End of Month Traffic Report August 2014

Traffic August 2014Greetings all and sundry. It is that time of the month again when I recall the spoils of war this month and see how I did on the merry dance to the 31st August.

August has been a slightly topsy-turvy month owing to how busy I’ve been, actually, I’ve been unbelievably busy this month and am shocked at how much content I managed to get out despite a lot of Degree studies, dates out with my girlfriend and general stuff. I’ve crammed a lot in.

However, this has had an effect on quality and number and as you will soon see, I’ve taken a dip from my purple months. It’s not a calamitous slide into disaster but it is a dip. Based on August 2013 numbers, I have totally smashed where I was last year and that is truly awesome.


Posts this month and how they did

Aug 2014 post summary

Clearly there was more warmth in the start of the month but I did have issues with time at the end of this month as I am nearing the end of my current module of study and my time has been leached. I had two strikeouts in terms of posts with no views.


The Dashboard

Dashboard Aug14 vs Jul14

As I mentioned earlier, I was unlikely to be setting purples this month with a slight downturn against previous months, however, it wasn’t all bad despite the reds you might see. It was a solid performing month and a darn sight better than all of the months last year taken individually. In truth I expected August to be a difficult month because my data from last year indicated quite a squeeze. This year I have benefited from more content to draw people in and as a blogger you will discover that the longer you are in the game of posting and the more posts you get, the more people will siphon into your blog.

It is clear though that with 5 reds that I suffered a slow down this month. In looking at August in 2013, I suffered a similar fate with a similar slow down. I wouldn’t class August as a Bogey month but because of how Open University structure their courses, my time availability took a hammering and will do so again in September.


Alexa Stats

Aug 2014 alexa summary

I’ve checked these stats a few times this month and surprisingly this is the best they’ve been (right at the end of the month). Definitely an improvement on last month and 820% looks pretty awesome!


End of Month Traffic Report August 2014 – Core Statistics


ATOS – Average Time on Site, GAF – Provided by Google Analytics

5 minutes 4 seconds or 304 seconds, adverse -36.67%

A rather large kick to the groin this month.

Bounce Rate – Actual Traffic data, not filtered – Provided by Google Analytics

87.29% adverse -11.25%

The bounce rate took at a look at my threshold and drove a bus deep into enemy territory. This is the largest increase in bounce this year.

Page Views – Provided by GAF and WordPress stats

WordPress: 220 adverse -7.17%

GAF: 59 adverse -59.31%

A sharp turn in the wrong direction this month, particularly in my focus of those viewing over 30 seconds. Big hairy balls.

Visits (Now known as sessions) – Provided by GAF and WordPress Stats

WordPress: 177 inverse 12.74%

GAF: 19 adverse -44.12%

The GAF figures continue to be horrendous and they are of more interest to me than the base level. It seems that I have some work to attend to.

Visits per Visitor

The visits per visitor figure which is a ratio that is entirely uncontrollable settled on 1.2% this month, a overall drop of .27 from last month.

Referrals – Provided by WordPress

Aug 2014 referral summary

Something to be cheerful about. A good smattering of sites and search engines occurred this month. My highest referral target yet and thus a purple!

So what!

I had pre-written something for this which I had to simply delete because it was far more optimistic than I’d prepared for and after reviewing the data the only positive that truly came out of August was the fact that referral traffic has once again waded in with a record-breaking result.

September is going to be a real tough nut. I’m going to be one busy body and my time is really going to drain. The reason is that my Open University study reaches its zenith with an end of module Exam. I’m going to be revising like a maniac and it is no coincidence that this may end up flavouring the articles (of which I guarantee there will be less of) I output.

We’ll see how it turns out next month!!


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