End of Month Traffic Report – May 2014

May is a good time of the year for many reasons…

First reason is that for me, it is birthday season along with a number of my family members. Having “made it” another year always puts a smile on my face. So there’s the jubilation of that.

End of Month Traffic Report - May 2014May is normally the time we get a good bit of warmth in the UK. Before that it can be pretty wet or cold or both. It’s normally the time of year when there is a frantic rush to the supermarket to stock up for that barbeque we couldn’t have during our long dark and cold months. People are a bit cheerier, the skirts come out (which makes the men cheerier) and all the parties and other shenanigans happen at this time of year. Sport is in full swing, we start going to places that would otherwise be cold and dreary and generally we live a whole lot more.

Other reasons why May is a good month is that we are no longer bloated from Easter, we have got into the stride of putting 2014 in the date and we are up to speed!

I certainly saw a very warm June last year, in terms of the throughput of traffic. If seasonal effect is in session then the middle months definitely get a bit more warmth.

The beginning of May didn’t start with a bang, in fact, it started with a bit of a whimper. The Traffic report saw weak numbers and I knew that if I had continued on like I had in April, this would continue a bleed of views. As a recap, I’d already exceeded a happy threshold in terms of my Bounce Rate which had leapt to an unacceptable level. I still believe that some tweaks to Google Analytics have had impact on this figure.


A change to the post schedule

I have kept to a very sparse posting schedule. Mostly I stuck this way because I had been led to believe this was a good way to prevent my posts washing out.

I thought to myself that I have to find out a way to get this post length and time to write down to an acceptable level. I was taking hours to write articles and not getting very much from them.

I thus decided on a new way forward, it was time for a “Seed Change”.

My strategy change has been simple.

The key aspect of being able to complete blog posts quicker has been keeping the writing time to 60 minutes. I basically set an alarm on my iPhone and let the alarm tell me when to stop. Because I have been blogging for almost a year now, I know a lot of topics that people are interested in, or at least know ways to find what sparks conversation in people better than I had before.

Once that is done I then have another 30 minutes to tidy it up in WordPress, add links, SEO and find an image. Sometimes I admit that it takes longer finding the image. That post then gets a 60 minute challenge icon at the bottom and gets published.

If you are seeing this badge, this post was created specially in 60 minutes

I’ve seen much better passing views this way than before. Two of my weeks in May have averaged 10 or more views per day which is a huge improvement.


Posts this month and how they did

For interest I will mark the posts that were created within the 60 minute challenge bracket. You will be surprised at the results.

In addition you may also be surprised at how many more comments these articles received compared to my normal standard.

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How they did:

May 2014 article summary

As you can see if you look back to my April 2014 report, by not spending huge amounts of time on my articles I’m not actually losing viewings in great number so if anything my efficiency has remained static but I’m actually producing more in less time.


The Dashboard

Well sports fans. This is one rare time when everything is green. Because April was poor May shines against it. In addition I’ve set a new referral record both via search engines, via social media and from sites I’ve commented at. I love purple!

Dashboard May14 vs Apr14

End of Month Traffic Report – May 2014 – Core Statistics




ATOS – Average Time on Site, GAF – Provided by Google Analytics

10 minutes 13 seconds or 613 seconds, inverse 71.71%

A major turnaround on April figures. I am happy, as happy as Pharrell Williams, because I’m happy. You know how it goes!


Bounce Rate – Actual Traffic data, not filtered – Provided by Google Analytics

79.75% inverse 3.41%

This month right at the end of the sample I just managed to dip below the limbo bar of 80%. Thank Goodness it went this way because I was concerned about the dropout rate. I am still required to switchover to Universal Analytics and I am interested to see how this will affect the statistics.


Page Views – Provided by GAF and WordPress stats

WordPress: 183 inverse 88.66%

GAF: 88 inverse 109.52%

How a month can change a situation. This is an encouraging step but being the demanding emperor that I am, I demand more. The WordPress figure is the highest unassisted month so far. I am rather stoked by that. The GAF figure is the 3rd highest of all time (excluding February 2014) and the highest so far for the year. I’ve also seen the biggest two weeks of pageviews with 70 and 73 respectively back to back since taking on the 60 minute challenge philosophy detailed above.


Visits (Now known as sessions) – Provided by GAF and WordPress Stats

WordPress: 132 inverse 85.92%

GAF: 13 inverse 15.38%

An improvement on an improvement essentially. This is the second month in a row that visitors have increased. The GAF figure is still puny and I expect more but I’ll take a rise over a fall.

Visits per Visitor

Comparatively there is not a substantial change  ratio wise. April had 1.37 views per visitor as opposed to 1.39 views per visitor in May. It’s a very slight improvement so I deem it negligible.

Referrals – Provided by WordPress

As a foreword, this has been an astounding month for referrals. I’ve seen a really decent uptake from varied locations. The sources are considerably more diverse than in previous months.

May 2014 referral summary

I still have a beef with Semalt.com which consistently provide ultra low quality views to my site (100% bounce rate every time).

Ibankcoin.com is an odd source for traffic too.

My first Twitter referral 🙂

So what?

I have established that it is important to ask a so what question. I go through the motions of providing all these stats but there has to be some useful purpose for these summaries.

I have some genuine challenges ahead. I’m still not satisfied with the scope of my audience and the participation levels returned in kind.

More Power!

Like Tim the Toolman Tailor used to say “More Power!”

Prospects are good, traffic is up, motivation is up, there’s a smile on my face, I’m optimistic.

  • I still don’t have the guides I had alluded to creating.
  • Socialwrestle is a bit sleepy over on Tumblr.
  • I’ve got some major work to do improving my social outlets.
  • I still have very little time to add the extra I need.

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    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Ryan! Thanks for the congratulations. It was a great month, I hope that I can bring the same vibe over to June. It would be a nice way to end my first year of blogging!!



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