Am I trying hard enough?

Motivation is an important tool for a blogger. It is the essence of what keeps you writing and it might be the essence of what you may need to encourage your audience to do something. Often motivation can come down to one question. This question is a personal question only discernable by yourself or others who know exactly where you are at.


Am I trying hard enough?


Am I trying hard enough

Gazelle… It can wait… Got to catch some zees… It was a good thing this log was here.

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We could discern that asking this question is a self-incrimination of ourselves. We could also say it is rhetorical (a question which does not require an answer because it is already implied).


So where is this trap of self-incrimination?

Its a trap

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By asking the question we doubt our resolve!

To counter this, you wouldn’t ask this question if you already knew you were working at your maximum capacity. You couldn’t pedal faster on that bike because your lungs would burst. You can’t lift that atlas stone because it is too heavy and even if you got it off the rope circle you’d break your toe when you were forced to drop it in defeat.


If we doubt our resolve is there some truth in it?

Most certainly! From a mild observation (a blog prefect one), it is Human nature to reach an operating level and coast for a while. You get to a point where you are challenged but not over challenged and you get into a comfort zone.


Comfort is your enemy!

The Comfortable Uncomfortable

This man’s track suit disturbs me! Image Source

Life is change and the comfortable resist change. Change is natural and going against nature can have some tragic events. Being flexible is your tool against change, sometimes you have to flex towards being uncomfortable for a time to smooth out the change but you can never avoid it forever so better to do it sooner rather than later.

Want a reminder of comfortable, click here to read my article on the comfortable uncomfortable.


As a rhetorical question

Only you truly know the answer. Someone could say you are doing enough but another person might say you are not. You can only use your inner moral compass as a guide. If you stop checking the compass you are being somewhat amoral and in that state lays that famous river in Egypt, denial (boom boom).


So if you already know the answer what should you do about it?

Try harder. Think smarter.

Once you are working so hard that you can’t possibly ask yourself that question, then you know you are trying hard enough.


Is there room for trying even harder?

Always! Sometimes it can be the route to an early grave, you can lose relationships along the way, and it will swallow the last vestiges of the fun you could have had but there is always trying even harder.


You should think about trying hard enough, period

It’s healthier, everything comes in time, and it goes easier on your relationships. The only pressure you have as a blogger is the pressure you put on yourself.


Avoid the “satisficing” trap

Its a trap

Image Source: by Josh Alves

Good enough is the enemy of best. When you have the time to do better, don’t settle for good enough. Take yourself incrementally to better and you will succeed far more. This doesn’t mean blowing your cash on expensive solutions, this means scoping the best component to satisfy your audience in the best possible way. The best component might be free but it may take a bit of effort. Don’t shortcut the hard stuff.


In conclusion

So when you next ask yourself that question, you’ll know the answer. It’s time for some positive action because you are getting too comfortable!

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