End of month traffic report August 2015

JAG XFGetting into the swing of things can be difficult but I knew that I had to lay down a few articles to start pointing the ship in the right direction. August hasn’t been a stellar month but I expected it would be rough getting back into things.


I’ve had a number of distractions this month. I seem to watch an ever-increasing amount of YouTube videos which is a problem. I have had a particularly addictive game which has also leached a lot of my attention in the shape of AdVenture Capitalist. I’ve also been writing a lot.


I’ve been working hard on Twitter trying out different methods of enticing people to my work. I haven’t had much in the way of success so far and as you’ll see further below in my “Referrals” section, there was no Twitter take up last time out. I’ve been using Buffer to schedule these bad boys which does allow me some piece of mind in the fact that I know that the article is being delivered at a good time of day (rather than stupid’o’clock when I’ve finished it).

Shout Outs

As shocking as this is I’ve got nobody to thank this month. There were no comments on any of my articles and very little sharing or other beneficial activities within the communities. Whilst writing this I am aware that September will be a different story but one of the principle aims of a blog is to provide a community with quality info and if I’m not serving that purpose then the stats are meaningless compared to the true aim.

You can contribute in many ways as a visitor to my site and as much as I don’t like criticism, it is an adult thing to accept and rake over. You can contact me in numerous channels through Google+, Twitter, via this site’s email address and the comments below.

Twitter:- @blogprefect

Google+:- +Jackson Davies

Site’s email:- headboy (at) blogprefect.com – Also available in the contact page.

How did the posts do?

Quite a sparse offering this month.

The obligatory End of month report featured but this time it was a roll up from February to July owing to my long time out.

How to Return to a neglected blog performed better and I spent a considerable time on this article.

TweeteAttacks Pro Spammed my Twitter was a spur of the moment article so I didn’t expect too big a splash for this post.


Alexa Stats

Alexa Stats for this period is a sad story. The numbers are not good and I’ve decided not to include a screen shot at this time. Some numbers are recovering but overall the site has dipped below a level I had seen it grow to. Previously I had managed to chart in the top million on Alexa and am now sinking back to nearly 5 million.


All of the data is now estimated as the bots don’t come back often enough. The only way to see these figures change is to post more and ensure more people view each item. That is not something I can sustain at this time.


GAF Filter

Just a reminder of what all of the 7 measures represent:

  • ATOS: Actual Time On Site. This is always measured through the Analytic Filter as set above.
  • Bounce Rate: This is measured as the base result with no filters. Statistically on blogs this figure is always quite high compared to other sites like Amazon and eBay based on the habits of visitors. ¬†Achieving lower bounce is however a good thing as it means that more visitors are having a look around rather than being satisfied by the one thing they came to look at.
  • Post Performers: This is a measure of how well the best post released in the month of the sample did. The higher the better. This does not account for posts that were released in prior months which have gained some momentum.
  • Gut Feel: This is a personal measure (mine) of how well the site did and an overall feel of the direction.
  • Referrals: The results are taken from WordPress stats (which I sometimes class as unscientific due to how WordPress filters information and bots) which cover a multitude of sources. I always find it interesting to see where visitors are coming from.
  • Page Views: This is the classic measure that many people found particularly important years ago but “hits” aren’t necessarily a good indication of how things are going because you can have a lot of hits but your audience might not be performing the right actions. I include page views to get an idea of how traffic is moving. This is a filtered result which aims to catch those people I would class as having a mild interest.
  • Visits vs Visitors: The final measure determines the rough ratio of visits to visitors. This measure has the filter applied.

Dashboard Aug15 vs Jul15

Actual time on site is an all time record at 20 Minutes and 1 seconds. Very encouraging. Bounce rate is on the way back down. Post performers are up on July but at a low. Referrals has halved in one month due to a downturn in interest on my big hitting post. GAF Page views are down by a third and visits vs visitors are also down.


Referrals, previously on a huge high, has settled back to a number that I used to see far more frequently last year. It seems clear that my particularly popular post is becoming less popular which is something I come to expect as a normal trend. Whilst the afterglow hasn’t died completely it doesn’t burn as bright as it did before.



August was a recovery month so has been tough going in areas but rosier than June. I look to get back in the driving seat for September.

Open University and the case of returning back to the Final Module

Sadly I’m back into the study again mostly because I failed my economics module and have no real interest in submitting the final project again in a subject I lost all love for. The module was a complete waste and I should have picked the module that I have already started in Design and Innovation which matches what I’m doing perfectly at the moment.

For the blog this means a reduced posting schedule but I pledge to write at least one post per month in addition to the traffic report.

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