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In this article I’ll be taking a look at my past history in order to determine what days do best for my publishing and when my readers generally tend to take the time out to read. You may wish to perform a simple piece of analysis yourself to understand your audience if you haven’t already!

The important question to answer is what is the best day to publish a blog post? It is an important question because you can base some strategy around your best publishing day to at least meet the basic requirement for a week. Whilst many experts claim that sometimes you should defy convention, there are some benefits to being consistent.

Days of the Week

A week is a linear concept, depending on where you draw the line between the start and the end.

A traditional 9-5 goes Monday to Friday with Saturday and Sunday as rest days. Not everyone fits this mould (flexible working and shifts to name just 2 scenarios). You also have to take into account varying time zones around the world. The time at which you publish may have no correlation to when people in other countries are awake or active.

How I have assembled the data

My data is put together from a series of information provided by Google Analytics. The base element of Analysis 1 takes data from the perspective of unfiltered data. Analysis 2 uses filtered data, filtered by viewing times of less than 30 seconds and not from Crawley (my home town). Analysis 3 is simply a date list of all weekdays that I have posted month per month.

Analysis 1: Mega days

At its most basic level, I’ve gone all the way to the beginning and recorded the number of visitors and pageviews for that day. I then dictate the best day of the week based on the best numbers. I’ve assigned this day as a “Mega” day to give it some ego.

Analysis 1: "Mega Days" - Good Tuesdays, Bad Fridays

Analysis 1: “Mega Days” – Good Tuesdays, Bad Fridays

As you can see above, Tuesday performs extraordinarily well whilst Friday performs incredibly poorly.

Analysis 2: Performing days

Zero Second Bounce is a topic I’ve covered a number of times. It is essentially what I class to be enough time to read an article and get something from it. Any views below 30 seconds are worthless because anything less than 30 seconds is not enough time to take anything away from what is shown.


Days of the week displaying positive views (No Zero Second Bounce).

The chart above marks all the days that had a positive output . This is where quality is better than quantity. Tuesday is once again a very positive day. Monday, Friday and Saturday don’t provide as good results overall. I’ve highlighted Friday and Saturday in particular because they both produce poor results.

Analysis 3: Days that posts were published

The next thing to look at is when I have published posts (that have produced real views) and throw this into the mix. I always have to consider with an international audience that there is some lag involved with the actual reading of posts.


“Day of Post” in the week.

The totals here are a bit more deceptive than for the other two forms of analysis because it appears that I have consistently posted on Wednesday but according to my analysis have had a poor return on time for those posts on Wednesdays.

Opening it up to the floor

I put this question out to the Google+ community to see how people responded.

When do you post

Kray‘s method works for a brand new blog, its good to have a few blades of grass under your feet when starting so as not to appear like you haven’t got much to say. I found having prepared posts harder at certain points during my study and work so I had to prepare posts on the fly and be a bit more flexible. Whilst off on my short study vacation I’ve got a good 6+ posts on the slate and have plenty of ideas at the moment but it doesn’t always work that way.

Johnnie Jazz has a slightly different frame of thought and not a bad one either, posting when you are done with you most recent piece is a good thing if you are post has a short shelf life. If you hold onto it too long you could miss the boat and it is much better to be working on the next piece of work rather than continuously agonising over what you push out of the door. I’m concerned over one particular post that is growing to epic proportions in my draft zone but is not seeing the light of viewers. I’m concerned that I don’t have the audience to make it a stand out winner and I would hate to launch it into empty space without better understanding how to part the waves to success Moses style.


When is the best day to publish a blog post? The answer for me is a Tuesday based on how most of the data lines up. My data also supports Wednesday as being an okay fall back if I miss my Tuesday deadline but Ideally earlier is better. Friday is my least likely day to get action, if my blog post wanted to figuratively get laid on a Friday it would have a long wait.

Some interesting experiments may include increasing my post frequency on days that I don’t normally post to see if this has an effect.

I am fairly convinced that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the times that most people are open to new reading and their behaviour towards reading dies off towards the end of the week. Other forms of entertainment take over such as being sociable with family and friends or going out for a movie or restaurant. Speaking generally, Friday has a lot of competition, and I have to up my game to be spotted amongst the volume so for now Friday proves to be illusive.

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    1. Jackson Davies

      6 times a day! Good lord Ryan!! I took the opportunity to have a sneaky peak at’s info on Alexa (just because I’m nosy). It seems clear that by posting as frequently as you do, you are able to receive a great deal more views per user.

      You are going to see quite a change in my data as I bring out the next lump of information. I’m finding that there aren’t any particularly bad days except Saturday. It seems to be a bogey day for me.

      Thanks for your comment!


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