End of Month Traffic Report: November 2013

Barbados Sunset from Dover 2013

I miss those sunsets

November basked in a little warmth from October’s numbers and I too basked in the warmth of the lovely Barbados sun with my girlfriend for 7 days and 6 nights during this month. I had a great time out in the Caribbean and met some very cheerful people. As for blogging during November I am particularly impressed with the numbers even though my mantra is not to get to caught up in them.


A classic in the making

Without being cocky I’ve started to improve my publishing techniques to an extent to get some better viewing but my SEO mojo is still weak. There is also a phenomenon I can’t ignore with one of my posts that is outperforming all of my others. I wrote it in July and it is generating fresh hits every month but especially since last month. This month the article received the sort of views I am used to getting from new post releases. I have to take notice of how this article is laid out because it is generating search engine hits and keeps on resurfacing. The post is One month on: What’s happening. I believe that some of my success rests in the picture use so I will looking further into incorporating more pictures in all things where they work.


It’s alive!! One Month On: What’s happening

I am working on the sequel to One month on: What’s happening entitled Six months on: What’s happening, it’s going to be epic but we’ll see if it jostles the crown from the original.

I’ve made some adjustment to the end of month report this month because I felt it was time to mix things up a little. It is dangerous sometimes getting stuck in a particular groove with writing because the essence of what you write loses its edge if you put it out the same way over and over again. My last months EoMTR for October was a bit of damp squib as was August.


The figures


I feel that the most important metric which determines those who truly read and took something from my writing is the following:

Average time on site:

6 Minutes  23 Seconds taken from the GA filtered results. Last month 8 Minutes 28 Seconds. Difference of -2 Minutes 5 seconds.

NovEoMTR - AVGTOS -2013

Unfortunately this is the lowest it has been on record which is a cause for concern. If I put my hand on heart I can’t say that I have produced something super awe-inspiring this month so I need to do better.

Bounce Rate:

Something else that I take note of, but don’t have a huge amount of positive reinforcement on, is Bounce Rate.

73.53% from unfiltered GA results.

It’s the figure you see first every time you log in to Google  Analytics and something that Google rank your site on.  The average for October was 71.08% so it has crept up a little.

NovEoMTR - Bounce Rate -2013

Next is Visitors and I use two data sources to compare and contrast.

  • WordPress Stats = 51 (last month 61) -10 adverse, -16.39%
  • Google Analytics filtered = 14 (last month 12) +2 inverse, +16.67%

Pageviews is a gauge of how things are going but I wouldn’t say that it is the most important metric in understanding events. It does aid as an ego boost but beyond that it is just another number.

  • WordPress Stats = 104 (last month 174) -70 adverse, -40.23%
  • Google Analytics filtered = 50 (last month 128) -78 adverse, -60.94%

My GA numbers are down massively from last month but they are not too bad overall, it’s not a catastrophic slip by any means. October was affected by an unusual occurrence. My visitor from Pune in October provided a shock result and has skewed the figures somewhat.  My GAF views for last month were 128 and I suspect that this figure may be hard to beat for a while.

How does your data compare?


I have a lot to work on in order to grow but am up for the challenge. December is going to be a unique month as I am going to be doing a bit more in the way of help for fellow bloggers rather than for myself. I will have time to tweak some of my crucial pages and hopefully revisit some of my past content to make it a bit more snappy in the mean time.

I’m happy that after a bit of tweaking my author link is now working on all of my posts. You can now see my name below:

Author in the title bar

It is interesting how some basics can still haunt you later, even though to others, the settings might have seemed obvious.

In January I plan to change the Theme in earnest just prior to returning to my University Studies in February. Time is most definitely my enemy and my recent edit to Blog Post Time Management reminded me of the challenges involved.

Seasons greetings to you all and may you have a happy new year!

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