the Content ID Manager. I hope you haven’t been affected by that change. I plan to experiment more with this form of media in the coming months.


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