Cozy Traps to Avoid when Forging Business Relationships with Blogging

Of all activities, forging a relationship with fellow business owners and the general audience is the most key. They are far more productive than anything you can do, regardless of what any expert says.

Forging business relationships when blogging

There are ways you can trip up on this goal

It is said that blogging is a people activity. I agree with that. Writing can be a deeply personal activity. Writing can be done entirely by you for yourself.

For blogging, you have to write for others and a bit less for yourself. If you are a more insular type of person, that might be a hard thing to achieve.

You can only get away with more “me-centric” blogging when you have an invested audience. People only care about your stories when you are popular. You need to present value before you present yourself.

Falling into cozy traps before you are ready

I am guilty of this activity myself as blog prefect’s head boy. I’ve got comfortable writing posts that don’t fit the audience brief, that don’t provide the right value, that are just throwaway.

It’s not good to waste time.

Let me explain more.

What are these cozy traps?

You may read from what I class as “big-wig bloggers”, the sharp end of the entrepreneur establishment, that you should be doing certain things.

These ladies and gentlemen have the advantage of hindsight. They’ve made all the stumbles and false starts, all the douche moves.

These overlords and overladies provide you with solutions of ‘best case’ but these best case solutions aren’t necessarily achievable in the way you hope.

The truth is, these big-wig bloggers don’t exist in your pond anymore, they don’t face the same unique difficulties you do in forging something great. They have the benefit of succeeding before, having a support structure, and having more available resources.

When reading tips from these individuals, beware!

So these traps then, what are they?

By no means is this a complete list, there is more in this complex equation, these are just a selection of the pressing issues you should consider.

Paying too much for tools and services that don’t work for you in the volume you need

The truth is, there are a lot of kick-backs for big-wig bloggers. It’s called affiliate sales. There is nothing wrong with this practice but you really must apply thought to whether this product is for you and put the brakes on when it is not. Free trials are great for low risk assessments. Make sure you know how to exit if it is not what you need.

You don’t generally jump into a tank and start pressing buttons the same as you wouldn’t jump into a jet and try the same. You need to develop an understanding before you start playing with the science.

Getting comfortable with content that doesn’t serve your audience

As bloggers, we all write to our set styles. We spend hours on the types of posts that make us happy. However, depending on your niche, there are going to be certain trigger topics that will make people very happy and the rest will be just, meh! Popularity plays into this. Sometimes how you dress your topic is more important than what is in it despite what you are told.

Following the trend rather than innovating for your unique proposition

Denim Sites

They say that imitation is the height of flattery but for many people, they just look at your denim site and think, whatever! You’ve got all the bells and whistles but you just look like everybody else. Yeah so you ticked all the boxes but what else have you got?

Producing too much or too little content based on unscientific observation

Your post schedule is not going to be like Mr Smith’s or Mrs Jones’ blog. It is what you can produce to best quality. It is not what seems to be a real stretch every week to make up numbers.

You should arrive at your schedule by trying different frequencies and not going by what other people say. This means taking a look at your stats and figuring out when your best window of the week is.

Not mixing up your strategies every so often

Things change as do the big-wig strategies. All things dim in the passing of time. Coastlines erode, rivers carve new routes, and deserts expand and contract. You need to embrace change as nature does.

Being too scared to fail

Ladies First 001

Image Source: Flickr from Mike Mozart

At the cornerstone of success is epic failure. One ironclad guarantee about success is that it is always outnumbered by failures. This means you have to try a few things and know how to come out of the shadow of disaster smelling of roses, or at the very least, know how to acquit yourself, dust off your shoulders and carry on.

Some lessons are best learnt the hard way. The unfortunate position of this blow hole may have seemed like a comedy gaff to the Rinco toy makers but many a man would think twice before puckering up on this model. Definitely ladies first.

The danger of ‘freeriding’

Freeriding is an economic term used by economic experts when those who have an obligation to pay (but not an exact demand) always decide not to pay. Freeriders drag everything down, expect things for free all the time, and don’t contribute equally back.

“Big-wig bloggers” may often refer you to making epic free content to share but at some stage you must make something back from that. It’s that eBook or .pdf guide you made that was supposed to convert into some eventual ready cash. It didn’t work out that way though did it?!

Some effort you can’t give away for free. It needs a cost of some type to in some way balance the transaction of your hard effort with the reader’s time (it doesn’t always have to be money).

Dangers of freeriding

Giving things away for free all the time makes your position difficult to start charging later. Many people agonise over this step. If you start out right this isn’t an issue but you have to be tough up front. There is no such thing as a free ride.

Networking will keep you busy

It’s a complex task, sometimes you may need more people to go into bat for you, the big wig blogger might say that internet business is a very “people” orientated activity and they would be right. It also requires persistence and consistency in your approach.

Over To You

What are your thoughts on how you go about networking? Do you think there are more cozy traps you could fall into? Do you feel you do enough of the right activities?

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