Blog Prefect 2018 Catch Up And 2017 Review

In this article I wanted to convey some cheer to all bloggers for this New Year’s start. I hope that if you’ve been blogging for a while, you are enjoying it, and if not, you are making steps to change that.

My 2017 year has differed to some of the primer years for Blog Prefect and I’d like to explain why over the span of the next thousand or so words.

Blog Prefect 2018 Catch Up And 2017 Review

2017 Review

BlogPrefect in 2017 wasn’t ideal. I backed off quite a way from my high spot for a number of reasons. I don’t wish to make excuses, 2017 just wasn’t that inspiring for me in terms of bringing value for other bloggers. Instead, I spent a long period of 2017 trying to reconnect with my blogging passion.

More time was spent on improving, this site’s sister blog. Over at JackoWrites I started a value product in 2015 which has developed into quite a guide now. The Writer’s Block Guide was an area I attributed a lot of time. I also worked on my passion project of a science fiction book and have a 4th drafting stage where I will be handing over the novel to more people to improve. I’m looking forward to getting this book published.

515 Lost World Saga Progress April – June 2017 was an area I started charting to try and understand blogging from the perspective of a person who doesn’t want to spend time with maintenance of a content management system, and who doesn’t want the costs involved with domains. Ultimately I had difficulty with the platform so have pretty much pulled back from my engagement there because I deemed it unproductive. I was happy that I committed a year to trying it out as I did have some successes over the period.

I wrote these two articles over at on but also have a further article which I will link to, here on BlogPrefect.

Article 1: My Thoughts on Medium as a Writer

My Thoughts on Medium As a Writer

Article 2 : 1 Year writing with Medium

1 Year Writing With

What Wasn’t Completed Before the End of the Year?

I was working on a post about motivation (funnily enough) and my timescale to complete this completely drifted the wrong side of 2018. This motivation article was due to drop in December but it didn’t come off. I have quite a high standard now, compared to what I used to write. That high standard also doesn’t help with timescales and deadlines.


What I’ve Missed Since 2016

Putting the traffic reports together is an area that I greatly miss. I enjoyed the process that went into making this kind of article, and the feedback the posts generated. It was also a great stimulator in terms of ensuring that the traffic report wasn’t the only post I made in a month, otherwise I’d have nothing to report on.

This is something I will be bringing back but also have some props to make it unique now. More to come on that front…


A Shout Out to My Friend

Ahmad Imran from has been waiting for me to write for months and I have not forgotten about him. It was nice to see when I posted an article on JackoWrites that he was there commenting on my Disqus comments no less. I thought he would have had enough of my inconsistency and left but I was glad to see him still there. It has taken a great deal of time to make any kind of acquaintance.

Ahmad Imran –

My previous friend, Vernon, performed what I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do. That is to let their blog curl up and die. He had much better traffic stats than mine (I had the privilege of being able to see his site behind the scenes) so his decision to pull out of the blogging was disappointing. He had momentum but he didn’t capitalise on it and if he had still run that blog until now, who knows.

I realise that Vernon was in some financial difficulties at the time but it still seems a shame. He gave up too soon. It is unfortunate to say that was an observable characteristic of Vernon’s from what he had told me about previous business projects that he had undertaken. Cutting loose too early.

Blogging does sometimes mean that you leave people behind. Your audience is ever changing but it is good to have friends.


Social Cataclysm

Google+ and Twitter are both depleted in terms of their use. I love Twitter and how it works but Google+ has dropped off big style for my enthusiasm. Social media and I are like awkward 3rd cousins. We are family but strangers.

I am considering dropping Google+ altogether. Twitter is something I will return to more vigorously as I get on well with it and appreciate the stats that Twitter provide. Facebook and I are still very uncooperative, despite it being a huge growth area for many. Something I don’t enjoy, I won’t keep up and Facebook fits in that category.

I need to start charting other places to grow but for the mean time I am going to focus on one platform and learn it well. It’s the only way.


I Had Thought That in My Absence the Site Views Would Drop to a Death

But I was wrong.

There are a few articles that still invite people to take a look. These few articles make me rather proud that they still have an afterglow, and that readers are getting use out of them.

This Article still generates a lot of attention;

FastMail MX Record Setup BlueHost


Retrieving My Resolve

I’m not sure why I had such a dim spell. I’m anxious to say that I’m past it. I know how I can drop off the boil if I’m wounded by something or someone. But, I’m back in the driving seat.

Maybe I should re-visit the article I wrote about motivation not all that long ago.


As Always!

Would love to hear from you and hear what you have planned for 2018.

Comments, shares and all that go with it are always appreciated but I’ll never beg you 🙂

2 Comments Blog Prefect 2018 Catch Up And 2017 Review

  1. Ahmad Imrna

    Jackson, thanks for a kind mention, great to see you back in action.

    Just a thought, blogging (and writing) with a full time job is demanding and difficult. It is a slow burn and demands a lot of energy and grind before it starts paying up. I just feel that running two side projects (this blog and JackoWrites) is perhaps not that easy. Have you ever thought about restructuring such that they become one and you focus all your energies on one blog in this relatively early blogging career?

    But if you decide to keep it as two separate blogs, I am sure you would have done your home work and research on it. Best wishes for the 2018 and I am always here if you need help.

    My blog is doing well and there are plans for 2018 to implement. I am all up for it. Email list and affiliation/monetisation will be two main themes this year. This goes without saying that content and marketing both need improving anyway 🙂

    Take care and thanks again for a mention. Cheers.

    1. Jackson Noel Davies

      Great to be back Ahmad. I feel like there is a lot to catch up on so looking forward to the challenge.

      With regards to the two blog situation, doesn’t detract from I don’t even track the stats that much on, it is there to test things out and tighten things up. I had an issue where I felt like a fraud for not having a blog that didn’t relate in the meta sense to blogging. Jackowrites is for writing and so it was my hope to understand more from the viewpoint of running something based on a topic that is more universal.

      From the standpoint of running two separate properties, it was never that element that made me go off the boil. It was more just not enjoying the process, or more the result of the process. I’ve changed my philosophy slightly since then. My posting schedule for JackoWrites is reduced compared to With I’m not bothered too much by how many people read this blog but it will serve a purpose later. As you know, I will be publishing a science fiction book in the not too distant future and JackoWrites is a fulcrum for that kind of activity. Jackowrites will have a different agenda that is not too concerned with overall passing visitors but more in the production of products.

      I’m glad to hear your blog is doing well. I’ve always been impressed with how nicely your theme and the content flow, which is why it has been a pleasure watching your journey thus far. The Email list cannot be underestimated but, I think that there is more of a dark art to it than you might think. As long as you always bring quality, people will stay to read it. Affiliates are a good way to go. I will be introducing more to do with Fastmail, as I get a lot out of the system. It is the best investment I have made so I can’t recommend it enough.

      Marketing is a never ending task, as is content but it becomes easier with practice. I am looking forward to getting back into the struggle again. How are you finding it at the moment?

      Onwards and upwards Ahmad! Thanks for your response, always appreciated!


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