End of Month Traffic Report November 2014

Traffic November 2014November for many is a busy time! It can also be an expensive one. I took my final 5 days of annual leave during the 24th – 28th, enjoying some time up in London with my girlfriend and just generally making the best use of 5 days (with some lazy mornings thrown in). November overall has been a light offering from Blog Prefect with only 2 posts published. This is below my standard minimum of 4 per month and the lowest output so far for the Blog. I haven’t seen the crash of traffic that I might normally see however, and the time I put into each post has paid out much better than on previous months, quality has definitely out-trumped quantity this time out.

A Shout Out

Thanks once again to Andrew Warner of Shadeofinfo.com for your epic content and interest.

Thanks to Saikat Hazra of socialnetworkingking.com for your comment!

Thanks to Brian Ciampa of brianciampa.com and @brianciampa for your social sharing this month!

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Post listing


This was the month of 2 posts, shock, horror! The slow down had come about for many reasons but had been particularly sparked by a need to work smarter on what I am pushing out. I have been grateful to receive another subscriber to my mailing list and move on with providing value and good quality content. The EOMTR is the basic stable of blog prefect’s monthly remit so is provided as standard. The other post was created in response to Andrew Warner’s article from shadeofinfo.com. I had more drafts in the works but none were in a place where I was happy to release them.

The Dashboard

Dashboard Nov14 vs Oct14
Despite being quite a weedy month in terms of a reduction in overall content, this month has performed better than last month with 4 fewer posts in most of the key areas. So if that is anything to go by, quantity isn’t always king. Post performers as a factor, is in a particularly happy place. It is not the highest value for the year but is a good improvement on where the number has floated.

Bounce rate has crept right back up into the red zone again and yet continues to be conflicting with the following Alexa stats.


Alexa Stats


The tumble has continued owing to the low post rate at the moment. I would like to halt this decline before I poke back over the 1M mark as I had made a good stab into the numbers this year.

Some more positive information is provided by this element of the Alexa Rank:


This is a good number so I am happy with this progress. 🙂

End of Month Traffic Report November 2014 – Core Statistics


ATOS – Average Time on Site, GAF – Provided by Google Analytics

8 minutes 9 seconds or 489 seconds, inverse 28.68%

Up another fair shake on the last two months. Excellent 🙂

Bounce Rate – Actual Traffic data, not filtered – Provided by Google Analytics

83.33% inverse 4.16%

In the danger zone once again above my happy safety valve level of 80% for GA figures. I will have to monitor this level. As always Alexa indicates a much different figure than the one presented by Google.

Page Views – Provided by GAF and WordPress stats

WordPress:  967 inverse 455.75%

GAF: 67 inverse 4.69%

WordPress stats have gone nuts this month, I’ll go into this in a bit more detail in my summary. GAF was up by a small degree which is a good indicator that visitors were slightly more engaged this month than last.

Visits (Now known as sessions) – Provided by GAF and WordPress Stats

WordPress: 368 inverse 178.79%

GAF: 22 adverse -15.38%

A very small dip on the GAF front this month but when numbers are this small it is quite noticeable in percentage drop. WordPress stats are loco and I’ll go into more detail about those shortly.

Visits per Visitor

2.63 but……… …..there was some odd goings on this month.

Referrals – Provided by WordPress


There has been a predominant success with Google Search and it is nice to see other Search engines represented. Twitter is the surprise because it is starting to get close to Google+ numbers with much fewer followers. I have spending more time attending to Twitter over the last couple of months and this is noticeable within the climbing numbers of referrals.

So What!

Firstly the somewhat anomalous WordPress blip

I noticed a large blip between the 7th – 17th November with a large upswing in visitors and views on WordPress. The numbers were much larger than they have been in months and on 1 day I received more views than I have in my best performing month. These views however were relatively low quality and didn’t even register on Google Analytics.


I would love a true increase of that sort of scale but it was clearly anomalous data triggered by some sort of crawl on my site. I noticed tons of my posts getting checked out at fairly regular intervals indicating an automated activity. This activity was clearly something WordPress could not filter out. Fortunately I had some data along this line to compare from a previous paid advertising campaign I trialed at the start of the year and they seemed similar in behaviour. The peaks occurred on the 15th, 16th and 17th and after that point the data returned to normal.

November wasn’t a tough month despite a production of only two posts. I have been consolidating some of my activities, trying to get ahead on my final module of my university degree and trying to smarten up my approach. I’ve also been actively writing an eBook so have been busy. I have also become more aware that I need to forge allies, link things up and drive some reciprocity in order to start climbing the rungs of blogging godhood.

For next month

December is one month where I performed badly last year (2013). I tried quite hard to build up steam but it came more to fruition in January. With that in mind I might decide to be a bit more tactical over the December period and am opting to down tools between the Christmas week and build up to New Years. I expect to be working in the background and hope to have my eBook ready for show in the New Year. I am looking forward to a very happy and productive 2015!

Onwards and upwards peoples!!!

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