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Dear Reader,

Welcome to Blog Prefect’s contact page.

Owing to an article I wrote in September of 2016 I have decided to remove the contact box owing to issues with the type of email I have been receiving. Click the link to find out more.

On many occasions I receive emails from other businesses inquiring as to my interest in schemes to improve many elements of this site. Unfortunately, due to time commitment and lack of funds, I will only personally seek out services if I can justify them. I would prefer that you don’t waste your time in contacting me to sell services. I am not likely to respond and am very likely to delete.

For all General Inquiries:

Please note that B2B service sale emails will be deleted if they are not already captured in the spam filter.

  • Collaboration is welcome. If you have a blog and would like to work side by side for a period of time, get in touch.
  • I am happy to work with comment sharing but please note that this is subject to condition and suitability.
  • Guest posting will be available soon but as yet I have not set a firm introduction date.

For help:

If you are in need of some help and think I can provide you a steer in the right direction then contact me at:

  • If you are having problems with the website or the mailing list, feel free to contact me at either of the above addresses.
  • If you have a query on the images used
  • If you have concern about any content

Writing Services:

Writing services will soon be available over on my sister blog,

You can contact me for these services at:

Burning Issues?

I keep an eye on my Twitter feed so if you have a burning issue, feel free to DM me. Please use your common sense. B2B sales are not welcome.


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