End of Month Traffic Report December 2014

Traffic December 2014

Last of 2014

Well people, if you are new to the End of Month Traffic Report then you came on a great month!

Initially I had low expectations for December 2014 because December 2013 performed so poorly that I was expecting the same seasonal drought that I’d experienced last year. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

What did happen?!

I was worried for December because it had come on the back of some pretty heavy months of non-blogging work. I have been engaged in a very taxing module of study for my final year of degree and had not been able to crank much out in the way of material so I was concerned that things would dip but if anything the opposite has happened.

I’ve had a purple month!

No, I didn’t put the armbands on too tight!

Purple in terms of setting new records in every key performance indicator except referrals!

I started hitting these purples as early as the 18th December when I performed a data check of my stats so I knew I was on to a winner.

What is this all attributable to?

There are a number of factors I can draw on.

One obvious one is the penetration factor. This isn’t some nasty term for something that happens in the bedroom, more an ability to reach a deeper audience than I had been able to access before. And let me tell you, it takes a long time to get a quality audience!

I have been trying to play it smarter. I’ve had less time to do things so I’ve had to economise my efforts and do more with less time without compromising on quality. It’s been tough not to be able to throw more time into things but it hasn’t hurt the quality where I’ve had to sit down and get it all down. Many of my posts have benefitted from some “sitting” time where I’ve finished them 90% but have had time to refine the last 10%.

I think a lot of this is also attributable to some pretty awesome community members. I have been working on ways to better rewards people for the assists they give me and hopefully that is starting to reflect in the work that I generate. I recently had some success with fusion posts where I fuse pieces of my own philosophy with information generated by others, I find this rewarding and I also find that my fellow writers are much more likely to share this kind of content which helps me greatly.

A Shout Out

I always look forward to this section and it is the third shout out for the traffic report.

Mi Muba! Thanks as always for your comments, warmth and cheer. Thanks also for letting me create the most successful short term grossing post in what has been a stellar month! Mi Muba’s blog Beamoneyblogger.com can be found here.

Nathaniel Kidd! Thanks for your inaugural comment! 🙂 Nathaniel’s blog can be found here

Larry Frank! Thank you also for your very first comment good sir! Larry’s Tech blog can be found here.

Harleena Singh! An indirect but much appreciated thank you to Harleena Singh who has inadvertently directed some traffic my way. Harleena’s hub can be found here at Aha!Now. Cheers! Congrats on your 4 years of blogging!

Minhazur Rahman! Thanks for your Twitter share buddy! Follow Minhazur on Twitter

Post listing

* This Wash up post was released on the 31st December, a quite quiet period on the calendar.


I took a break with tradition this month and didn’t post the traditional End of Month Report for the prior month, this month. I instead published November’s report on the last day of November.

The Dashboard

Dashboard Dec14 vs Nov14

The dashboard is the star of the show this month with a massive improvement over last. You will literally drown in the purple hue this month. Even though referrals have not outperformed a peak seen in September, they are still impressive compared to where I’ve been.

A batch of purple means I’m performing well across the board. This means that what I’m doing is on the right track, I just need to keep on delivering and exceeding that performance to start driving the right goals.

The purple figure also drives an expectation on quality, on innovation and originality. I can’t rest on my laurels.

One change I have made to my KPIs this month is the Visits vs Visitors dimension. The “Visits” measure has not been displayed correctly for a long time and has caused confusion, therefore I am amending the measure permanently, hence the yellow dash around this box. My EOMTR report is all about evolution so I plan to improve the view when I see valuable changes.


Alexa Stats

Alexa stats have dipped hugely this month. This is mostly due to my much lower posting frequency. The only way to improve this is to up the frequency and I know that will lead to degradation in quality due to how thinly my time is spread at the moment.


The Bounce Rate is creeping back to its much more amenable and cheerful percentage on Alexa, I am always pleased when seeing this figure.


11.10% is a good amount for search traffic. This was a very low factor when I started this blog in June 2013 and it appears to be growing nicely. Because BlogPrefect is below the 100,000 mark in terms of rank, these terms are less accurate than you might think. This data doesn’t update very frequently so remains static.


End of Month Traffic Report November 2014 – Core Statistics


ATOS – Average Time on Site, GAF – Provided by Google Analytics

16 minutes 3 seconds or 963 seconds, inverse 96.93%

Truly excellent because it follows on from a big gain last month too, the average user over 30 seconds on average is reading for 16 minutes. Awesome. 🙂

Bounce Rate – Actual Traffic data, not filtered – Provided by Google Analytics

61.19% adverse -22.14%

An Epic drop from last month displaying much better engagement than many previous months.

Page Views – Provided by GAF and WordPress stats

WordPress:  1406 inverse 45.40%

GAF: 432 inverse 544.78%

I stated last month that WordPress stats had gone nuts but this is a new kind of nuts. 544.78% increase is colossal on last month.

Visits (Now known as sessions) – Provided by GAF and WordPress Stats

WordPress: 434 inverse 14.67%

GAF: 104 inverse 395.24%

An epic boost this month and I’m pretty sure I know exactly the post that did it.

Visits per Visitor

3.33 but……… …..there was some odd goings on this month. For the second month in a row!

Referrals – Provided by WordPress


This month has been quite a bit different to some months and I believe it is Aha-now.com that I have to thank for some super huge numbers at one point during this month. It is the only ‘green’ statistic in my dashboard and I could have performed better but at the moment my publicising window is smaller than I would like it. I will have to work on that.

So What!

All stats are reflective of improvement this month which should signal that things are getting better, that I’m reaching the right people, that they are finding the right quality in my writing and that what I am providing is helpful. That’s my exact mission.

But, there’s always room for improvement because I can be providing more value, and in turn, more people can benefit from my help.

I’m still learning. There are a vast array of things I still don’t get right that need to be tightened up like a leaky faucet. My targeting laser needs to be aligned better.

My power base needs to grow. At the moment the number of subscribers I have is diminutive; the number of social followers who are engaged like fanatical acolytes can be counted on one hand. This needs to change to do it “like a boss”.


There was a bit of a ‘Pune effect’ this month which casts a little bit of doubt on all of those purples. I noticed a very heavy traffic stream similar to the one last month which saw my views rise astronomically. It was almost as if an advert was running on the site.



I performed a bit of analysis on what was occurring and was seeing a lot of American traffic but something that didn’t tie up was the large amount of Russian location. I always get a little nervous when .RU is involved because it normally indicates something a bit iffy. That is not to cast any negative to good-natured Russians, just to point out that there a lot of morally corrupt ones.

To pour some warm water into the bath, Google Analytics backed up the data this time so it seems there was a higher level of sustained legitimate readers. This is why I run two levels of analytics against each other to be a bit more scientific.

To add to this, as noted in my previous month’s conclusion, I had expected there to be a seasonal drop this year like last. I did notice during the last week of 2014 that numbers dropped to almost nothing but that is indicative of not posting so it is not conclusive.

Onwards and upwards!!

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6 Comments End of Month Traffic Report December 2014

  1. Mi Muba

    Hi Jackson

    Another very engaging post.

    While reading the post I was just searching anything that force me to skip it and move ahead but never found even single line without element of interest.

    Most importantly not any paragraph in this post has any lengthy sermon, dos and dons nor any list of things you did.

    In short you just talked to as if you are talking to your friends and very impressively and mentioned all your achievements without any exaggeration. That is why your personal factor is dominant in your each post and people love to visit your blog.

    Thanks for the kind mention and still remember how awesomely your referred my post in one of your December posts and put a new life into it.

    Have a great and successful new year.
    Mi Muba recently crafted…How to skillfully change your blog niche for earning big money?My Profile

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Mi Muba,

      Thank you as ever for your very gracious observations, that is why it was such a pleasure to include the awesome information you provided last month.

      For me, the monthly traffic report is a fun element which I try to adhere to fairly rigidly whilst trying to provide the best information based on what is happening to this site. I don’t claim that it is 100% scientific but it just helps to focus my attention.

      I look forward to collaborating with your more in future and hope that you are settling into a fine 2015!!

      Best wishes,

      Jackson 🙂

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hello Mustafa!

      Thank you for your kind words. I must say that December 2014 was an exceptional month but I’ve had some pretty low months, its a bit like the stock market at times but fortunately recently it has been moving in the right direction. I would not say that everything is as sharp as it could be but I’m working on it. I’ve been using a quote recently taken from a cartoon character “You never fail if you never stop trying” and for all my efforts I think that I am getting there.

      I look forward to interacting with you in future and I’ve already checked out your site! Looks great!

      Best wishes


    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Alize,

      Glad you had some success with long tail keywords, they can be helpful if you target the right area. Another good strategy is target exact matches which are normally long tail keywords.

      I have chosen a larger font size on purpose. I don’t generally get many complaints on this. For many people a bigger font size is easier to read and I am following from some experts on this. However, on a different blog of mine I have gone for a more standard size so I am interested to see which one works out better. If I get enough complaint that the font size is too big, I will change it but in the meantime it will remain as is.

      Thank you for your first comment to the site.

      Best Wishes,



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