End of Month Traffic Report: December 2013

Welcome back for another interesting Traffic Report!!

I’ve never faced a December before so wasn’t sure how that would effect traffic but it seems to have hit my numbers quite badly in some areas. I’m a Christian living in a Christian country so for me, viewing levels will drop. For those viewers not in a predominantly Christian country who don’t celebrate Christmas, you are likely to take a hit in a different area if the majority of your viewers are from your own country. New Year is another zone where traffic takes a dip.


Storm damage

It was quite windy and wet here in Britain for Christmas. Both of the side panels were blown out by one particular gale.

This month was a stormy one in more ways than one. It was unpredictable and had some negative troughs of data that presented later on. I had a lot of distractions including preparing for my first Christmas dinner cooked by myself and my girlfriend for both sets of parents. This absorbed quite a lot of time as did creating the Christmas cake to accompany it. To add to this I was also having some work and domestic problems which are both still unresolved. On top of that I was suffering with my old friend, Mr Migraine, who made a few visits. I had less free time than usual because there was preparation to be made and family to see.

Content therefore wasn’t of the highest of my calibre but I was able to change the theme and install my first piece of Mail list goodness. So whilst I have things to be unhappy about, there are some element to be happy about.

Blogging was definitely more challenging this month.

The figures


Average time on Site

As mentioned last month, Average time on Site is my most important factor in my data. It gives me an idea out of the people who viewed my site for more than 30 seconds and the average of those valued viewers of the total time reading content. The higher, the better.

I make a particular highlight this month because it is the highest on record.

Average time = 15 Minutes 59 seconds

Not to crow but it is up by 150% on the last and second highest on record.

December 2013 Average Time on Site

December 2013 Average Time on Site

Bounce Rate:

Bounce rate was quite high this month at 73.79% but only up by just over a quarter of a percent on last month’s total at 0.26%


Next is Visitors and I use two data sources to compare and contrast.

  • WordPress Stats = 40 (last month 51) -11 adverse, -21.57%
  • Google Analytics filtered = (last month 14) -6 adverse, -42.86%

December was a less than rosy month seeing figures crumble.

Pageviews is a gauge of how things are going but I wouldn’t say that it is the most important metric in understanding events. It does aid as an ego boost but beyond that it is just another number.

  • WordPress Stats = 74 (last month 104) -30 adverse, -28.85%
  • Google Analytics filtered = 46 (last month 50) -4 adverse, -8%

Whilst standard pageviews were quite a way down, GAF data indicated a tiny dropoff in valued visitors. I’m content with that although I would have liked to have seen more views.

My Referrals were quite good this month:

End of Month for Referrals during December.

End of Month for Referrals during December.

In conclusion

Writing output was down this month which hadn’t helped. I expect with other commitments that this would be my ending point. I had no super successful posts this month and publicising the posts I did write was made harder by less overall interactions than I’m used to. To be fair I hadn’t shared much of my time either and I think that was where the issues lay.

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2 Comments End of Month Traffic Report: December 2013

  1. grace

    Good blog. I was interested to read your traffic reports
    ‘WordPress Stats = 74 (last month 104) -30 adverse, -28.85%
    Google Analytics filtered = 46 (last month 50) -4 adverse, -8%’

    In this sample did you get 74 visitors in that month? and 104 the month before?
    How long have you been going?

    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Grace, thanks for commenting first of all, much appreciated!

      In answer to your question, I’ve been going now since mid June 2013 and those numbers are by no means as impressive as other starters out there. The important figure in my review of the data is the Google Analytics data. The filter I have applied does two important things, filters out anybody in the local vicinity (including me) and only registers those visitors who read for more than 30 seconds. I currently see that 30 seconds as a quality read time for a engaged reader who might be scanning the words, they are the kind of person who might be likely to come back later and take a more in depth scan.

      The GAF filter, as I dubbed it, is very important on the bigger articles I write. The longer average the better.

      Adverse in my rating is bad (a bit like the weather) whereas inverse is good (except for bounce rate where negative drops are more welcome than positive rises).

      To further answer your question, 74 was the number of views in December, 40 was the number of visitors (WordPress). November saw 104 views and 51 visitors. December had two very flat weeks where I had 10 views total during the Christmas period. January, February and March have been better.

      I know that my route to bigger numbers may involve guest blogging.


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