Audience Building: 5 Steps

Audience Building

Rome didn’t build their audience in one day!

In one short sentence Audience Building is hard! It is made harder when you have not built networks to support the audience before, when you are new and green, when you haven’t got a clue. That’s how I started out. Unless you do some serious research, you’ll have a shaky start too.


Audience Building is not an Exact Science!

You need to know how to approach certain subjects and release them with an audience afterglow. When I refer to afterglow, I mean some sustained interest after date of publish in following months.


Audience Building is difficult in the early days!

What is not transparent in the early days is why it is difficult to Audience Build.

There is a muddy layer to everything you do because you don’t always know what is and isn’t working. Clarity only comes later when you understand more.

In the early days you will either see low or non-existent numbers even if everything you think you are doing, to optimize or position, is performed to the letter.


What is wrong with your approach?

  1. You may not have the social networks or the social interest needed to fire up the social signals that the search engines need to rank you higher.
  2. What you are providing information on, may not be what people are finding you under, which is increasing your bounce rate as a result. This may be because you’ve not been consistent with how you have organised content, labelled up images or otherwise presented information. Like all social events you need to find a way to satisfy your audience’s needs.
  3. You are trying to be like your competition, following all the same steps they take, adding all the bells and whistles they use, without considering yourself as an entity in its own right with a characteristic look and feel of its own. We call this a competitive advantage. What are you doing that nobody else does? How are you different? What value do you bring?

Any of these sound like you?


What you can do to remedy and enhance audience building!


Concentrate on the basics.

It is very simple because you:

  • Make sure you keep pages up to date
  • Make sure links work (you can get a plugin to automatically check for you)
  • Make sure images are stored in a long term position
  • Make sure you carry forward lessons you’ve learnt

Be original where you can.

Do this because:

  • It fights the competition
  • You won’t get people knocking on your door asking why you stole their content
  • It improves your portfolio of what you can do
  • The audience will start remembering your brand and will place a relationship between certain types of information they need and you providing it

Seek advice in communities.*

People want to help if you ask the right questions in the right way because they:

  • Want to boost their ego
  • Feel a sense of pride in helping
  • Want to promote their ideas to entice people to their content

* Cautionary note: Asking the right question in the right way is an important concept. I’m not talking Tom Cruise Scientology mumbo jumbo here. You have to be careful how you ask a question sometimes. It has to be concise, devoid of spelling or context errors and not too dumb. It’s also a good idea to follow up on the advice and determine if it is of value or not. Thanking someone for their help is also customary.

Seek a new friend in a similar boat and setup a mutual help scheme.

Collaboration is your best ally where:

  • The help goes further than just views and comments. You will be able to tighten your strategy and focus as a result
  • You form a relationship with your ally that you can use for other projects in future
  • You don’t want to pay professionals to teach you things that can be figured out simply with an extra head and a conversation

Most importantly as a piece of common sense:

Practice makes perfect!

I can’t see you going wrong as long as you employ the 5 steps in the early days. Those ideas will help you through the mire, keep you warm on the beaches of despair until you hike to the valley of success and place a smile on the face of others.


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