Blogging and sticking with it

Sometimes it is hard staying true to your initial motivation and joy which embraced you when you first started blogging.

In life it is okay to have doubts about the decisions you made.

Blogging and sticking with it

There is one important thing to consider about sticking with it:

Blogging and sticking with it

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True Grit

Not the movie (the classic one with John Wayne) but the determination required for True Grit. Staying power and digging in deep is how you need to approach your idea. Give it your best shot and keep giving until you are bleeding.

So like John Wayne says, you’ve got to “get off your horse and drink your milk” if you are having serious doubts.

What is causing your doubt?



Unfortunately, and I cast a general net to those big guns out there who dish out advice to bloggers, lots of the help you are given is negatively charged. In order for the “Big Guns” to install a sense of urgency and “convert” they put you into a guilt trip.

“You must be doing it wrong!”

“Low numbers, bah!”

“You must have been asleep in class when they gave out the foolproof methods for engagement.”

Sentiments along those lines will quickly aid to sew doubt in your mind. My best advice with this is to have faith in yourself, have some independence in your own thought and make changes you think are appropriate in line with your strategy. Not everything works the same for everyone. Not everyone can work effectively with every tool.


Being a number whore

I’m sorry to write that because it might seem quite out of place. Being a stat fiend can be dangerous to your enjoyment of your production. Yes, stats can be helpful but they are also a distraction.

Your ever increasing glaze on small numbers is not actually helping you to get the job done. Your job is to get amazing content under the nose of the right person. That will take you some time which is better spent doing than raking concern over how you have been doing.


Not enjoying the journey

The journey is the whole point, the goals are your reward. In order to feel less doubt about failing start trying to enjoy the journey more and think about the goal a little bit less.



The middle part of a story is always the longest.

If you are in it for profit your goals will be conversions. Stop placing all your juice on thinking about that perfect customer and just start making the journey a more exciting event.

If you are not in it for profit think about the value it has to others. If you have a following, no matter how small, you’ve made at least a small difference. Try and learn from what your followers like about your work and then try to widen that appeal slowly but surely.


Living in the false hope that if you build it they will come

Blogging is a complex organism. It lives and breathes with an audience. You’ve got to tell people what it’s about, where it’s at, what they can expect. That has to be a cycle, not something you do once.


Feeling like you’ve been crushed by the opposition

There is always opportunity. Often those barriers to your entry evolve beyond your playing field leaving you free to sweep up those lost followers.

I can think of a number of examples where the big players have grown so big that they’ve left their original market. They are no longer the friendly and helpful people you used to remember but a sinful collection of corporate suits. Your opportunity is right there for the taking.


Being under the false impression that it will all happen tomorrow

Viral success has sprayed a false hope in some that they can rise to success without putting in the traditional hard yards. Blogging’s prerequisite is hard work. You need to apply yourself to it. It’s your time to put your nose to the grind stone.

You might get that viral success later when the right set of circumstances collides but in the meantime, stop dreaming and get to it!


Pegging your hopes and prayers to blogging and feeling let down by the silence

Blogging may not answer your desires, it may not be where you belong but you’ve got to give it a good go. You need a serious turn at the bat, you need to look past a series of lows. You may find that your capabilities develop towards something else but at least you know how it works and some ways to better adopt it. Don’t declare surrender too early. Some tasks in life depend on your determination and tenacity.


Taking long periods off and returning to the void

Don’t take long periods off. Simple yeah! Keep a trickle going all the time. Delegate if you have to. If life takes a turn on the heavy side, get some help!


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    1. Jackson Davies

      Hi Steven,

      I really appreciate your comment and it made me chuckle too. You are totally right that relationships are more important, it is also more fun being part of the community rather than just looking at how your numbers are doing. Everything in moderation so they say. You have to keep an eye on the numbers but it is really best not to get lost in them.


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