End of Month Traffic Report: August 2013

August hasn’t gone as well as June or July for a number of reasons but predominantly because I haven’t been able to write consistently during the period. Due to a ramp up in my requirement for my 5th assignment for my degree my writing time has taken a hit and will continue to do so into September. As annoying as this is, this is just the way the cookie crumbles so with regret to my readers (and from the data there isn’t a ground swell of loyal ones) I will remain sparse and accidental for some time. There is reason to be cheerful for all, after my exam I will be reactivated for combat and I’m really going to hit it hard.

I should also mention that I observed an Analytic Cold Turkey during the month of August and this may have some correlation to my results.


On a warm and happy note I would like to celebrate my first legitimate comment and although it seems odd to hold this up as a success it is! It only took 70 days from the 14th June. My hope is to make sure I get more in future in less than 70 days.

Without further ado let’s take a look at the numbers.

End of Month Report

I’ve given an acronym to Google Analytics with my Actual Traffic Filter so as to save on some real estate for words below. This is displayed as GAF. GAF represents the truest figure based on what Google Analytics has recorded as a true page indent. The filter removes a phenomenon I’ve termed as ZSB or Zero Second Bounce where the visitor has made no page indent or 0 seconds on page.



WordPress Stats = 83 (last month 122) -41 adverse (-32%)
GAF = 63 (last month 67) -4 adverse (-6%)


WordPress Stats = 26 (last month 52) -26 adverse (-50%)
GAF = 6 (last month 10) -4 adverse (-40%)

A big slide of visitors this month over last.

Average time on site

GAF = 564 seconds or 9 minutes 24 seconds (last month 622 seconds or 10 minutes 22 seconds) -58 seconds adverse (-9%)


WordPress Stats Demographics for last 30 days.

August Viewers

August Viewers

Google Analytics 1st August – 31st August.


GAF – Geo Information

Traffic Source

I don’t get as deep a field of view from WordPress.com Stats although it does give a lot of good information on referrals and search terms. Direct is best supplied by Google Analytics.


Traffice Sources


GAF = 5 (last month 9) adverse -4


  • WordPress stats = 16
  • GAF = 8


GAF = 0



August Content viewed (not a list of the actual content)

As there was less overall content this month the reasons surrounding my lack of contact may be more clear.


It has been a hard month this month. Most of my tinkering has been at the technical level so as readers may notice I’ve changed themes. The previous theme was awful in reflection and I much prefer this cleaner look. I had a major success with some php coding which has rectified a problem with Trackbacks and Pingbacks.

I’m happier with my content as it feels a lot more refined than where I started from. I still haven’t found my centre in terms of what I should be writing about and this may form some of my heartache.

Changes Made:

I no longer have a repeating title in my posts. I went back through all of my past posts and rectified this problem. This was a lengthy process.

I made an amendment to the theme code to remove the featured image at the top and stop the title repeating with a linked title. This was quite an easy fix.

Successes & Gripes:

I’ve been using Google+ happily for a while now and still love it. There has been some consternation by certain more experienced bloggers that Google+ doesn’t drive traffic on sites. I would say that is categorically untrue because the puny amount of traffic that is referred to my site in the majority comes from Google+. As such the writing involves a lot more topics that revolve around Google+. I have a great need to add a whole lot more time to my G+ strategy but I feel very optimistic about the system and on average gain about 4 new followers a day.

As I feel that I can contribute and that I am getting good interaction this empowers me to move forward. I do have some issues with Google+ which I need to address. Circle administration is one. I also need to understand more around # tags and how to use them effectively. I also plan to steal a little strategy from Ana Hoffmann’s TrafficGenerationCafé databanks in order to add a bit of mocha flavour to my Google+ Public Relations. Stay tuned for more.

Facebook is entirely stationary although I prefer the post output in comparison to Twitter. I find the image situation is not entirely helpful, Facebook can’t handle certain image sizes well. It seems to like squares better for the preview pane and will ignore the featured image.

Twitter is somewhat dead at the moment and I’ve not been tweeting, there isn’t the breadth of people in the right circle tweeting about the right things so I am never going to succeed unless I commit a better strategy of adding followers and being active.

My email attached to the domain has been hideously underused. I should be sending from this mailbox in future. This may draw people in. Fingers crossed!

I stripped off all my social media buttons as I hated the plugin I had, I need to rework these in the new theme. This is going to be a bit of a project. It is not going to be tabled just yet as I need to address some other work first.

I have many times harped on about the need for a better archive in my development journal. This will be another project. I found a good guide on WPBeginner which I’ll be following. It involves a plugin which sounds quite good. The generic archive structure on basic themes is simple and doesn’t look good on screen.

How do you best recover from a poor showing?

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